Apple CEO Cook says DACA shouldn’t have been revoked and that he’s ‘personally offended’ by the situation

“On Recode’s ‘Revolution’ TV special scheduled to air Friday night on MSNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook reaffirmed his strong support for DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals],” Shirin Ghaffary reports for Recode.

“When asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about Trump’s restrictive immigration policy,” Ghaffary reports, “Cook called the issue one that ‘goes to the core of who we are as Americans.'”

“Here’s a clip of the exchange,” Ghaffary reports. “Watch the full hour-long special with Cook, Hayes and Recode co-founder Kara Swisher on Friday, April 6, at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT on MSNBC.”

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I talked to a lot of folks in our company. The DACA situation is one that I am truthfully, as an American, deeply offended by. The DACA situation is not an immigration issue. It’s a moral issue… This is one that goes to the core of who we are as Americans. Who among us would think that it’s the right thing to do to kick somebody out of this country when they came here when they were one, two, three years old, that have only known this country as their home, that know no other country as their home. This just doesn’t make any sense… The Attorney General should not have revoked it. Whoever revoked it should not have done this. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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MacDailyNews Take: A permanent legislative solution would benefit everyone involved.

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    1. I agree that there should be a legislative solution. So do over 325 million other Americans, but the only opinions that matter are the 535 individuals who can cast votes in Congress. To date, they have done diddly-squat.

      It’s not like they didn’t have the opportunity. The first version of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) was introduced in the House by Chris Cannon and in the Senate by Orrin Hatch, both very conservative Utah Republicans, almost 17 years ago in 2001. Subsequent bills have been introduced in almost every Congress since.

      Every President since 2001 has claimed to support the DREAM concept. It has actually passed in the House and has received majority support in the Senate on several occasions… yet nothing has become law.

      For example, Republican Senators Charles Hagel of Nebraska and Richard Lugar of Indiana introduced a bill in 2007. Their bill, with amendments by Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas, got 52 votes, but not the 60 needed to get past a cloture vote.

      The 2009 version had 128 representatives and 39 senators as co-sponsors. Eventually, it was supported by the majority of members in both Houses of Congress. On September 21, 2010, the Senate filibuster against the bill was sustained in a 56–43 vote, 4 votes short of cloture. After the House passed the bill anyway, the Senate again fell short of cloture on the motion to concur (55-41).

      The bill was again introduced in 2011, but the Republican Caucus blocked any discussion of a clean DREAM Act. It was only then, after 11 years with no sign that Congress was ever going to pass anything, that President Obama announced the DACA program in 2012.

      Since January 20, 2017, there have been numerous bipartisan bills that would have passed if Republican lawmakers had been sure that the bill would be signed when it reached the White House. In several instances, the Republican sponsors were assured of Presidential support (in one case, during a nationally-televised meeting) before they went public with their bill, only to have Mr. Trump pull the rug out from under them.

      Every one of those bills contained compromises by both parties. The Democrats were willing to cede enormous ground on funding border security measures that they find repugnant. The Republicans gave up almost nothing beyond what that the majority of Congress had already voted to support in 2007 and 2010. President Trump promised to support these compromise bills… until he suddenly didn’t.

      The problem was that the President–without any warning–refused to sign any bill that addressed illegal immigration (including by those who entered as minors) unless the bill also gave him everything he wanted on limiting legal immigration. That isn’t just a moved goalpost; it is a different playing field entirely.

      Mr. Trump’s demands are universally opposed by Democrats and by large numbers of Republicans. The best bet is that a Trump-approved immigration bill would not only fall short of the 60 votes for closure, but as many as 15 votes short of the the 50 needed for passage. Complaining about cloture versus the “nuclear option” is a red herring.

      The Dems will not “blame the right for it all.” They know that conservative Republicans like Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, and Lindsey Graham have been willing for almost 2 decades to enact the DREAM Act and similar immigration reform measures. Everyone will (or at least should) blame Donald John Trump, the man who cannot keep his pledged word.

      1. Well said and well done.

        These people who were brought here as children were raised in this society and culture and are as American as any of us who were born here. Many cannot even speak the native language of the country their parents brought them here from- deporting them would be like dropping one of us in the middle of Kazakhstan.

        The messed up rules of the Senate were not written by the founders and can be changed easily. It appears, however, that many Senators are more enamored of Senate rules and traditions than actually accomplishing anything.

        It has been said many times that you can tell a lot about a culture by how it treats it’s most vulnerable and this does not speak well of our country or government- regardless of who is in charge- for this has drug on for far too long.

