Samsung is absolutely terrified of Apple’s iPhone X

“Samsung’s love/hate relationship with the iPhone continues with a brand new cringe-worthy commercial that attempts to mock Apple and the iPhone X for the silliest possible reason,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “This new push just shows how terrifying the iPhone X is for Samsung, a phone that’s been selling a lot better than the Galaxy S and Note phones in spite of being a lot more expensive.”

“The ad was released a few weeks ahead of the Galaxy Note 9 launch, set to take place on August 9th in New York. Samsung is launching it about a month earlier than expected so it can have it in stores well before the 2018 iPhone series arrives,” Smith writes. “That’s also a sign that Samsung is afraid of the new iPhone X in a year when its flagship, the Galaxy S9, hasn’t been able to meet internal goals.”

“The new ad, meanwhile, proposes us an incredibly silly situation. An iPhone buyer comes to an Apple store to ask an “Ingenius” about download speeds. First of all, I’ve never, in my life, been asked that question about any phone, nor did I ever consider asking it about the iPhone. Secondly, she seems to be pretty well informed about download speeds, so what’s the point of coming to an Apple retail store to have all that confirmed?” Smith writes. “Samsung also misses the more significant point/issue here. The theoretical maximum 4G speeds of any device are irrelevant in real-life situations. That’s because those speeds are hardly available in real-life scenarios.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While you thieves suck on Apple’s fumes: Burn, Sammy, burn!


  1. Sammy very unfortunately is only provider to Apple of the OLED screen that iPhone X uses. So they can raise price or cut out shipment to Apple. No doubt Sammy envies I phone X, but this article is over blown. For every I phone X sold, Sammy has great income. Also X owners, when they experience the OLED screen, they are touching Sammy screen

    1. While Sammy does make money on those screens, it’s a paltry amount of profit compared to the margin on a flagship phone like the iPhone X or the Galaxy line (although Apple’s margins are larger than Sammy’s). I’m sure they’d much rather sell whole Galaxy phones that just screens to Apple.

      1. not disputing you, however Sammy can increase prices of the OLED screens it makes and supplies to Apple or slow shipment causing shortage supply. Apple is not in a great position in this regard.

        1. They can do that and then only agitate Apple in retribution finding other more permanent sources of components cutting Samsung out completely. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

          They don’t need to provide Apple with any MORE motivation to cut them out as a supplier altogether and SamSplode know this. It would only give Scamsham momentary satisfaction but long term grief.

          1. Ok, I have an admission to make, I am a paid Samsung grass roots hacktivist, I come to Apple sites to say how wonderful Samsung is and they pay me lots of money. It’s how I can afford to have a stash of all things Apple, and I can drink lots of champagne to then p!ss on smouldering Note 7’s with.

            If you want to get similarly paid, just go to Samsung dot com slash sellout

  2. also any website that supports google ads is supporting Samsung, because Samsung is nothing without Android and revenue from Google ads is used to prop up and subsidize “Free” android. Samsung’s so called Tizen OS is an incomplete joke

    1. To continue on my confession tour, that’s why I post a lot of comments at sites that have a lot of Google ads, because I am paid to support Samsung as much as possible.

      My friends don’t call me Dirty Dogg for nothing!

  3. Speed of my almost 3 year old iPhone 6s plus has NEVER been a problem doing ANYTHING. Every once in a while I fall off AT&T’s LTE network and it is a whole other story…….

    With Apple’s $29 battery replacement, I’m good to go until 2019. At that point the phone will be 42 months old.

    The ad could also be taken as very misleading because in low connectivity locations, the brand or type of phone will have very little to do with your speed “throughput”.

  4. I am still amazed that Apple under Jobs could not foretell – and then thwart – Samsung’s and Google’s potential thievery. And Cook seems to be slow walking countering them.

    1. Yup and I think a big part of how people feel about that is perception. Sammy makes TVs and computer monitors. Do they get accused of copying others because their TVs and monitors are like others? Do car makers get accused of copying other car makers because theirs also has 4 round wheels ? Of course not because 4 round wheels is an obvious design necessity for a car. People perceive touch screen GUI OS’s and pinch zoom and many other smartphone features as obvious design needs, rather than stolen IP (which they really are). When one phone comes up with a new unique feature one year its almost expected for all others to follow/copy it. Just like when new TV models come out each year, they all have similar new feature sets (4K, HDR etc.) Many people don’t know or care who came up with it first. To the masses a smartphone is an obvious evolution of a computer in a phone and is “fair game”. That’s where Apple failed to “enlighten” the masses” about the reality.

      1. Only thing we are missing here is that Samsung CANNOT copy faceid and they have now had over a year to try. what apple did in this instance was lock in contracts with all the parts Mfg to lock up all possible supply for the next 2 years hence no-one has been able to replicate… apple will have it on their entire line of phones, computers, and tablets before anyone else can dip a toe int he water and that ladies and gentleman is called creating competitive advantage,

  5. I love negative ads, but only in the context of how much your product scares the opposition. Real salespeople do not talk about the competition, they talk about their products’ strengths. Badmouthing the competition means you have nothing positive to say about your product.

    1. Exactly! It’s like those people who keep pretending to be me or applecynic, they obviously have nothing smart to say and their comedy falls flat.

      Newest nonsense is GoeB wan KenoeB. Give me a break!


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