Apple to give Siri new voice at WWDC? No. Old news

Dave Mark writes for The Loop, “Big wave of posts over the last day or so, all of them quoting this post, which says, in part: ‘With Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) inching closer, Siri has revealed plans for Apple to give the assistant a “brand new voice”, most likely as part of its iOS 12 release.'”

“First things first, these Siri responses are from the leadup to WWDC 2017, when the HomePod was first announced,” Mark writes. “Seems like Apple neglected to tweak Siri for this year’s WWDC, leaving those old responses in place, waiting to be rediscovered.”

“I gave Siri the exact same query, ‘Tell me about WWDC’ and invariably got some form of ‘You can get all the details on Apple’s web site’ with a button to take me there,” Mark writes. “So this seems fixed now.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another example that at Tim Cook’s lackadaisical, unfocused, slipshod Apple, attention to detail has suffered noticeably. They can’t even keep their marketing Easter eggs up to date.

We apologize for covering this item yesterday. We wrongly assumed that, with marketing blurbs at least, Apple would manage to keep things current.

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  1. It is correct to blame Tim Cook as he is the head of Apple, however there is a possibility that Eddy Cue is responsible for the lack of Siri update in the current and upcoming WWDC

  2. It is staggering how Tim Cook is not held to account for how precipitously Apple’s quality has fallen under his watch. From non iPhone products to all software, nothing seems to be improving anymore. Just relentless stagnation.

    1. Bipolar regulars here claim that the ceo is only responsible for making money. If they truly believe that, then Cook is secure in his position, he could coast on Job’s accomplishments for another decade.

      Then, like so many other CEOs, Cook will cash out his self-awarded stock options and hand his successor CEO an empty shell of a company living on brand image alone.

      As long as Cook sweet talks Trump into carving special exemptions for the biggest fattest tech company in history, MDN has no basis to whine about value signaling or anything else.

      Mac users, on the other hand, have an endless list of legitimate complaints that should warrant serious investor hesitation. … which is precisely why one trick pony Apple will continue to have such a low PE ratio. Investors like Buffet who don’t use Apple products will keep playing but users will get screwed as Cook plays finance games instead of providing product leadership.

  3. Ill keep reiterating till things improve …(A LOT)
    It’s not just Siri.. its that Apple AI overall sucks…

    Apple AI is embarrassingly behind… starting with Basic spell check ! yes spell check, such basic and ancient feature, yet its dismal and their ego wont even allow them to reasses and improve it…… predictive and spell check live in two disconnected universes and both are Dumb as can be relative to the competition …..
    Then come more complex issues of Contextual Word Recognition, Speach Recognition, Contextual Understanding, Search, Personalization and the dismal Digital Assistant called Siri…………and coherent, comprehensive implementation of All across the Apple ecosys… (at this time all are disjointed and sporadic)

    Buck stops with Tim and Craig …
    Status quo is simply not acceptable !
    Apple management.. are u listening.. or are u busy counting your UNJUSTIFIED annual $25 million plus RSUs and bonuses…..

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