        Tim Cook is right on this one.

        1. If you, a white boy, were born and raised in China, speaking perfect Mandarin, would the Chinese consider you “as Chinese as any of us”? Of course not! They aren’t retarded, politically correct imbeciles like leftists in the U.S. are. They also don’t want to bury their country through a third-world invasion like TRAITORS like Tim Cook do.

          Americans are the descendants of the founders and their progeny, everyone else is a citizen or a guest at best. Given how shitty most of these fake, paperwork-Americans have been acting towards the most generous country in the world, it’s time to start deporting them, starting with the self-righteous brat nightmares.

          1. America is a nation of migrants- even the first peoples migrated here from Asia long ago- there is no known people group known to have inhabited North America that did not come from elsewhere.

            As to China, they are hardly a monoculture and not all natively speak Mandarin. T show our world, an R.N. that works in our ER is ethnically Chinese, was raised in Malaysia, was raised in the Christian faith in that predominantly Islamic country, went to University in New Zealand and migrated to the US during a severe Nursing shortage back in the 1980’s. She is as American as I am and my people settled here in Virginia long before the Revolutionary War.

            Immigrants are the secret sauce of America. Steve Jobs biological father was Syrian. Woz is the son of a Ukrainian immigrant.

            1. DavGreg, what a stupid argument, “we are all immigrants.” You missed the boat, we are NOT all “U.S. citizens.” THAT is the distinction. And you do not mention that you consider standing for people who have violated U.S. law. Does that mean that you don’t respect the rule of law???
              Addressing the issues of immigration begins with stopping

            2. …begins with stopping ANY AND ALL illegal immigration. What do you intend on doing with the parents, who are here illegally? Let them stay because they now have children who don’t know their own country? They should be sent home. The children should not be separated from their parents, so ergo, THEY TOO should go home. The ones who are adults should be allowed to stay, under certain conditions, the least of which is compliance with the requirements for citizenship (ability to work, speak English, etc). Leftist stupidity doesn’t justify disregarding this issue. And i know i’m late to the posting on this thread, but i’m here now, and you guys are plain on the wrong side of history and this issue.

            3. You, like all lefitsts, are liars. “America is a nation of immigrants” is the biggest lie told in American history. Americans are the descendants of the founders and their progeny. Steve Jobs was a Syrian, Woz a Ukrainian, your RN is Chinese, what’s puzzling is that you, an American, think you are such worthless piece of garbage that your own identity means nothing, and aliens from the entire planet can invade your territory and replace you. For the sake of America’s survival, suicidal creatures like yourself should disappear.

            4. First of all I am not a leftist and every person resident in the United States is the descendant of people who migrated here. There is no disputing that unless you believe, like Alex Jones, that there is a bogeyman in every shadow.

              Settlement by Europeans in what is now the United States centered around colonies from England, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Russia in the cases of Alaska and California. Those colonies were for the largest part settled by those people groups and the others followed. It should also be noted that most African-Americans have ancestry in this country longer than most of the white people- many of whom migrated from times after the founding of the US as a nation and most of them from after the Civil War until just after World War 1.

              You say that “Americans are the descendants of the founders and their progeny” while most Americans by bloodline are descendant for people who migrated here later than the time of the American Revolution, Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention.

              I would suggest you read up on your history before making such assertions so definitively as you are very wrong.

              We are a nation of immigrants and the offspring of immigrants. And the newest Americans are just as American as anyone else- probably more because they came here by choice.

            5. The argument that because ‘we are a nation of immigrants’ everyone in the world has a right to come here or if they are here has a right to stay is weak. All people in Europe, Asia, the Mideast, including N and S America are descended from people who emigrated from Africa. What counts are the present day political associations existing today. Regulating our borders regarding new immigrants is globally accepted prerogative of nations. Trump is simply enforcing existing laws. Why he is doing that is not relevant.

            6. I never said that everyone has a right to be here.
              The people impacted by DACA policy were brought here as children and raised here. Many of them only speak english and are culturally American. To deport them to another country where they do not know the language, folkways or have the locally required education is – to be honest- cruel.

            7. Yes it is cruel. The deal Trump is offering is reasonable – adjustments to family chain migration stand out. I would add that the parents who brought their kids here should not be able to benefit by gaining citizenship by any deal granting legalization and eventually citizenship for the now adult kids. The Democrats are cruelly manipulating the situation to stimulate sympathy votes from people emphasizing feelings over brains. The Democrats had control of both houses for two years and did nothing. Trump offers a reasonable deal and they do nothing.

