Apple releases iTunes 12.3

Apple today released iTunes 12.3 which adds support for iOS 9 and is designed for OS X El Capitan. It also:

– Improves Apple Music accessibility with VoiceOver
– Resolves a problem that prevented reordering of songs within Up Next
– Fixes a problem where some radio stations did not appear within Recently Played
– Addresses an issue where songs you loved on iOS did not appear as loved on iTunes
– Supports two-factor authentication to secure your Apple ID

This update also includes improvements to overall stability and performance.

iTunes 12.3 is available via Software Update.


  1. Still hoping for a return to the good old days of functionality, elegance and simplicity with iTunes 13. Navigating between devices, stores, your media collections (podcasts, videos, apps, and music), and playlists remains needlessly complex and cumbersome.

  2. Everything fine, except for a weird minor recurring problem where songs (in my iTunes library) that I mark as “loved” (with a heart) are not loved anymore (no heart). It’s easy to tell, because every song I RATE as “5-Star” also gets the heart. I have a smart playlist named “5 Star NOT Loved” that automatically shows any 5-Star songs with no heart. When it happens, I just “select all” in that playlist, right click on selection, and “Love.”

    This problem is not specific to this update. Suppose I should report it to Apple.

  3. weird problem of not able to transfer purchases or updates from my iPhone, iPad back to the mac. which was working fine till yesterday before i updated to iOS 9 and and latest iTunes 12. Any one know how to fix this issue on my end if it is not a issue with the updates. I am stumped right now. I hope apple gets back that feature.

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