“Samsung has been known to borrow Apple’s ideas from time to time, an effective — if not entirely inspired — strategy considering massive iPhone, iPad and now Watch demand,” Mikey Campbell writes for AppleInsider. “But its latest advertisement for the new Galaxy S6 edge, basically an amalgamation of Apple Watch promo videos, dials the homage up to 11.”

“When Apple CEO Tim Cook detailed Apple Watch at a special event in March, his presentation came with the usual assortment of impeccably produced videos showing off device design, features and, notably, an in-depth look at materials processing,” Campbell writes. “It appears Samsung was quite smitten with Apple’s efforts, as the latest Galaxy commercial apes Apple’s visual style, staging — complete with swelling music bed — and videography, going so far as to reproduce dramatic sequences like molten metal pouring out of a crucible.”

Campbell writes, “There’s nothing technically wrong with Samsung’s ad, but for a number of reasons it feels half-hearted, derivative and empty.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why does Samsung’s narrator speak with a British accent? Precisely because Jony Ive does, of course. It’s all so transparent and it makes those who settle for Samsung’s Apple products knockoffs seem at least as stupid as Samsung obviously thinks they are.

We’ll never buy anything from Apple!” the fandroids chant in unison, all the while toting around inferior clones of Apple products, trying vainly to get them to work half as well as Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users’ products do. It’s amusing to those of us on the right side of the bell curve.

As our own SteveJack wrote way back in April 2008: Samsung’s ‘Instinct’ is obviously to make Apple iPhone knockoffs.

Apple’s promotional video for Apple Watch Edition:

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