        2. Nick,

          I’m not clear what privileges “descendants of the founders and their progeny” should enjoy over the overwhelming majority of Americans, most of whose ancestors arrived here after 1776. On that logic, the descendants of those who arrived before 12,000 BC would be entitled to expel all you “white boys” who arrived in Virginia after 1606 and Massachusetts after 1619.

          Deporting the “descendants of the founders and their progeny” might make us all safer. Every serious study has shown that the rate of violent crime among persons born in the United States is higher than the rate among those who have immigrated here. That is even true of those who immigrated illegally.

          El Paso, Texas, has perhaps the largest proportion of immigrants in the US, and has nearly the lowest crime rate for a city its size. Rural Ohio and West Virginia have a very low immigrant proportion and are overrun with illegal drugs.

          Given how some of the “descendants of the founders and their progeny” have been acting towards the Constitution and the rights it guarantees to all persons within the jurisdiction of the US, it might be time to start sending them home. Unfortunately, the UK does not want them.

    2. What Trump and the Republicans won’t say is “I/We are holding the DACA kids hostage (or, using the DACA kids as bargaining chips it you want to put it more mildly). Trump won’t say that because that kind of truth would make him, and the Republicans look bad.
      It offends me (but doesn’t surprise me) that they won’t tell the truth.

  1. Odd.

    Personally, I find Cook offensive as hell. Here is this SJW who talks the talk, but gives up his iCloud to the China govt so the they can spy on their citizens.

    I’m also offended by their awful buggy software that seems to freeze anything it touches. Maybe Cook needs to STFU and focus on making quality products and drop his hypocritical SJW BS.

  2. Agree with the Take.

    Had it been created as a matter of law by congress, it wouldn’t have gone away. Had the Dems really cared as much as they yelled about it, they would have corrected that mistake by now. EVERYONE still needs to come to the table on it and get it fixed – a significant immigration overhaul is desperately needed. Everything from DACA to the wall to the National Guard being sent to use as border patrol should be legitimately considered and addressed. It all interrelates. Cook is wrong to say that it is not an immigration issue, while being correct that it is a moral issue. The morality issue can be addressed with proper immigration laws.

    1. “Had the Dems really cared as much as they yelled about it, they would have corrected that mistake by now. EVERYONE still needs to come to the table on it and get it fixed – a significant immigration overhaul is desperately needed.”

      Illegal immigration from Latin America is a red herring. The biggest influx of illegals comes from Asia. They don’t swim to get here, they fly in on tourist/student Visas, then overstay the Visa.

      I agree wholeheartedly that our immigration laws need to be overhauled. DACA is an emotional issue that will get it to the bargaining table.

      We NEED immigrants to fill our labor ranks. Because of low US birth rates during the 1960s through 1980s, the growth in US-born workers has not kept pace with labor demands. This is evident in current unemployment rates, which at 4.1% is at a multi-decade low. Those not working can’t (for whatever reason) or don’t want to. Minimum wage is a joke because employers are paying more than that to get and/or keep employees in all but the lowest skill requirement jobs.

    2. SJBMusic,

      Everybody did come to the table. The Republican and Democratic congressional leadership and most members of both parties supported bills that did address “Everything from DACA to the wall to the National Guard being sent to use as border patrol.” The Democrats hated many of the provisions that would have funded the beginning of Wall construction and hired enough real Border Patrolmen that the National Guard wouldn’t be needed. They agreed to them because that was the price the Republicans demanded for passing a DREAM Act.

      The Republicans agreed to fix DACA partly because they believed in it, and partly because that was the price the Democrats demanded for increased border enforcement. Both sides knew, and carefully explained to The President, that a compromise on essentially those terms was the only way to get a majority to pass anything. That isn’t a secret or “fake news”—we could watch it in a highly publicized and completely televised meeting between The President and the members of the House and Senate who drafted the bills.

      They agreed to this compromise because The President said he would sign any immigration legislation that passed Congress and arrived on his desk. He had, in so many words, suggested exactly what the compromise bills accomplished. Neither party would have risked angering their base by compromising without The President’s assurances.

      Then, after everybody in both parties had stuck their necks out, The President suddenly changed the rules of the game by demanding “poison pill” additions to the bill that had nothing whatever to do with protecting the homeland against illegal immigration. He demanded a complete purge and reboot of our legal immigration policies, including provisions that were clear non-starters with well over half the Senate and probably most of the House. That isn’t on Congress, and certainly not on the congressional Democrats, but solely on him.

