Apple is a ‘huge disruptive monster’ says BBC’s Radio 1 music chief

“Apple is a ‘huge disruptive monster’ coming down the hill according to BBC Radio 1’s head of music,” BBC News reports. “George Ergatoudis was speaking at a global conference in LA about the issues facing radio today and in the future. He said Apple’s ‘piles of cash’ and ambitious ideas could change the music and radio industries.”

“Former Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe left the network in March to work for Apple in Los Angeles,” The Beeb reports. “Ergatoudis explained that the resources available to the software company plus its ability to reach millions of smartphone users means it will force the radio industry to up its game.”

“But he warned Apple will be the biggest threat to radio stations globally when they do announce their plans,” The Beeb reports. “Addressing the conference, he said: “Listeners spend three hours a week less with the station on average. ‘Where do they spend time? On YouTube. The answer is to visualise a lot of our content.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like The Buggles had it right 35 years ago.


      1. This comment by Radio One is about streaming audio, it’s nothing to do with video.
        Anyway, Radio One is threatened by the fact it’s playlist is directed at people who don’t care about radio, and don’t listen to it, teens and early twenties. Their music is crap.
        I cannot listen to streaming music, I’m banned from having any mobile music device or phone, so I listen to the radio, BBC 6Music, a digital station.
        They’re increasing their listener numbers continually, because they don’t patronise their listeners, and play a wide range of new music, often stuff that hasn’t even got a record label or been released yet.
        Quality music isn’t threatened by Apple, only the lowest common denominator like Radio One.

    1. Aren’t you embarrassed to post such a load of bollocks?
      The BBC were NOT established by the government, it was a private company, later to become a public broadcasting corporation. It’s licenced to broadcast by the government, but that’s a totally different thing.
      And it hasn’t been a monopoly for decades, there are several other commercial TV broadcasters, as well as a whole bunch of commercial radio stations.

      1. The British government sets the fees for the BBC which all TV owners must pay. This is in no way a “private company.”
        Private companies don’t get paid through government coercion.
        You should be embarassed. What kind of knucklehead doesn’t understand this?

  1. Apple – Huge = Correct.

    Apple – Disruptive = Absolutely Correct.

    Apple – Monster = Only to the Unwary.

    Apple’s business objectives is to identify moribund markets and then make the very best products possible for it. if competitors run in fear it is because they are being challenged to do better and they don’t know how.

  2. Anyone who doubts that the radio industry needs to “up its game” either has no taste or isn’t listening. There are good radio stations, no doubt, but most are absolutely wretched.

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