CurrentC-backer CVS capitulates; to accept Apple Pay at 7,800 U.S. stores starting this fall

“Apple Pay will be supported in CVS pharmacies and 7-Eleven stores nationwide, CEO Tim Cook announced on a call with investors this afternoon following the company’s positive third-quarter earnings results,” Nick Statt reports for The Verge.

“In addition to adding CVS and 7-Eleven as retail partners, Cook says Apple Pay handled more total transactions last quarter — more than 1 billion — than competitor Square and more mobile transactions than PayPal,” Statt reports. “The platform will also be launching in Germany later this year, Cook added.”

“Apple Pay has had a steady rollout since its launch in October 2014, and it now supports most major credit cards and US banks,” Statt reports. “It’s also available in more than two dozen countries and regions and supports around 4,900 banks globally.”

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“CVS says about 7,800 stand-alone pharmacies will accept Apple Pay, quite a turnaround from Oct 2014, when the drugstore chain stopped accepting Apple Pay payments, over a conflict at the time with another mobile payments system called CurrentC, that eventually failed before it ever really got going,” Edward C. Baig reports for USA Today. “CurrentC came out of a consortium of big retailers known as the Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX, which along with CVS, and 7-Eleven too, included names such as Walmart, BestBuy and Target. MCX was eventually acquired by JP Morgan Chase, which folded its technology into Chase Pay.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Capitulation.

Maybe Tim Cook can next convince CVS to stop using one tree per receipt?

We hereby suspend our nearly four-year boycott of CVS.

Next foolish outfit to come crawling? Walmart.

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  1. Would love to see the Walmart pay numbers. Look how long it took for Apple Pay to gain traction even with the ease of credit card addition and ease of use. Has ANYONE bothered to try and figure out Walmart Pay?

  2. Too late. I dumped CVS when they first said no to Apple Pay. Their customer service unit tried to sell me on the technical superiority of CurrentC. Transferred my pharmacy history and business to Walgreens. Walgreens supported Apple Pay from the get go. And I’ve not noticed any higher prices or difference in service. So my loyalties are with Walgreens now. Take a hike CVS.

    1. I did exactly the same thing. Hey CVS…there’s a Walgreen’s right across the street. Thanks Apple Pay. You helped me discover that Walgreen’s is better than CVS.

  3. How soon until Apple creates a “virtual” credit card? No Visa or MasterCard involved and they start keeping 100% of the fees for themselves. Clearly not something a company can do overnight but if you didn’t get in the business of sending out plastic and just let iPhone users have access to it with an nice enticing “cash back” on transactions offer seems like a no brainier.

    1. It’s ridiculous that you can’t use Apple Pay in Home Depot, yet here in the UK, you can even pay some street buskers with Apple Pay. Several of my local market traders now accept Apple Pay and at the weekend I was at little music festival and bought a couple of beers from a local brewery selling from small tent using Apple Pay and then a couple of burgers and a fabulous pulled pork roll from another small trader.

      Even the few holdouts over here now accept Apple Pay. The only limitation is that some businesses still impose a £30 limit, which is the same as when using contactless cards. This time last year I was withdrawing cash from ATMs most weeks, but I’ve only done that three times since December and even then it was small amounts for specific reasons ( such as tipping waiters in cash or to get coins for older parking ticket machines ).

      1. I’ve found a lot of shops don’t know they accept over £30 with Apple Pay. I had repairs to my car for £160. I pulled out my phone and was told there was a £30 limit. I asked to try it anyway and the transaction was accepted. The staff were amazed it went through. Another business educated about Apple Pay.

        1. I do the same. Apple Pay is so quick that it’s worth a try and you sometimes get an unexpected success when trying to spend more than £30.

          However when returning to the same shop, I sometimes get assured that it won’t work. That’s when I say “do you want to bet on it?”

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