Apple’s 5G iPhone conundrum

“Wednesday is Apple’s big product release day, where analysts expect the company to release the next edition of the iPhone,” Danny Crichton writes for TechCrunch. “While the usual upgrades to the screen, CPU, and storage are expected as always, one major lingering question is how the company is going to handle 5G, the next-generation telecommunications standard.”

“The conventional wisdom among analysts is that Apple will ignore 5G in 2018 and 2019 just as it took extra time to rollout 3G and 4G chipsets in its phones,” Crichton writes. “I’m not nearly as convinced. There are many reasons for Apple to ignore the tech this year, which I will get to in a moment, but one major factor could drive an earlier discussion of 5G than expected: Apple’s growth markets, particularly in China.”

“China has made 5G leadership a critical pillar of its industrial strategy, and many analysts believe the country will set the pace for 5G rollouts globally. Furthermore, Chinese consumers are deeply interested in buying premium products and experiences, and adoption for 5G is expected to be strong and rapid,” Crichton writes. “Early networks are expected to be deployed in 2019, and chipset maker Qualcomm has publicly unveiled more than a dozen handset manufacturers who are partnering with it on 5G. For instance, Vivo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, announced today that it was developing its first ‘pre-commercial 5G smartphones’ for launch next year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s wait until there are 5G networks first, m’kay?

We don’t need or want any “pre-commercial” hokum from Apple.

2019 will be plenty soon enough to start working about 5G.

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