“Edison Investment Research’s Richard Windsor takes a look at Apple today, writing that changes to executive responsibility for Siri are a sign that things aren’t going well for the AI assistant,” Teresa Rivas reports for Barron’s.

“Windsor writes that while Siri used to be under the purview of services and Eddy Cue, it’s now become the responsibility of Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering, which he writes points to a deeper integration of Siri in the Apple ecosystem,” Rivas reports. “However, putting Siri in the software division of the company isn’t enough to address its weaknesses, Windsor argues.”

The way this kind of development works is that the services are developed on top of the finished product of the software department. With Siri as part of the software department it can be much more deeply integrated as the software is created and refined which should allow its functionality to be meaningfully enhanced. However, what is unlikely to change is that fact that Siri is just not that smart and is easily outperformed by Google Assistant and even Amazon (AMZN) Alexa on occasion. This is due to the fact that Siri has not been in existence for very long and that its global learning capability is hobbled by Apple’s implementation of differential privacy. The net result is that Siri is falling behind in the AI race and moving Siri to software will not really solve the problem. — Richard Windsor, Edison Investment Research

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MacDailyNews Take: Being committed to privacy does not mean being resigned to following in artificial intelligence. Apple are simply doing what they do: Charting their own course.

Who’d you rather have in charge of your project, Eddy Cue or Craig Federighi?


If Siri lags behind today, it sure isn’t Federighi’s fault. For that, blame The Round Mound of Unsound.