Citi analysts: 40% chance Apple will acquire Netflix now that President Trump’s corporate tax cut has been passed

“Citi analysts recently sent a note to clients saying there is a 40% chance that Apple will buy Netflix,” Karl Kaufman writes for Forbes. “The basis for the analyst’s argument is that Apple will have $252 billion in overseas cash available to repatriate, and they need to do something with it.”

“Where did Citi come up with their 40% estimate? Did they just pull it out of thin air? Apple is very secretive when it comes to their long-term plans, so this type of analyst note seems to be nothing more than mere speculation,” Kaufman writes. “The Citi analysts have nothing to lose by making their prediction — if they’re wrong, they can claim they said there was a 60% chance of a deal not happening.”

“Apple has already committed $1 billion towards creating new shows and their largest acquisition was buying Beats for $3 billion in 2014” Kaufman writes. “Why would they spend $75 billion to buy Netflix?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Citi said exactly the same thing last May, too.

Here’s what we said the May before last:

What is unique about Netflix? A handful of TV series are not worth $40 billion. Apple is perfectly capable of taking on Netflix without having to buy them, deal with integrating their employees, etc. Until Apple actually buys Netflix, we’ll keep saying that Apple will buy Netflix for the same reason they bought Palm. — MacDailyNews, May 27, 2016

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  1. Apple has to purchase quality because the decrepit and self-serving Cupertino politburo and its halfwit liberal evangelist CEO are incapable of acting like responsible adults.

  2. buy netflix, for the right to do what, show content? instead of buying nexflix, are there no companies that want to grow a division anymore? is it only about buying a possible competitor in a space?

    I’m sick of the mergers. let the new ideas come forth and that only happens in the crucible of building something from scratch. how many owners did palm have?

    lazy CEOs. quit begging congress for tax breaks and go to work creating the next product or service. taxes will no longer be the go to excuse for a sorry quarter, or the sorry decision making by these over paid golf jockeys.

    If this analyst was any good he, she, they, them would be the richest he, she, they, them in the world and would not be working for citi. 2018, never repeat what an analyst says. just reply, ‘ah’.

  3. Buy Netflix…then leave it alone..just protect it and add your weight so it can stream more.

    Netflix has the best interface, always had.

    Microsoft spent 85 billion on Skype…Netflix is a better buy..

  4. ABC/Disney are pulling their stuff from Netflix and Disney is in the process of buying Fox Movie & TV Productions. That eliminates a lot of content. ABC/Disney are also part owners of HULU- along with Comcast(NBC Universal) and Time-Warner (Warner Pictures/TV along with CNN/TBS/TNT/HBO/Cinemax soon to be part of AT&T).

    There is not much to suggest that you are buying much more than a handful of contracts and server capacity.

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