Apple purges ‘Doorbell’ category from HomeKit accessories page

“Apple has quietly removed the entire ‘Doorbell’ category from its roster of current and future HomeKit accessories, suggesting that once-promised upgrades by August and Ring are at least in purgatory,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“The change appears to have happened sometime this week,” Fingas reports. “Only one item was listed under the category, the August Doorbell Cam.”

“It’s not clear what hurdles have prevented HomeKit support,” Fingas reports. “One possibility is the heavy encryption Apple demands since while the platform now supports both software and hardware for that task, it could be that August and Ring have had trouble minimizing lag.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It couldn;t have anything to do with Apple’s HomeKit security screwup, could it?

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  1. HomeKit has been all talk. Jobs would have made a few products to demonstrate their vision. Tim Cook just likes to promise and then exit categories. Like routers and voice AI. Waiting any day for Apple to recommend other Vocie AI other than Siri. Before long Apples eco system will consist of a phone only. Cook likes being a superstar CEO instead of an innovative CEO. Watch Amazon and Google beat Cooks Apple to 1 Trillion market cap. Wasted opportunities abound. Siri. Stopped innovating and let Amazon and Google leave the most important category in the dust. Movie streaming. Leave Cue over this as he was over Siri and get the same results.

  2. HomeKit has truly been one of Apple’s biggest disappointments. From when it was first introduced, I waited and waited for the products and software. I built a new house and really wanted it to be truly automated and protected. The home is just now finished and there isn’t one HomeKit product in it for automation or protection. Others have just done it much better and faster than Apple who really hasn’t done much with it at all. Talk is cheap, products and partnerships are what counts. Tim and his crew have done another poor job with it. They even got out of the Internet Network business to boot. I am a stock holder and have continued to make money from the stock, but I really don’t understand why with the lack of updates and new products and the canceling of software. The only exception is the iPhone and I guess now the recently introduced laptops.

    1. Exactly. I too have waited for Tim Cook to deliver. This is yet another example of Cooks failure to move. Apple Music was 5 years too late. Siri was 4 and 5 years ahead of Google and Amazon, ICloud was 4 years late Apple TV was 5 years ahead of allowing to rent and stream a movie. The exit from the router business is unexplainable. He is slowly dismantling the eco system. Amazon is now and example of an eco system. Not Apple. I am waiting to see Cook exit IWork. I expect that anyday.

    2. If you are correct, then Apple needs to show the way – as a proof of concept – by actually developing a complete service that actually works for the home.

  3. As I predicted, the death of another hobby by apple. They will once again leave customer holding useless tech.

    That’s why I had no interest in Homekit and went with the prevailing standards. My hub can handle multiple standards. Just not home kit.

    1. Dammit. I needed to add this to my weekly “So tired of being disappointed” letter to Tim Cook.

      This was my “Concentrate on the basics” letter. All the MacBook Pro had to do was get faster and be reliable. Instead they doubled down on fails, (Touch Bar and keyboard), and maybe added a whole new fail (Throttlegate) to the list.

      Imagine if they had gotten rid of the Touch Bar and added LTE. People would have called them gods.

      1. “I too have waited for Tim Cook to deliver.”

        From a writer above that seems like a great idiom in general and maybe a good “Basics” letter entry.

        The company’s astounding profit “enables” Tim’s blindness in so many areas.

  4. Another dead promising peace of tech. Apple Pay will be the next thing to die.

    If Tim had half a brain he could have taken over that market by simply providing payment terminals to small business for FREE and large business at half the prevailing rate.

    Apple pay would be a massive success and they could recoup the cost by their transaction fees.

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