U.S. President Trump confirmed Apple iPad user

“President Donald Trump uses an iPad to read,” Kif Leswing reports for Business Insider. “He calls it ‘the flat one,’ according to a tweet from ABC News’ Tara Palmeri.”

“While Trump may love to tweet, he’s not really a big computer user,” Leswing reports. “‘He doesn’t use a computer,’ New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said on Twitter.”

“Trump used to criticize Apple during the presidential campaign, but since the election he’s dined with CEO Tim Cook and has praised the company’s announcement that it plans to spend hundreds of billions in the United States on suppliers and other expenses,” Leswing reports.

“In addition to ‘the flat one,’ he uses two iPhones, one specifically for Twitter and news, and one for making phone calls,” Leswing reports. “Before he became president, he tweeted using an unsecured Android phone made by Samsung.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, President Trump is officially all-Apple. Wonder if his iPad and iPhones’ search engine have been switched off Google to Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo?

To adjust your search engine in iOS: Settings > Safari > Search Engine.

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    1. No, he is trying to help make America great again if he thinks he can be useful. Others need to follow, as our country has been going down the tubes because of past presidents and politicians selling out our country!

      1. Thank you President Donald J. Trump for in less than two years reversing the economic malaise under the previous administration. Also thank you for your policies unleashing regulations on business and business taxes to spur record economic growth. The unemployment numbers are stunning and you are just getting started … 👍🏻🇺🇸

    1. Thank you Apple CEO Tim Cook and the fine people at Apple who developed the iPad and all the fine users of the iPads around the free and civilized world.

      1. Thank you President Donald J. Trump for INVITING and DINING with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss business in the USA. Your courage to pass tax cuts and lower the corporate tax rates DIRECTLY affected Cook’s decision to bring billlions back and invest in the USA. Without your leadership Mr. President and your meetings with INVITED CEOs since you took office this would not be possible. THANK YOU.

        Broken record petulant response in 3…2..1…

    1. I’ll watch Trump speak during the day and then turn the channel and watch all the news channels and Fox is the only one that repeats what he said. CNN and other fake news twist his words and try to stir trouble and make up things.

      1. Exactly. I only watch two FOXNews shows, Brett Baier and Stuart Varney over one the business channel.

        It may be on other times of the day but the wife also watches Headlines News, CNN and sometimes MSNBC more than FOX and it amazes me to hear the difference. Not in the opinions, but the actual verbatim speeches and how they are presented.

        1. I have noticed the same. Fox is straight up. The rest you mentioned run everything through their PC liberal filter, extrapolate on dogma and report, ahem, that bias. Reminds me of a regular here from Texas …

    2. that continues the version of Lanny Davis claim that Trump had prior knowledge of an incriminating meeting with THE RUSSIANS? Mr. Cohen could also allegedly could confirm.

      Ahh, no. Even after the source, Mr. Davis–also known as Mr. Trustworthy–retracted the story, nearly all other news sources pulled their stories. One source, CNN, didn’t get the memo and, because of the need for ratings, continues with the story, as if true.

      Mr. W the Toddler enjoys throwing out catchy quips with the hope he appears bright. In this case, he’s attached no substance to claim, so said quips just fell on the ground with a small and gentle thud.

      President Trump continues on amid non-stop waves of hate that the opposition can’t even define themselves. Though not clinically defined, time seems to be proving the presence and vigor of the powerful strain of the TDS. Mr. W Toddler seems to have contracted the malady, but it he’s in early stages, still. Clear thinking is known to help greatly at this stage.

  1. Of course President Trump is using google to read news, this is how he knows Google is PRO left and biased against conservatives. His rant against google left wing support has been in the news recently

    1. Fuck you.

      ISIS – Gone.
      North Korea – Neutralized. No longer firing missiles.
      Markets – Up 40%.
      People on food stamps – Down about 4,000,000.
      Taxes – Reduced substantially for everyone.
      Employment Picture – Markedly improved.
      Consumer Confidence – Record high.
      Small Business Confidence – Record high.

        1. Good. You love government waste. You should love paying for it, Oh, yeah, sorry, you’re an addled lib and you only like to pay for your fscking “programs” with other people’s money. Hope you go broke.

  2. Look, MacDullNews favorite crew. All the iPhones and iPads and MAGA hats are made in China, however we all acuse each other and also get along when it matters! Hypocrites, like Bezos, Musk and company, they are all the same. At the end, they just want to suck all the working peoples’ money till the last drop.
    I’m sure MacDullNews couldn’t be happier, all those shares going up for them, along with all the ad revenue! They care not about the american consumer and american average worker. They feel they belong to the 1 percent.

      1. Tell that to those folks in Michigan who voted for him how much richer they are after having to pay a large premium over their new healthcare plan. Oh, and BTW, ask them if they have any iPhone down there in the coal mines.

    1. Inflation is roughly 2.9% YOY, except house prices (not included in the CPI) are up by double digits. The President announced today that Federal workers will not get any raises next fiscal year because it would add to the deficit his tax cuts for the rich created. That means that millions of government workers will suffer a substantial loss in purchasing power.

      Good to know he is looking out for the working man.

  3. Therefore, Apple-using Trump and Limbaugh are not all bad. And, while Trump sells a lot of newspapers, Limbaugh actually promotes Apple, and for free.

    1. Sinners sell more newspapers than saints. That’s always been one problem with newspapers. That’s why “any publicity is good publicity.” Another problem with newspapers is who owns them. Bias is unavoidable, trickling down in any number of ways. And there are a number of other problems as well. The only solution lies in people’s recognition of their own self-interest, which almost alway does does not align with the self-interest of the powers that be.

      1. You may have missed the main point of JD’s post. Yes, since the beginning of the printed word an industry axiom remains tried and true, “if it bleeds, it leads.”

        What he may have been saying is Trump and Rush are a boom to record circulation and viewership numbers.

        A few examples: The first Republican presidential debate broke cable viewership records. The New York Times circulation numbers for over a decade declined until Trump entered the arena and now they are seeing incredible near record growth. MSNBC has been trading best weekly viewership honors with juggernaut Fox News for over a year.

        Rush on the other hand, is the most listened to radio show in history. Back when MDN used to post his stories as related to Apple tech, NOT politics, MDN in their takes would acknowledge their own click numbers surging. Sad they discontinued running Rush stories. Possibly they are tired of the code pink protest tactics to shut down free speech as we witnessed Tuesday in the senate Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Sad Judge Kavanaugh’s children had to be escorted from the room. So much for traditional decorum and the free speech tolerant left.

        Botton line: I know it may sound trite, but THINK DIFFERENT APPLE. Embracing right wing free speech from Trump, Rush and others will show DIVERSITY, freedom of speech and most importantly improve the Apple bottom line. Everybody wins.

        Gee, allow me skepticism the SJW Apple CEO will have none of it while busy redesigning 2019 rainbow watch bands …

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