Samsung’s Bixby assistant delayed again because it’s too stupid to learn English

“Samsung claims its AI-based virtual assistant is smart enough to execute 15,000 tasks, use augmented reality to shop for you, and learn from your app usage,” Alejandro Alba reports for Gizmodo. “Yet, apparently it’s not capable of learning English.”

“The launch date for Bixby has been pushed back yet again. The virtual assistant is struggling to understand English, according to the Korea Herald,” Alba reports. “Samsung has been hyping the power of Bixby since it was first formally announced in conjunction with the company’s Galaxy S8 phone in the spring. No one has been able to fully prove it’s better than Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant for the simple reason that almost no one has been able to use the technology to the fullest.”

The “Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a button specifically designated for Bixby, which is basically pointless at this juncture,” Alba reports. “Why did Samsung decide to announce an unfinished product, and subsequently over-promise on when it could be delivered? A cynic might suggest the company was trying to distract from the lasting legacy of the exploding Galaxy Note 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Meanwhile, Apple’s Siri speaks 21 languages and is available in 36 countries.

If it’s from a South Korean dishwasher maker, it’s not an iPhone.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “dijonaise” for the heads up.]


  1. LOL! The email notice for this story read “…to stupid to learn English.” The AI that wrote this headline must have skipped the day homonyms were programmed in.”

  2. The idiocy of Samsung never fails to stun.

    Samsung OWNS Viv, which speaks English. But stupid ScamScum isn’t bothering to provide Viv in its devices, as of yet. Instead they’re foisting their own Mickey Mouse attempt at something similar. Of course FAIL.

    And to Rob, above:
    AI (so-called ‘Artificial Intelligence’) remains profoundly primitive compared to the Gee Whiz! prophesies of its champions. Instead all we have is advanced Expert Systems that know how to traverse complex databases for corresponding question and answer information. ALL ‘AI’ systems ‘can be quite a mess when [they are challenged beyond their meagre abilities]’. Note that no AI system ‘wants’ to be anything. They’re just machine tools of mankind.

    As for the StankScat ‘AI’ inability to deal with English. See my chatter below and laugh. Sheesh.

  3. Wow, it is capable of shopping for you??
    Men, the company doesn’t know how tho make a phone or dishwasher that doesn’t blow away and you are going to trust it with your money?
    Good thing that android settlers doesn’t have money and that is why they buy cheap iPhones replicas.

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