President Trump: Apple’s iPhone will be assembled in Wisconsin

President Donald Trump sat down for an interview Thursday morning with four reporters from The Wall Street Journal: Rebecca Ballhaus, Michael C. Bender, Peter Nicholas and Louise Radnofsky. White House attendees included Communications Director Hope Hicks, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn.

One portion of the interview involved Apple, Foxconn, and iPhone manufacturing:

WSJ: Is there a possibility that Donald Trump could sign a comprehensive immigration bill which would provide a path to legal status, citizenship for 11 million people who are here illegally?

Mr. Trump: Well, I’m not talking amnesty at all. I’m not talking amnesty at all, that’s the other thing. No, I think my base is with me. My base feels that these 800,000 young people should not be thrown out of the country, OK? My base is with me and now I you know; and I think my base actually gets bigger.

And I’m not doing it because of the base or anything else, I’m doing it from the standpoint of heart, I’m doing it from the standpoint of common sense. I’m doing it from another standpoint too. You have a lot of people of those 800, they work hard, they have jobs. We need workers in this country; we need people to come in and work because I have a lot of companies moving in.

And I’m getting a lot of questions like we want to move to Wisconsin, we wanted — like Wisconsin, I have Foxconn coming to Wisconsin; that’s my deal. You know the head of Foxconn, you know he’s a friend of mine. He’s still only moving there because of me. And the governor has been fantastic.

The governor of Wisconsin has been fantastic in their presentations and everything else. But I’m the one who got them to look at it. Now we need people because they’re going to have thousands of people working it’s going to be a — you know — that’s the company that makes the Apple iPhone.

WSJ: Yeah.

Mr. Trump: Is that — they’re going to build them here, they’re going to build other things here, too.

Read more in the full interview here.

MacDailyNews Take: Maybe they’ll assemble some of those new, forthcoming Apple pro displays we want so badly there in Wisconsin, too!

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    1. Freakin weirdo cheese to be sure. I’m sure the base will recover soon and post their POTUS adoration for his mental incisiveness, grammatical brilliance and his personal support for their dearest wish to deport all those DACA illegals.
      His doctor says he’s fine though so we shouldn’t be worried, he’s 1000% stable.

  1. Im still not clear if his base is with him even though he isn’t doing it for his base anyway apparently, but hey that base is growing its support for it anyway so it is or perhaps not actually important in the matter. Perhaps the problem is that he turned the base up to 11 for too long in his youth.

  2. There is no way in hell that iPhones are going to be made in Wisconsin unless it is a completely automated production line with no employees. Even then I find it doubtful. Also, the Foxxcon deal is really pretty shitty for the people of Wisconsin, and an act of desperation on the part of Scott Walker to save his reelection. Walker and Trump keep talking about 13,000 jobs, but Foxcon has only committed to 3000. Even at 13,000, the state only expects to recoup the $4 billion in incentives by 2048. These “fiscally conservative republicans” are all about free market capitalism until they have an opportunity to give away taxpayer money to private companies. Somehow that is more appealing to them than investing in public goods where ownership is actually retained by the public that paid for them.

    1. Debt and deficits only matter when Republicans are NOT in charge. Witness the recent GOP Tax Scam that throws a temporary tax cut to most Americans and makes permanent a massive tax cut the primarily benefits the top 1/2 of 1% of taxpayers.

      They basically told the GOP give us our tax break or we will dump you and Drumpf. That Tax scam will blow a hole in the deficit and massively increase the debt, but the GOP wants to use it as a cudgel to justify savaging social programs.

      The nonsense about the tax cut increasing worker pay is a coordinated US Chamber of Commerce ploy to con voters in an election year. They know the bulk of working Americans will see a programmed tax increase in about 5 years under their bill and most will be long gone to K Street or retirement.

      Example: Wal-Mart reports $1000 bonuses to workers. Fine Print- Full time with over 20 years of service, or almost nobody. At the same time they announced the closing of a number of Sam’s Club stores that means a net loss of jobs.

    2. Are you saying that no one in the US should even bother to attempt to bring back manufacturing jobs lost over the past several decades? And that it’s wrong to commit to a long-term strategy on this issue?

      I did not vote for Trump, but I will give him credit on this issue for trying — something that NOT ONE US president of either party has even attempted in decades.

      1. No, I said that there was no way iPhones will be made here. Having seen the inside of the Pegatron factory in China, I don’t think you will find 10,000 americans that want to work like that.

