Siri is listening to you, but she’s NOT spying, says Apple

“Are our iPhones eavesdropping on us? How else would Siri hear us say ‘Hey, Siri’ other than if she were constantly listening?” Lisa Vaas reports for Sophos. “That’s what Congress wondered, and it wanted Apple to explain. It also wanted to know about how much location data iPhones are storing and handing over about us.”

“So the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook,” Vaas reports. “On Tuesday, Apple responded. Much of the response letter translates into ‘We Are Not Google! We Are Not Facebook!'”

“And no, Siri is not eavesdropping. The letter went into specifics about how iPhones can respond to voice commands without actually eavesdropping. It has to do with locally stored, short buffers that only wake up Siri if there’s a high probability that what it hears is the ‘Hey, Siri’ cue.,” Vaas reports. “A buffer is a chunk of audio that’s continually recorded over and thus, by definition, isn’t archived. In short, ‘always listening’ is pretty restricted: an iPhone has only a short amount of recorded audio at any time. That audio is only used to identify the trigger phrase ‘Hey Siri,’ and it’s only stored locally.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, Apple isn’t Google (evidence listed below) and people who put Google Home devices in their homes are nuts.

This ‘don’t be evil’ mantra: It’s bullshit.Steve Jobs, 2010

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  1. When a website has lots of flashy and annoying google ads, i bet these google ads are tracking and monitoring the user. Which i why i visit websites with google ads only from my work PC, never my mac book pro at home. I cannot anyway, because the firewall says i need to switch off ads block and that the ad block it is hurting someone financially. BAH HUMBUG

  2. But Apple states it cannot ensure privacy from 3rd party apps or from Google AdSense infected websites like MDN:

    In Apple’s words: “Apple does not and cannot monitor what developers do with the customer data they have collected, or prevent the onward transfer of that data, nor do we have the ability to ensure a developer’s compliance with their own privacy policies or local law.”

    Bottom line: Apple’s walled garden doesn’t protect the user from wall breaches from outside. The wall only protects Apple.

  3. Oh yay! I’m verifiably nuts, then. Google Assistant is still much more reliable than Siri probably ever will be.

    Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor certified by World Services for the Blind JAWS certified


  4. “Siri is listening to you, but she’s NOT spying, says Apple”

    What’s that Clinton comment he made about marijuana..
    I smoked it but didn’t inhale it. Why else would you listen in the first place?

  5. We only use apple products at home (iphone, ipad, apple tv, macs, apple watch( and it is funny how when I was complaining about walmart, the fist ad I saw in youtube was a walmart ad.
    and that has happen with some other brands.
    At least apple spies for advertising purposes only, no to steal information like credit card numbers and things like that like google or facebook.

  6. It is actually the M-series silicon that recognizes the command Hey, Siri and wakes up the Siri. So now it is not Siri who is listening to you… It is Siris cat that is listening to you. 😆

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