Leaked ‘Amber Lake’ Intel processors could be used in Apple’s next-gen 12-inch MacBook

“A leak for an unannounced Dell notebook and a Romanian report may have revealed some details about Intel’s ‘Amber Lake’ processors, a collection of chips that could be strong candidates for use in a future MacBook refresh,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“A regional website for Dell reveals an upcoming 2-in-1 XPS 13 will sport the 8th-generation Intel Core i5-8200Y and i7-8500Y processors, clocked at up to 3.9GHz and 4.2GHz respectively and equipped with 4 megabytes of cache,” Owen reports. “The appearance of the two 8th-generation chips on the product page could be considered a confirmation that Intel will be bringing out the “Amber Lake”-based processors in the third quarter of 2018. So far, Intel has only announced the upcoming chips during Computex, but has yet to provide any details about processors in the line.”

“The Core i5-8200Y is said to have a base clock of 1.3GHz, rising to 3.9GHz when boosted, while the Core i7-8500Y starts from 1.5GHz and rises to 4.2GHz. The Core m3-8100Y ranges from 1.1GHz as a base clock to 3.4GHz under boost,” Owen reports. “All three 14-nanometer chips are dual-core with quad threads, have Intel UHD 625 graphics, and crucially have a low thermal design point of 5 Watts. The low temperature, along with the performance of each chip, gives the processors a good chance of appearing in a refreshed 12-inch MacBook in the future.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, please!


    1. Do yourself a favor. If you need an ultraportable laptop, get a new 13″ MacBook Pro right now. The 12″ is a bag of hurt, for too many reasons to list here.

      Do not wait for the next 12″ MacBook. You can thank me later.

  1. I LOVE the Macbook form its the perfect travel computer EXCEPT I can’t do the one port thing. I currently travel with a 2016 Macbook PRO and would love to skinny down the weight but I gotta have at least two Ports. I often present when I travel and need power + a projector cable. I know ALL about dongles BUT my dongle bag is FULL. Come on Apple just put one on each side to make it easy to connect to either side without multiple dongles.

  2. “Intel will be bringing out the “Amber Lake”-based processors in the third quarter of 2018.”
    Which of course actually means 2021, IF they even make that date 🙂

    1. There you go again … cheap shot at Intel when Apple is chronically behind in chipset implementation and stumbling over itself in figuring out a user-friendly hardware design while satisfying Ive’s stupid obsession with his alooominyum products being thin.

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