Apple likely sold over 100 million iPhones in Christmas quarter

On Wednesday, “Mark Hibben, published a really interesting method for backing into Apple’s total iPhone sales for the December 2017 quarter,” Zynath Investment writes for Seeking Alpha. “His method involves looking at the projected product mix numbers recently published by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC.”

“Apple is no longer a one phone per year, or even a two phone per year, company,” Zynath Investment writes. “Currently, Apple has a total of eight different models for sale, all commanding premium pricing. If we assume that Apple has sold 29 million units of iPhone X and that represents 20% of all iPhones sold that would mean that Apple has sold a total of 145 million iPhones in the last quarter! How is that for a super cycle?”

“At the time of publication, AAPL is trading for around $171 being pushed down by a flurry of bearish reports, which are all too common right before the Apple earnings announcement. Many analysts have cited the 29 million iPhone X units as the reason why AAPL is going to do horribly this quarter. But above, we’ve seen that 29 million iPhone Xs, given the projected product mix, would mean simply amazing sales for Apple,” Zynath Investment writes. “Even if we drop iPhone X projections to 15 million, that would still mean over 100 million total iPhones sold. Apple has absolutely dominated the overall Christmas season.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 100 million units would be jaw-dropping if achieved. Even if it falls below the 100 million mark, we do expect a record in both iPhone unit sales and iPhone revenue when Apple reports Q118 results on February 1st.

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  1. Not to piss on anyone’s parade – I’m sure Apple had an excellent quarter – but that iPhone X 20% share is based off a survey of only 500 people walking out of an Apple Store?! That doesn’t seem like a large enough test base to be anywhere near accurate.

    And… where in the world is Apple still selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

  2. And yet somehow this will be seen as a problem. I have no doubt that Apple will sell over 100 million iPhones this past quarter, especially if iPhone X really makes up 33% of total sales. I see them everywhere, in addition to my own, almost every 5th iPhone I see is an iPhone X. In the last decade Ive never seen that type of adoption of the new flagship, and Apple’s competitors clearly haven’t either, which is very obviously where this negative crap comes from. It’s the same old FUD playbook, except now it only works on the idiots instead of the masses because we can all see with our own eyes how many of them are out there.

      1. It’s not actually dropping, it’s a dip relative to growth. This is the same pump and dump crap that is always performed on Apple stock pre earnings. Buy while there’s a discount!

  3. As usual after CNBC bashing Apple, but in the end there was an open statement “As in life, there is an inevitable, Apple could hit $1 trillion”. They know something that we don’t know but try to shake off the weak hands by misleading investors. So keep buying on the dips guys.

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