Apple likely to face fine for unfair practices in South Korea

“Apple is likely to face sanctions from the South Korean antitrust watchdog over dumping its advertising and repair costs to local telecom operators,” Cho Jin-young reports for BusinessKorea. “According to industry sources on April 8, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC)’s secretariat has recently decided to impose penalties on Apple Korea over the unfair practice and sent an examination report to Apple Korea to seek an explanation.”

“According to the examination report, the FTC reached the conclusion that the California-based company has abused its market power against South Korean mobile carriers and it should be fined and carry out a correction order for compulsory buying, compulsory benefits and offering disadvantages,” Cho reports. “Since Apple began selling the iPhone here in 2009, the company has been embroiled in allegations of unfair practices, including shifting advertising costs to local mobile carriers and getting telecom firms to host release ceremonies for new products. The smartphone maker is also under fire for ordering wireless providers to follow its own guidelines in designing ads without sharing the costs.”

“In addition, Apple Korea allegedly obligates them to bear repair costs and display stand installation costs and order a certain amount of products to sell in the country,” Cho reports. “In 2013, Taiwan slapped fines on Apple worth around 20 million Taiwanese dollars (US$683,068 or 700 million won) for controlling iPhone prices. In April 2016, France fined the company 48.5 million euros (US$59.39 million or 64 billion won) for having mobile carriers order a certain amount of products and pay for ads.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The cost of doing business. Not controlling telecom’s iPhone advertising would be far worse (bad ads damage brands) than the meager fines these governmental commissions periodically demand.

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  1. Considering the court proven rampant corruption in South Korea, right on up to the highest level of government and the highest executive in Samsung, how can anyone respond other than laughing at this desperate silliness. 😸😹😝😂

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