        As for bringing manufacturing jobs back, paying individual companies bribes to the tune of $4 or $5 billion is not the way to do it.

        There is a lot wrong with our trade policy, particularly with Asia, and China in particular. I know in detail, as I have factories in China, source from others in the region, and compete with producers from their as well. China should NEVER have been given full WTO privileges with the way that they treat the rest of the world. As far as I’m concerned Congress and past administrations were criminally negligent. It is very far from a level playing field, as Chinese companies are allowed to do things in the US and other countries that they do not allow our companies to do there. I wish that Trump would deal with that issue, as a reciprocity mechanism would fix most of the imbalances that put us at a disadvantage. TPP was actually a prime opportunity to leverage China back to the table, as they were deliberately left out by the Obama administration in order for the TPP members to gain more leverage over China. Trump blew that just because he heard Obama liked it.

        As for NAFTA, it could use some minor adjustments to reflect the changes in our economies over the past 25 years, but we are a net gainer economically from NAFTA, no matter how much Trump wants to complain about it.

  3. This has nothing to do with Trump. It is Foxconn not Apple opening the plant in Wisconsin. Wisconsin will shell out $3 billion in tax subsidies over 15 years. That is if Foxconn delivers a maximum of 13K jobs. This deal is expected to cost Wisconsin about $200 million in lost revenue.

    But don’t work, Wisconsin get that $200 million form the poor, sick and elderly.

      1. Don’t think I am only criticizing Wisconsin. I’m in NJ and seriously pissed that Gov. Christy just finalized his $5 billion offer for Amazon. These deals NEVER pay for themselves as advertised, and the taxpayers get screwed. As a business owner I find it offensive that the largest companies get these deals while the rest of us get to live with the fact that the likes of Jeff Bezos get to pocket our money. If/when it were democrats making these deals the Republicans would be screaming about socialism. F**king hypocrites.

          1. He’s right, the time and the place and the political party isn’t the important thing, it’s the networks of influence and the fat, self-serving slugs operating them. It’s all about the money, and always has been, and political organisations always wind up getting hijacked to serve these rich slimeballs.

  4. I’m not sure if that quote is verbatim, or if WSJ made any edits to it, but as written it sounds extremely incoherent and troubling; not the point itself (insofar as it can be determined from that quote), but the sentences as delivered.

    What one could grasp (and how MDN interpreted it), he is implying that Foxconn is planning on opening a big plant in Wisconsin, and since Foxconn is the maker of the iPhone, it follows that the iPhone would end up being manufactured in the USA. Curiously, it isn’t Apple building that factory in Wisconsin, it is a Chinese company (Foxconn), so while the factory will employ domestic work force, at least some of the profits will end up with a foreign company.

    We need a bit more specific in order to figure out what exactly this means before we celebrate the first iPhones made in USA.

      1. You know he’s my friend and I really like the other guy, ya know–the Governor, and he likes me a lot. Also, you know, the factory is going to be really, really big. It’s going to be the biggest one in Wisconsin and maybe the World. I know how to build things, so it’ll be easy. Mexico will pay for it too.

        1. No, dummy! Wisconsin is to the north, near Canada. Mexico is to the south. As to who will pay for it.. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will come up with something, don’t worry—she has a non-answer for everything. But why worry? Donald Trump’s best interests are foremost in his mind.

    1. It’s not just that, it takes a certain nation, a certain culture demonstrating its values, to elect someone like that, and he is a representative to what that nation has become.

      He’s even tried to do an immigration deal with Norway. Anyone from there, or anywhere frankly, trying to immigrate to the chump’s stars and skidmarks hole today is insane.

      Too bad Iraq wasn’t able to enforce their migration laws, it would have saved them hundreds, no thousands, no tens of thousands, no hundreds of thousands, might be up to a million lives from those illegal migrants coming from the stars and skidmarks hole.

      It’s nice to see Apple though, being able to do business with anyone, even those bereft of any morality or ethics.

      1. One of the things about the Iraq deal that really bothered me, morally—I mean, sure when many deaths occur it is a black day, or month or year, but—there were these sluglike contractors, Blackwater or something, that went into the chaos in Iraq and did frontier processing. That’s what they call war profiteering these days, I take it. Museums were looted, antiquities vanished. The market for such relics is and has always been the filthy rich—I think of them as the Collectors. They are a humanoid species with no real purpose in life other than purposeful theft, and live only to promote their status among their own kind in pride of ownership of the rarest, most delicate and obscure remains of fallen empires.

