“The FCC really, really wants to grease the wheels for 5G, and its latest changes do more to that end,” Jon Fingas reports for Engadget. “To start, it just voted in favor of a new rule that could streamline the addition of new wireless and broadband services to utility poles. Instead of asking multiple companies to cooperate on readying a pole for new services, the rule enables a ‘One Touch Make Ready’ approach where the newcomer can prepare the pole all by itself. The move could theoretically speed up deployments while lowering costs.”

“It’s likely to make their 5G and fiber deployments easier,” Fingas reports. “However, it also promises to be tremendously helpful to upstarts like Google Fiber, which has been pushing for One Touch Make Ready for years.”

“There are more changes afoot beyond the poles,” Fingas reports. “The FCC has both established the procedures for the first 5G wireless spectrum auctions, which focus on the 24GHz and 28GHz bands, and proposed changes to the 39GHz, upper 37GHz and 47GHz bands ahead of potential auctions for 5G in those spaces”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anything that helps deliver real competition among ISPs, naturally ensuring real net neutrality, is a Good Thing™.

The FCC’s Fact Sheet, “Accelerating Wireline Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment,” is here:

5G moves one step closer to reality – June 18, 2018