Critics weigh in on Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ show: ‘Tepid,’ ‘tedious,’ ‘boring and self-indulgent’

“Apple first original reality show, Planet of the Apps has opened to terrible reviews from critics, Apple fans and employees alike,” Moneycontrol News reports.

“The panel, consisting only of celebrities, then decides if the developer is fit to meet venture capitalists to fund the app,” Moneycontrol News reports. “A major argument is whether the likes of Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk do have the credibility in doling out business advice, especially since their own prowess with their products is questionable”

“Being one of the world’s highest valued company did not stop media outlet The Outline from airing its unfavorable views,” Moneycontrol News reports. “The video below shows a glimpse of the criticism doled out so far.”

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Eddy Cue
Eddy Cue
MacDailyNews Take: Whoever bought the pitch for this insipid, derivative pap is clueless (we assume it was Steve Jobs’ former gopher, exemplar extraordinaire of the Peter of the Principle, Apple’s Ballmer).

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  1. If there is anything that is tepid, tedious, boring, and self-indulgent; then it would be the half-assed garbage that M$ spews out every year.

  2. Clearly a highly disappointing start. But even Apple craps out real turds from time to time. Another area needing improvement, Apple. Put the corporate coffers to good use and hire some real talent. If you need good, new, original content as well as a massive movie and TV library, then perhaps you should consider acquiring Disney.

  3. Instead of Celebutard Bullshit, Apple needs to find and empower the next generation of great writers and give them the chance to make great TV. It all starts with the story.

    Paddy Chayefsky knew how to write for TV and Film and somewhere there is another such great talent and to date we have not seen them. For those who do not know his work, here is a scene of great writing (and acting). 40 years later it still rings true.

    It ALWAYS starts with the story. Great Movies, TV and Plays all start with great storytelling and a great story. Eddie Cue would not know writing talent if it bit him in the ass.

  4. Jessica’s HOT, I’ll give her that. Gwyneth Paltrow is a slimy slug, unfit for anything, even breathing. The rest? IDK, do you believe anything coming out of celebrities mouths these days? They are all just fake people, just like their business.

  5. It was dead even before arrival… most of us here knew that.. same with the stupid karaoke….

    Tim… yet one more time please……. why is Eddy( mr convoluted) still Working there? ….

    Ps..promoting TV shows and movies through Apple music… ? Lol.. genius !…along many other things.

  6. Planet of the Apps is so safe and with no emotion. The hook is flaccid.

    Much more interestingly derivative premise would be a contest for who can jackhammer the most Microsoft keyboards in a certain amt. of time. It would combine who can eat the most hot dogs with American’s inborn destructive and vengeful tendency.

  7. I’d be more interested in what current or potential app developers think of the show than the critics.

    Speaking as someone who is involved with a couple of entrepreneurs who are trying to get their apps off the ground, as well as advising several businesses on how to take advantage of the app ecosystem, Planet of the Apps has proven to be quite valuable in highlighting some of the pitfalls and different perspectives involved.

    Apple is not doing this to win an Emmy but to encourage and improve the level of professionalism and preparation of app developers while drawing more of the right kind of people to Apple Music i.e. those who are the current darlings of the business world and opinion makers – the app developer rock stars. They honestly don’t care about the critics, never have.

  8. MacDailyNews app for iPhone: Why do embedded videos in stories go nuts and quit playing if the phone orientation changes? SUPER ANNOYING. I don’t have this problem with any other iPhone app when playing embedded videos–I can watch in portrait orientation or go landscape to watch the video full screen and return to the story in the app when the video is finished.

    1. MDN is hypocritical in so many ways. Always first to lash out at the quality of Samsung or Microsoft stuff, yet SteveJack and boyz themselves are complete amateurs at writing an app themselves. The only thing that works well is the WordPress platform. Too bad MDN chooses to layer thick helpings of Google ads and over a dozen trackers.

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