      Once last point: DACA really isn’t an immigration issue, because it does not affect any foreigner who might be inclined to immigrate to the US. It only affects US residents brought to this country before the legal age of consent who have lived here continuously since 2007, who are employed or in school, and who have no criminal record. Whether those folks can remain in the US has no bearing on either illegal or legal immigration after 2007.

    1. YEAH RIGHT – leave the politics to others like James – smirk

      PS JAmEs – You seem to Be A Smart as Trump 2 – so WTFs up with youR Capitalization Bud.

  3. Mr. Cook, I’m a loyal Apple products user since 1990. And boy, do I miss Steve Jobs. I know I wouldn’t agree much with most of Steve’s politics, but at least Steve kept his political views to himself. Instead of speaking out in favor of illegal immigration and open borders, kindly pay more attention to improving Siri (which is a disgrace), updating the modular Mac Pro (another disgrace) and continue building incredibly great Apple products!! Please keep the politics to yourself!!!!

  4. I’m offended on a daily basis by Safari page reloads, program crashes, and a subdued incremental hardware upgrade line that is a mockery of the old Apple.

    Your constant harping on your Liberal political agenda and your personal proclivities is clearly a detriment to the people who use Apple products, Mr. Cook.

    Yeah, you’re doing great with the stock and your own wealth – about as hypocritical as the typical Liberal Socialist mouthpiece preaching in today’s media environment.

    But your software no longer ‘just works.’ Your minimal components in your over-priced hardware still lags in market share, hurting those you claim compassion for the most.

    And you use cheap Chinese labor as opposed to illegal aliens in America!

    So please just shit the f#*$ up!

  5. From the standpoint of Constitutional authority, the Executive really had no power to implement DACA in the first place, since it’s a substantive change to the law of the land; that’s the job of the Congress.

    It doesn’t really matter what past Administrations did; the current Administration is trying to follow the rules. They extended the DACA overreach, concurrently with a warning to Congress that it would have to do something to make DACA legal if they wanted it kept around.

    Congress did nothing about it.

    I’m personally offended, Mr. Cook, that you – who should know better – are spinning the truth to make someone other than the Congress responsible for the current DACA situation.

    (We all know that Steve Jobs was a liberal, but he was wise enough to refrain from political statements in his persona as Apple CEO. Cook, apparently, is not as wise. By a long shot.)

    1. “It doesn’t really matter what past Administrations did; the current Administration is trying to follow the rules. They extended the DACA overreach, concurrently with a warning to Congress that it would have to do something to make DACA legal if they wanted it kept around.”

      We’re all sure that trump was entirely motivated by an attempt to follow the rules. Very entertaining. Firing up his xenophobic base was just a perk right ?

      Blaming the democrats is a good one, given all the times, on tv, he promised to accept ANY bipartisan bill without asking for ANYTHING. He even requested a CLEAN DACA bill, which would have had no compromise.

      He’s had multiple bi-partison bills (with compromise on both sides) which he has then rejected because he’s been told his base won’t like it

      This is a man who lies before opening his mouth.

    1. Anyone ..and i mean anyone and everyone would be a “worst mistake” in the minds of Jobs wirshipers.

      He made a Lot of mistakes and uttered nonsense as well.. but his Charisma came to his rescue.

      Apple is a different animal now both in size and complexity than it was at Jobs times..
      One should take that into consideration before bashing. Imo.

      As for Tim staying out of politics.. could not agree more. His duty mandates that he keeps Apple nutral and not alianate half of the population.

      All that said, it is SHAMEFUL for Trump Or any/all politicians to use DACA as a bargaining chip !!

    2. You are the worst mistake that your father did.
      It is The Orange Doofus that broke the DACA deal in the first place so that he can start blackmailing with it.

  6. Attaboy Tim! DACA was a compassionate and sensible program that has produced scholars and soldiers, inventors and athletes all for the benefit of our country. Killing DACA is an embarrassment, is unnecessary for anything and is contrary to simple common sense. It is yet another step towards authoritarianism.

  7. I’m offended. Steve Jobs left Apple to him to soar and instead we are lagging behind again like we did before Steve Jobs came back to the company that put Apple back on top. I need things fixed and Homepod I’m disappointed in…we should already be a Alexa or Google. I love Steve because he was Apple. I knew this would happen with Cook.

  8. Ceo of Apple wants to make law. Let him take care of Apple first so we do not erase features for no reason at all. You have only to look at apples currentlymuffed releases.

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