“Apple’s move to allow consumers to finance their iPhones by creating a lease program called Apple Upgrade Program turns Apple into a bond-like source of cash — rather than a tech company that must deliver annual innovation,” Matt Krantz reports for USA Today.

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s have both, m’kay? And, it’s called iPhone Upgrade Program, not “Apple Upgrade Program.”

“The rising conviction Apple’s financing plan will continue to get consumers to pay up for its smartphones is driving the stock higher,” Krantz reports. “If Apple is successful in convincing consumers to sign up for iPhone payments, the impact could be huge, analysts say. UBS estimates that Apple’s stock would be worth $200 a share — or about 70% more than it is today — if valued as a recurring revenue stream. Investors love predictable cash flow and are willing to pay higher multiples for predictability.”

“If the financing plan provides the power to push Apple’s stock to $200 a share, it would give Apple a market value of $1.1 trillion,” Krantz reports. “Apple would finally become the first $1 trillion company as bulls have said it can be. ‘The iPhone Upgrade Program could be a big deal,’ says UBS analyst Steven Milunovich in a note to clients. UBS has a $150 a share price target on Apple stock.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is just getting started. We haven’t seen anything, yet!

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