This dip in Apple’ share price is silly, I’m buying it

“One of the best (in my opinion) and largest companies in the world is on sale,” D.M. Martins Research writes for Seeking Alpha. “At least this is how I see Apple stock’s 7% dip over the past few days, as analysts turn cautious about the tech device maker’s iPhone sales ahead of the release of fiscal 2Q18 results.”

“I calculate that the implied effect of Taiwan Semiconductor’s guidance drop to Apple’s full-year net earnings would barely breach $7 billion,” Martins writes. “On the other hand, AAPL has lost a whopping $65 billion in market cap over the past few days – way too much for my taste, considering the worst-case financial impact to the company.”

“From my perspective, the bar for fiscal 2Q18 results has already been lowered enough, particularly in regards to iPhone sales and following Apple’s bursting of the ‘super-cycle bubble’ that I discussed a few months ago.,” Martins writes. “Therefore, I find it unlikely that next week’s earnings report will disappoint. I may very well accumulate shares on this most recent, silly dip.”

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MacDailyNews Take: AAPL was undervalued before the recent BS-fest. It’s even more undervalued now.

Analysts are “worried about iPhone.” What are they worried about, that Apple’s iPhone will take 100% of the world’s smartphone profits?

Profit from the painfully gullible.MacDailyNews, December 26, 2017

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    1. Less than 3 dollors drop ?

      How about 20$ from all time high and 16 of in just the last 2 weeks..

      Its ridiculous ..
      The charlatans have succeeded in manipulating the loose hands..unfortunately!

      The super cycle will happen with the new lineup starting this sept!
      With the 6.1 lcd leading the way and 6.5 and 5.8 oleds following ….and add on top the rest !

  1. I’m long APPL. I’ve made 15 times my initial investment and I see no rational reason why that return won’t keep increasing. I love it when trolls and dum dums talk smack about Apple. Buying opportunity! Every little bit helps.

  2. Dear Apple,
    Stop selling new stocks. You know why? You no longer need money from stockholders. You know why? Because you are independently wealthy. You are no longer a beggar, you know, like when you begged money, and got it, from MS.

    1. I would hope so. Besides, I doubt if anyone else is buying Apple now since Wall Street is in panic mode. Right now, Apple is a good buy if all you’re interested in is dividends as there might be a more than usual increase in dividends. What else does Apple have to drive the stock up? It’s so perplexing that a company with so much spare cash can’t use it to directly increase revenue with some worthwhile acquisition. There has to be some company out there for Apple to work with.

      Although the iPhone is taking all the profits, Wall Street is only interested in growth and it appears the iPhone has zero or negative growth and that’s not good for anyone. I refuse to get angry with this uncalled for dip in Apple’s share price. Each time the stock takes a run towards the $1T mark, some negative news knocks it back down and in this case it was basically supply chain rumors, yet again.

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