Apple market value: We may need a bigger chart

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook quashed concerns recently about muted demand for the iPhone X, saying pre-orders for the 10th anniversary smartphone were “off the charts,” but it might be the company’s market capitalization that needs a bigger graph,” Noel Randewich reports for Reuters. “Positive reviews for the new device and expectations that many users are on the verge of upgrading from older iPhones have sent Apple’s stock to record highs, pushing it closer to becoming the first publicly listed company with a stock market value above $1 trillion.”

“Cook last week said pre-orders of the iPhone X were “off the charts”, while the company’s website showed delivery times pushed out to five to six weeks for the phone” Randewich reports. “At Wednesday’s $166.89 stock price, down 1.3 percent from a record high, the Cupertino, California company’s market capitalization stood at $862 billion.”

“Since the first iPhone in January 2007, Apple’s stock has surged almost 1,300 percent, compared to the S&P 500’s 83-percent increase. Including dividends, Apple’s total return has been about 1,400 percent,” Randewich reports. “Apple’s stock has risen about 26 percent per year on a compound basis since the start of 2007, a trajectory that – based on its current shares outstanding – could see it reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion in mid-2018.”

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  1. I wonder how long it took for Apple, Inc to sell $862 billion of products from their beginning on April 1, 1976….. (I’ll bet that was pretty close to 2010).

    Does anyone know the exact stock share price for Apple to reach $1 trillion in valuation?

    PS: I’m skipping the “X”- my 6s Plus is still doing fine. I’m saving my pennies for the new iMac Pro. (or “modular” Mac Pro). 🙂 🙂

    1. This from CNBC.

      “Shares of the iPhone maker hit another all-time high Wednesday. At $163.89, they are just $30 a share away from making Apple the first U.S. company to cross the $1 trillion threshold in terms of market capitalization.”

      1. It could take forever for AAPL to reach that $30. AAPL fights tooth and nails for every penny it got.
        While NFLX spitted 7-1 after AAPL, but it surpassed AAPL a month ago to $204.38.

        1. What do you mean surpassed AAPL…??? NFLX is currently at $85B, about one tenth of the market cap of AAPL.

          The actual price of one single outstanding share is truly meaningless, in terms of absolute value of a company. It is simply a relative measure, reflecting trends.

    2. PS: Exactamente. Me too. Apple will get my money. – but I hated waiting, and waiting, for the Mac upgrades I wanted. I worried that they no longer cared enough to build them, or even to tell us anything about their plans. And I flared every time they infantilised Mac OS X, making it more like baby brother iOS, even giving it a cutesie new name, macOS. – but having just turned 51 I realised it was time to drop the petulance and and face reality: it’s the baby that gets all the attention. FIFO

    1. your listing of $196.61 refs share price for 1 trillion market valuation? Since RP asks above for the specific price for that valuation, I wanted to question if that’s correct? I thought it was $192.xx? (That number, whatever it is the preeminent Notch). The real # is…?

  2. Apple has had a great run up with all the hype of the new phones. The market has also responded positively to the demand for iPhone X. A higher overall ASP for the iPhone product will be welcomed.
    Not sure how much more the stock will run up.
    I liked that the author was realistic about hitting the $1T mark in mid 2018. A lot of good things will need to happen both for Apple and also for the economy to stay on the positive side.

  3. The only realistic chance for Apple to hit $1T market cap would be if the US government manages to pass some sort of tax repatriation law (or tax overhaul law). While they are theoretically in a good position to do just that (Republicans control all three places of power), judging by the failure to execute on ANY major legislative actions this year, it seems a very distant possibility at best, at this point.

  4. Seems like only yesterday we were all gold that Steve Jobs was the loser in the tech race a company like Apple could never ever win based on its business model. You rarely here uch statements even from the likes of Dvorak and Rob Enderle who used to have it on a loop. Mind you you still get. Few fools on here parroting it without a breath of irony through their lack of self awareness. But at least we can get a laugh from it now.

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