“Almost certainly, Apple will soon hit $500bn in market capitalization – half a trillion dollars,” Dan Gillmor writes for The Guardian. “So, based on its current growth, it’s fair to wonder if it will become the world’s first trillion-dollar company.”

“If achieved, it would represent more than just a triumph of one company’s plan,” Gillmor writes. “It would speak to the way global economics and commerce have shifted – in both useful and worrisome ways.”

Gilmore writes, “Let me tell you how Apple could reach the trillion-dollar mark – and why I doubt it will… Among other issues, Apple’s scorched-earth patent war against Android hardware makers (though, curiously, not Google itself) and lockdown tactics with the iOS that powers iPhones and iPads are, I believe, blatantly anticompetitive.”

MacDailyNews Take: It is foolish to claim that creating vertically integrated platforms and protecting IP from blatant theft are “blatantly anticompetitive.”

Gilmore writes, “Apple will be obliged to face a reality that and almost all other US tech companies try to ignore. As they achieve more efficiency, they are doing so at the cost of jobs in their own country and doing too little about harsh labor conditions imposed by their suppliers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The anti-Apple FUD machine rolls on with the talking point du jour. As we wrote so presciently on January 25, the day after Apple’s earnings blowout and the day before The New York Times‘ hit-piece: “Cue the semi-annual, massively overblown, contrived Apple product ‘issue’ with the obligatory ‘-gate’ suffix in 3… 2…”

Dan Gilmore is a fool.