Strong demand for iPhone X points to Apple earnings upside

“While some in Silicon Valley and Wall Street debate whether it was wise for Apple to release two new phones so close to each other, others are looking at where it will lead,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Namely, analysts wonder if Apple’s decision to release the iPhone 8 within weeks of what will be its top model, the iPhone X, will help or hurt the company in the long run. While iPhone 8 sales have been lackluster so far, Apple could have a hit on its hands with the more-profitable iPhone X.”

“UBS notes that survey results from 451 Research indicate stronger-than-expected demand for Apple’s upcoming iPhone X handset could result in upside to the company’s fiscal 2018 earnings,” Seitz reports. “The group says 43% of likely iPhone buyers in North America plan to get the iPhone X in the next 90 days.”

“The 451 Research survey indicated that 30% of likely iPhone buyers planned to get the iPhone 8, which was released on Sept. 22,” Seitz reports. “Among likely smartphone buyers over the next 90 days, 69% plan to buy an iPhone, according to 451 Research. That’s the highest level since the iPhone 6 at 71% in 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just wait until the hoi polloi begin seeing iPhone X in the wild in the hands of their more-informed family members and friends. iPhone 6 will be eclipsed.

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  1. MacDailyNews Take: Just wait until the hoi polloi begin seeing iPhone X in the wild in the hands of their more-informed family members and friends. iPhone 6 will be eclipsed.

    Yea- next April when there will finally be enough in stock to meet demand. Still, better this than no one buying them…

  2. Forget all the stupid little costing models of each piece of an iPhone that show its real value at $100 or $200 or pick your number – insinuating that Apple shouldn’t be charging a high price for the phone. What matter is this article and the one right before it. Prior article: Supply is short – 20 million units this year. This article: Demand is HIGH. This means Apple could charge any amount this year that 20 million people would be willing to pay. As long as the deal ends in profit for the supplier, cost has really nothing to do with the price. Apple could literally auction off 20 million URLs to order an iPhone X with the guaranteed arrival this year – 10 million in November and another 10 million in December – at whatever premium it wanted to charge for each URL. The price of the phone would remain the same and the URL would be where the real profit is made. Dare I be in marketing at Cupertino!

  3. Well, Apple has consulted the Oracle. The prophets have spoken, the priestesses have revealed. It’s all foretold.

    Nah, just kidding. The market will tell, not some poll data. Let’s not allow prognosticators tell us the future, let’s have the market decide.

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