        Invading that country on a false pretext was inhumane and so was the hand-rubbing exploitation that accompanied it. Dubya and his stooges were responsible for that debacle. Trump hasn’t done anything yet, compared to that.

        1. Thanks for your post. I’m aware of Blackwater and their involvement in Iraq but it does come as no surprise to me, your country is now the planetary bully ready to profit in so many ways from your long standing war mongering, and that includes the sales of your weapons to others.

          I think responsibility is now spread throughout the entire nation and one thing I’ve notice over the years is that your nation will do anything but take responsibility.

          No the chump hasn’t done anything yet, he’s just got the world on pins and needles with his war rhetoric and his foul mouth. Just a question of time. I doubt that he will close Guantanamo on the Bay or cease hostilities in Iraq.

          I mention war mongering in this post and something has been on the back burner a while. Last weekend I asked when was the last year your nation was at peace. No one answered, again so many don’t have what it takes to answer a simple question. Now I have a new question, when was the first year your nation was at peace?

          Answering those questions and seeing how long you are at war, how much you are at war is quite revealing.

          War is part of your nation’s DNA (Destructive Nuclear Arsenal), and now you are embracing that betrayal of humanity, so common in the bully psyche, you’ll do anything to anyone who isn’t from your elite club. There are consequences to that approach but hey, if that is what you nation needs to learn and how to learn it, then so be it.

          1. I can’t be certain but I think the U.S. was not at war in the year 1930.

            As a rule, I don’t rely on the internet for my information sources but on my library of books, my network of human contacts, and my memories. The internet is a nefarious nest of vipers tempting every Eve into a betrayal, and I seek to avoid being similarly misled, and in turn mislead others through gossip.

            You may ask how internet sources differ from books and I will tell you. Books are massive undertakings, often labours of love, and undergo much sourcing and vetting by editors and reviewers. And there is an economic incentive that outweighs the time and cost. Internet postings are the inverse; they are cheap to produce, often flippant inventions of inflamed psyches or deliberate perversions. They too have an economic payoff, simplistic clickbait ad payouts or ego orgasms, but the effort and expertise invested is so minimal that even high school dropouts in Croatia, recruited by the KGB, can become millionaires doing it.

            I donate to Wikipedia and sponsor other independent information sources, but I watch even them for creeping bias. Safety, security, and truth are never to be taken for granted by a free people. That being said, these very things are all too readily compromised in exchange for something else. The person with perfect rectitude in all things has never been discovered, and never will be if the search is restricted to the ranks of politicians, public intellectuals and moralists—like ourselves. Ah, but I forget: you are a mere observer.

  5. The only “cheese”, is what you’ve been fed so long by your news channel. Democrats don’t care about immigrants, minorities, youth, women, etc…they just want to keep you dumb enough to get your vote…wake up…the market is over 200 points as we speak…you folks are passionatly loyally misguided and wrong…Oprah will save you!

    1. “Democrats don’t care about immigrants, minorities, youth, women, etc…”

      Republicans love making this comment.
      Yet it is the GOP passing voting laws making it difficult for minorities, the elderly and students to vote. Yet it is the GOP that just voted to gut Obamacare and now looking to cut SS and MC after passing a massive tax cuts for the rich & corporations that will add trillions to the debt. The GOP base is made up primary of white, middle age religious voters.

      “the market is over 200 points as we speak”

      The stock market went up nearly 2,000 points before Trump was even sworn into office. The market is not the economy. The economy are stores closings their doors. People unable to recoup their lost wealth form the GOP recession. People’s low wages increasing going more toward high rents leaving little to spend or save.

    1. No Obama did not save us from the recession. The business cycle played itself out and got a lot of help from the Federal Reserve that created about $16 Trillion in funny money out of thin air and grossly inflated the money supply.
      They loaned it to the very banksters that collapsed the economy at around 1/4 of 1% as essentially free money. They also loaned ti to central banks and foreign banks around the world -all while the Conservatards were ranting about Obama’s $800 Billion stimulus package- most of which was wasted with unless tax cuts designed to draw Republican support.

      Read the GAO audit of the Fed and get educated- that would be the source material- not some guy’s take on what it says. Do your homework, you will come back pissed.

        1. Everybody agreed that it has to come down (Obama and Clinton). So no it is not Trumps invention. Tim Cook and everybody else (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, just name it) has complained about it for years. The whole “tax reform” (catastrophy) that Trump managed to get through is a whole other story and you (Americans) will all suffer from it. So have fun.

