Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.4 with ‘Smart Tempo’ feature and powerful effect plug-ins

Today Apple announced the next update to Logic Pro X, its professional music production software, featuring a breakthrough new tempo detection technology and a number of powerful effect plug-ins, giving musicians even more creative control and flexibility with their projects.

Smart Tempo

Smart Tempo is a new advanced tempo detection technology that automatically manages tempo across all the content in a project. Smart Tempo gives users the freedom to record naturally without a metronome or click track, yet still have their performance stay in sync with any other tempo-based content or features in a project. It’s also easy to combine recordings from different sources with varying tempos, making it a valuable tool for electronic musicians who create remixes and mashups.

New Effect Plug-Ins

ChromaVerb is an advanced new algorithmic reverb plug-in with a colorful interactive interface that allows users to add space and depth to tracks and simulate a wide range of acoustic spaces, including Rooms, Chambers, Theaters, Halls and more.

Vintage EQ features three plug-ins authentically modeled after some of the most sought after hardware EQs from the 1950s to 1970s — Vintage Graphic EQ, Vintage Tube EQ and Vintage Console EQ.

Phat FX is a powerful new multi-effect that adds warmth, punch and presence to synths, guitar, bass and drums. Step FX adds rhythmic movement to any track by arranging filters, effects and independent step sequencers to control treatments over time.

Logic Pro X also includes a variety of new content, including two Drummers that play roots and jazz-influenced brush styles, two vintage brush kits for the Drum Kit Designer feature, more than 800 additional loops and a new library for Alchemy synths with 150 cinematic presets.

Pricing and Availability

Logic Pro X 10.4 is available today as a free update for all existing users, and is available on the Mac App Store for $199.99 (US) for new customers. For more information, visit

MacDailyNews Take: Logic Pro X users, go get it!


  1. Can Apple please please pleaaaase make Final Cut Pro x TRULY a professional program too, Please ???? If I have to explain to you why FCP x is not now pro you’re not a pro.

    To win back professionals Apple needs to be the hands down best pro application for any and every need. film video photo word docs spreadsheets DJ mixing education. accounting cad audio etc etc. kids truly aspire to the best. Pros need the best. Give schools a reason to not use chrome books.

    It’s so sad. It’s so simple. Be the best.
    Apple looses market share in every application until they secure the 8% mark. How dumb.
    It’s not enough to make a few great phones. Make it ridiculous to consider any other platform for as many uses possible.
    Be the best.

  2. It’s ok Jr., apparently Apple will be releasing a slightly larger iPhone X compatible with the Apple pencil, later this year.
    The iPhone *Pro*.
    I wish I was making this s@#% up.

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