Bain Capital aims to list Toshiba chip unit on the Tokyo Stock Exchange within three years

“U.S. private equity firm Bain Capital LP on Thursday said it aims to list Toshiba Corp’s chip unit on the Tokyo Stock Exchange within three years, to cash in its investment after leading an $18 billion acquisition of the business,” Makiko Yamazaki and Junko Fujita report for Reuters. “Bain, whose consortium signed the purchase deal last week, also said it hopes to settle legal disputes over the transaction at an early stage with Western Digital Corp, Toshiba’s joint venture partner.”

“Toshiba aims to complete the sale by the end of its fiscal year in March,” Yamazaki and Fujita report. “With the clock ticking, Bain filed for antitrust approval in China the day after signing, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.”

“In the first news conference since the signing, Yuji Sugimoto, head of Bain Capital in Japan, told reporters on Thursday that Bain hopes to maintain stability at the chip unit through contracts with Apple Inc, a major client and member of the buyout consortium,” Yamazaki and Fujita report. “For Bain, the deal is part of an aggressive expansion strategy in Japan. Only days after the Toshiba deal, Bain announced a $1.4 billion bid for Japan’s third-largest advertising agency, Asatsu-DK Inc, in one of the largest buy-outs in the country this year.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The collapse of Toshiba’s U.S. nuclear unit Westinghouse, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, cost the Japanese company some $6.4 billion. The loss forced Toshiba to report a negative net worth for the fiscal year that ended in March. If it doesn’t turn things around by the end of this fiscal year, its shares will be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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  1. This was all caused by a bad investment in a Nuclear Power Plant company spun off from Westinghouse. If Toshiba did not do that they would not have had to sell the chip business.

    Remember that the next time someone tries to sell you on Nuclear Power. It is still the most expensive and dangerous way to boil water.

    1. People don’t want nuke power. I don’t want it because it legitimizes military nukesa and there is also a cross transfer of technologies related to it.

      The dark troika that wants nukes is Legislators-Wall St-Military.

      And fake free enterprisers on Wall St. – Socialists really – like nuke plants because the bailout money they accept in the form of indemnity against a nuke catastrophe or other financial burden such as the cost of deactivation at the beginning of construction goes toward its profit center but it does not thank the taxpayer. Instead, it saddles the taxpayer with nuke waste and with the unsolvable disposal problem.

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