“Apple could theoretically end up paying $21 or more per phone to cover licensing fees from 5G-related patents for future iPhones, in large part because of Qualcomm,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Nokia on Wednesday announced a flat, 3 euro ($3.48) per-device licensing fee for its 5G standards-essential patents, according to VentureBeat. That contrasts with Ericsson, which is charging on a sliding scale between $2.50 and $5 based on the cost of a device,” Fingas reports. “Qualcomm, however, is licensing its 5G patents at 2.275 percent of a single-mode phone’s total price, and 3.25 percent for multi-mode phones, albeit with a $400 price cap.”

“A modern smartphone could potentially be saddled with over $21 in combined royalty payments,” Fingas reports. “Around $13 will go to Qualcomm regardless of any current spats.”

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