          1. You apparently don’t understand American history very well. We always did very well with low taxes which was the entire reason for the revolutionary war in the first place. “No taxation without representation”
            Americans wanted lower taxes and have done very well as such.
            The average in America is taxed so heavily so there getting a tax break is a very warm welcome. Even if it isn’t that big.

            1. That’s a bit of a revisionist history there. The “MAGA” message is referring to the period of 1950s and early 1960s (before the Vietnam war and the social/civil rights movement took the country in a different direction). If we disregard the inequalities of the time for the moment, that period showed greatest economic prosperity. Yet, taxation rates were noticeably higher, with the highest bracket being 91%. Income inequality was significantly lower than today, so by any measure, the reduction of taxes for the rich simply increased inequalities (made rich much richer, without affecting the middle class and poor).

            2. FFS. You are the one who should read a history book. Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge (and the commerce secretary for both, Herbert Hoover) pushed through an economic platform almost identical to Trumps. Laissez Faire, low tax, low regulation, international isolation. After a decade of radical increases to income inequality (and great stock market returns), the economy collapsed into the Great Depression.

              Reagan’s economic policies were also not what Fox would have you believe. By the time Reagan left office, the rich were richer, but middle class incomes were barely higher than they were in before Reagan, and the number of people in poverty had risen sharply.

              As far as Americans being taxed, if you include federal, state, local, and sales taxes, we are taxed close to the OECD average. In return for their taxes, most other OECD residents get healthcare and education, so we are really net losers in the grand scheme compared to others. I would say this disparity justifies the tax cuts, except basic math tells you that a tax cut that returns $1000/year to an average family doesn’t make up for the lack of healthcare and college tuition the way it does for the top 1%.

            3. You apparently don’t understand American history very well. The greatest period of American prosperity — the 20 years following the Second World War — had some of the highest marginal tax rates in our history. Up to 91%! That tax structure made it beneficial to invest in industry, and not give out ludicrous salaries & benefits to CEOs. It also helped pay for the GI Bill and other benefits that strengthened the middle class.

      1. The blue-pilled zombies will resort to violence to protect their programming…at the bottom of the rabbit hole, there is auramac looking up, having an anxiety attack.

    1. Looks like the usual trolls needed more time to react than we’re used to. Would they start having doubts after reading transcripts of their asshole-in-chief? It was really something today.

    1. Ummmm the orange dork just helped save Apple a lot of money in taxes but again, you’re probably a liberal who doesn’t understand actual facts like this.

      I am not a Trump fan but at least I know enough to say thank you to someone when they can save me money. I haven’t lost my gratitude that much.

      “Thank you a Trump for helping Apple…”
      There you go…

  6. With 90% negative media about Trump, they know you’re just dumb enough to believe them and play right into their votes…so they can fool you into feeling like they are doing something for you, allthewhile raping the non-lazy hard working middle class. To pay healthy 20yr olds Obamacare,
    the money was redistributed from premium increases of the middle class…that’s who outvoted you and why Trump is in office. My Gerbil can think better than Pelosi/Shumer. Oprah will make you feel good. Poop everything according to your agenda…my investments and paychecks have gone up. I didnt cry when Obamacare premiums went from $350 a month to $1,350 a month…I just pinched and kept working. Wake up!

  7. Not only do I not give a damn about what the treasonous, racist, demented liar-in-chief “says” I would never use his name along with the word “President” in the same sentence. I’m not in denial, but some things are more obscene than others. Hard to respect or take anyone seriously who doesn’t see that.

      1. According to neuroscience, the so-called state of denial is a permanent fixture of the human brain, and is largely immune to our rational control. Indeed, our conscious explanations are largely fabricated on the fly by our primitive biological programming. We are expert at deceiving others, the better to gain an advantage, and brilliant at deceiving ourselves, the better to thwart attempts to read our true intent. If H. sapiens is distinguished by any one trait, it is dissimulation. That, more than toolmaking or language or reckoning, made us capable of taking over the world. Think of it! No other living species could destroy the world so throughly as us. We can’t purify the species, alas. We can’t agree on what is pure.

            1. Numbnuts… I was feeding you a line Tallulah said to Chico Marx. I thought you would either know about it, or look it up. Alas subtlety and couth, not to mention respect of people’s rights, are lost on you.

              I remain duly embarrassed.

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