“Samsung Electronics was dealt a major loss in its patent battle with Apple after a California court jury recommended awarding the U.S. smartphone maker damages of $1.05 billion for infringements on patents for its iPhones and iPads. The same jury did not recommend Samsung receive any money regarding its counterclaim that Apple infringed on its utility patents,” Korea JoongAng Daily (JoongAng Ilbo) writes. “Samsung plans to challenge the ruling, so the judge’s final verdict may come out a little differently. However, it is evident that Samsung has suffered a crushing defeat that will likely have strong ramifications in the U.S. market, and the case could set a worrying precedent for its ongoing patent litigation with Apple in courts around the world.”

“What the case highlights is that originality is the key to survival in this cut-throat industry. Copying and clever upgrading are no longer viable, as companies become increasingly protective of their inventions and patent rights,” Korea JoongAng Daily writes. “Samsung must reinvent itself as a first-mover, despite the huge risks involved in acting as a pioneer, if it hopes to beat the competition.”

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MacDailyNews Note: JoongAng Ilbo was first published on September 22, 1965 by Lee Byung-chul, the founder of Samsung Group.

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