North Carolina governor ‘hopeful’ to win Apple campus despite the company’s silence

“Despite a lack of news over recent weeks, Apple is rumored to be eyeing Research Triangle Park in North Carolina for a new United States campus,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Today, local news outlet WRAL reports that North Carolina governor Roy Cooper is hopeful about Apple’s plans in the state.”

“Both Apple and Amazon are reportedly eyeing North Carolina for new campuses in the United States. A report last month suggested that an announcement from Apple was ‘imminent,’ and that Apple choosing North Carolina for its campus would not preclude Amazon from doing the same,” Miller reports. “Since that report, however, things have largely gone silent about where Apple is looking to put its new campus.”

Miller reports, “Apple has not offered a timetable for its decision, so it’s unclear what will ultimately come of its rumored interest in North Carolina.”

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MacDailyNews Take: North Carolina’s governor is right to be hopeful. Done deal.

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  1. North Carolina is the 8th poorest state in the union. Are they going to give Apple billions in subsidies as Ohio will be giving four billion dollars in subsidies to Foxconn.

  2. Maybe it has to to with the Supreme Court about to swing hard right and overturn Roe. Will NC allow reproductive rights afterwards? If I was apple mgt, I would be rethinking were to put the next HQ. NY/NJ region would be a safe alternative.

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