China’s Huawei overtakes Apple as world No. 2 in smartphone unit sales

“China’s Huawei Technologies overtook Apple Inc to become the world’s second-biggest smartphone seller in the June quarter, data from market research firms showed, as it gained ground in Europe and expanded its lead back home,” Reuters reports. “‘Huawei is shifting to more value-added models, by launching new flagship smartphones with the latest features. Huawei’s P20 Pro is the first flagship smartphone model to be equipped with triple cameras, beating competitors to market,’ IHS Markit analyst Gerrit Schneemann said in a note.”

“According to IHS and Strategy Analytics, Huawei grabbed more than 15 percent of the global smartphone market over April-June, overtaking Apple’s roughly 12 percent and just behind Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s nearly 20 percent share,” Reuters reports. “Data from Canalys, which estimates industrywide smartphone shipments in China topped 100 million in the second quarter from 91 million in the first, shows Huawei grew its share of the home market by 6 percentage points on year to a record 27 percent. The Chinese market is key for Huawei as it has come under fire from the United States, Australia and other nations over concerns it could facilitate Chinese government spying.”

“Analysts expressed concerns over the whether the improvement in the Chinese market was sustainable. While the rate of decline has eased, the Chinese market is expected to weaken in the following quarters, Canalys said,” Reuters reports. “Apple regained some growth in China in the June quarter, where sales rose 19 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unit share is cute, but profit share is absolutely gorgeous.

Little Mikey had a lemonade stand. Okay, it was a kiosk. He sold 100 (8 oz.) cups yesterday for 10-cents each. He spent 11-cents per cup for artificial lemon flavoring, corn syrup, and the paper cups. He used tap water because it was free. Threw it all together in a big plastic pail. He’s out a buck for all of his trouble. Boy, that was a lot of work for less than nothing!

Around the block, little Steve runs a lemonade stand, too. It’s all blonde wood and very clean. He sold 50 (24 oz.) glasses yesterday for 50-cents each. He spent 20-cents per glass on fresh-squeezed lemons, pure cane sugar, spring water (mixed with the utmost care), and some very nice glassware (he buys in bulk and gets a good price). He took home $15 yesterday. He’s currently building his newest stand right where Mikey’s used to be.MacDailyNews, April 23, 2009

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  1. can these reporters do an article regarding the profits comparison between Apple iPhone and the cheap Android junks? Because that is where the money is !! BAH HUMBUG !! what a boring news this is.

  2. Its like comparing a sweaty bus full of exhausted people driving next to a air conditioned Porsche with only two persons cruising in it and then making a conclusion that the bus is winning the race.

  3. With the ZTE law-breaking and the Chinese propensity for shagging IP, I look at this article with the Chinese extracurricular skills in the background. Huawei’s achievement will be embraced strongly by the govt and will likely receive “bonuses” to continue the ascent. If ZTE, why not the same shenanigans from Huawei? They maybe a “sweaty bus” now, but dismissing them would be foolish, imo.

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