Apple to fight EU Irish tax clawback without U.S. support role

“The U.S. lost a bid to help Apple Inc.’s court fight against the European Union’s order to pay Ireland a record 13 billion euros ($15.3 billion) in unpaid taxes,” Stephanie Bodoni reports for Bloomberg.

“The EU’s highest court rejected the U.S. request, its press service said on Twitter on Thursday,” Bodoni reports. “A lower court in December also dismissed the request, saying the American government failed to show it had a direct interest in the result of the state-aid case.”

“Last year, the U.S. asked the EU court for permission to intervene in Apple’s case, arguing that the outcome of the case could affect its economic situation due to the tax credits the iPhone maker could claim as a result of paying more taxes in Ireland,” Bodoni reports. “The EU’s Apple order has reverberated across the Atlantic, triggering criticism from the U.S. Treasury that the EU was making itself a ‘supra-national tax authority’ that could threaten global tax reform efforts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The EU grows ever more farcical.

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  1. “saying the American government failed to show it had a direct interest in the result of the state-aid case.””
    LOL, if Apple is forced to pay 13B euros to Ireland, that money will come out of the $38B Apple is paying to the US Treasury. It’s as direct an interest as you can get! Apple is going to pay somebody, and they’d prefer it be the US Treasury. The US Treasury would also like it to be the US Treasury. Figures the European courts would like it to be Ireland.

  2. The thing is that US never showed any interest for that money until AFTER apple got sued in EU for the taxes. Once it was apparent that Apple may get taxed, US Treasury is showing their interest, but now can’t prove that it was honestly going after it… as it wasn’t.

    1. Wait, what? How do YOU know the US “never showed any interest”? They don’t have to do anything. At the time that Apple earned that income, all of that income was due US taxation, pending repatriation. The US doesn’t have to show overt interest, the interest is implicit.

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