Almost half of Apple iPhone users plan to upgrade to a new model soon – survey

“A report earlier this week indicated that this year’s iPhone refresh could be Apple’s biggest since the iPhone 6 year,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Now, a survey from Loup Ventures suggests that intent to upgrade among iPhone users is far higher this year than it was last ye”

“Loup Ventures surveyed 530 U.S. consumers regarding ‘their intent to purchase’ for this year’s new iPhone models. Of those 530 who were surveyed, some 48 percent said they planned to upgrade to a newer iPhone within the next year,” Miller reports. “48 percent is far higher than last year, when 25 percent said they planned to purchase a new iPhone within the next year.”

Miller reports, “The survey also asked Android users if they plan to switch to an iPhone in the next year, reveling that 19 percent of Android users plan to make the switch – up from 12 percent last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s that we hear revving in the distance?

iPhone intent to upgrade survey suggests demand to outpace expectations; 1-in-5 Android users plan on upgrading to iPhone – August 29, 2018


  1. It seems a bit optimistic but I’ll keep my fingers crossed about all those iPhone upgrades. That survey group is rather small. Those Android switchers are a drop from a huge bucket especially when counting BRIC nations. Only a very tiny percentage of those BRIC nation Android smartphone users would ever think about switching to iPhones.

    Although Apple may never be able to convert those BRIC nation Android users to iPhone users, Apple is likely doing as well as can be expected. Apple will never ruin its profit margins to gain market share percentage and that’s all there is to that. The most Apple shareholders can look forward to is services growth which should provide a healthy boost to Apple’s revenue stream.

  2. I purchased a new iPhone a year ago and hated the larger size. Went a purchased a SE and LOVE that size. Numerous friends also are hanging on to the SE because of the size. Not everyone wants a huge phone. Apple needs to offer NEW versions of phones in the 4″ size.

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