Apple’s first store in South Korea opens Saturday

Apple Garosugil will open in Seoul on Saturday at 10 a.m., bringing Apple’s products, in-store programming and services together for South Korean customers to experience for the first time all in one place. South of the Han River, in the heart of the Gangnam area, the store’s 25-foot glass facade invites visitors in from the tree-lined street, where interior trees mirror those outside, blurring the lines between the street and store.

“We’re thrilled to open a new home for our customers in the vibrant city of Seoul and we look forward to continuing to grow in Korea,” said Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail, in a statement. “Our stores are gathering places for the community where everyone is welcome to connect, learn and create.”

Today at Apple programming offers dozens of free sessions daily to inspire participants to learn and unlock their creativity in photography, music, art and design, coding skills and more. Led by Creative Pros, who are experts in the arts, the sessions bring the community together in the heart of the store — the Forum, with a dynamic 6K video wall.

Apple Garosugil brings Apple’s products, in-store programming and services together for South Korean customers to experience for the first time.
Apple Garosugil brings Apple’s products, in-store programming and services together for South Korean customers to experience for the first time.

Anyone can begin by taking a 30-minute Quick Start session, go further with experiential Photo Walks or attend a session for entrepreneurs, such as How to Run a Connected Business. Educators and developers can also get hands-on advice and specialized training in the store’s dedicated Boardroom.

The store features Apple’s full line of products and a curated collection of accessories. Lining each side of the store are Avenues, inspired by window displays along a shopping street, which have interactive displays for visitors to get hands-on with third-party products and accessories dedicated to music, home, coding and more. Through the Apple Store app, customers can also explore products, shop and register for Today at Apple sessions.

The store’s 140 team members will welcome visitors Saturday and provide the services and experiences that have become the hallmark for Apple Stores around the world. To register for Today at Apple sessions, visit

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Garosugil (a.k.a. Samsung’s new R&D headquarters).

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      1. One of the best insurance against a nuclear war mongering nation, apart from having an Apple store, is to create a level playing field. East Korea is doing just that and will by default defend South Korea against a nuclear attack. After all the two countries have a common vision of reunification, they are united by history culture, and intent, demonstrated of course by little things, like their ability to fly a unified flag at the next Olympics.

        Not to mention that now there are other nuclear super powers that have all stated that they will not be doing a first strike but I bet that their retaliation will bring fire and fury to that war mongering nation the likes that has never been seen.

        Of course no one can be sure what a madman with a nuclear arsenal will do but I suspect they will wait him out hoping that the next leader won’t be such a nut case.

    1. Korea has many weird regulations for allowing non-korean companies to operate in Korea. Mostly due to protectionism here. Probably largely Samsungs doing as well. Same reason most apple products are delayed in their release here. Apple refused to concede to the ridiculous regulations. Still cant buy iTunes cards here but google play cards are easy to find. hmm.

    1. Do you have a current iPhone?
      Go to: Settings–>Siri & Search–>Language
      See the list?

      Siri speaks dozens of languages and dialects thereof, so…

      What was your question?

      Yes, this will help, quite a bit. I understand thats the language they speak.

      Sorry, that was Mr. Sarcastic chipping in. He also suggests you stop clutching your Samsung so tight.

  1. Apple opens a new store. Gasp, that’s tremendous! I’m so excited. Especially because it’s in the same country that Samsung exists. I have goosebumps, don’t you?

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