Why does Apple have to push its politics on potential customers?

“I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get very tired of hearing about politics. It used to be that there were three things that you avoided talking about in social situations: money, religion, and politics,” Jim Lynch blogs eponymously. “But now politics is everywhere, you can’t get away from it… even in Apple Music.”

“I recently signed up for the free Apple Music trial offer, and at first I was having fun with the service. I was even seriously considering becoming a subscriber,” Lynch writes. “Then yesterday I was looking at ‘For You’ and noticed that there was a playlist of ‘Essential Feminism Songs.’ What? How did that get in there? Apparently, it was part of ‘Tuesday’s Playlists.'”

“I’ve written about Apple pushing its politics on its customers before on the Eye On Apple blog, and here is yet another egregious example of it,” Lynch writes. “There is absolutely no need for Apple to do this, but the company just can’t help themselves. They simply must shove their politics in customer’s faces whenever possible… I’ve terminated my free trial of Apple Music.”

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MacDailyNews Take: To paraphrase William Congreve:

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans… so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, August 25, 2004

Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows users elected President Trump; Mac and Android users voted for Hillary Clinton – June 30, 2017
Apple signs on to full page ‘open letter’ ad urging President Trump to keep U.S. in Paris Agreement on climate change – June 1, 2017
President Trump leaning toward exiting Paris climate change agreement despite Apple, others urging U.S. to remain in deal – May 31, 2017
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Apple to stick with environmental pledges despite President Trump’s gutting of Obama’s climate change orders – March 30, 2017
Apple CEO Cook speaks out publicly against President Trump’s executive order, ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States’ – February 9, 2017
Apple joins fight against President Trump’s executive order, ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States’ – February 6, 2017
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Silicon Valley uncertain after Donald Trump wins U.S. presidency – November 10, 2016
Silicon Valley donated 60 times more to Clinton than to Trump – November 7, 2016
99% of Silicon Valley’s political dollars are going to Hillary Clinton – October 25, 2016
Apple CEO Steve Jobs: ‘I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff’ – August 25, 2004

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    1. ninetimesoutoften has it right. The music industry has always represented protest and liberal ideas.

      Think Beatles, Dylan, the 1960’s, U2, Springsteen, John Cougar Mellancamp, Live Aid, Farm Aid, Pink Floyd, REM, and this is just a tiny sample. Artists are liberal and like to take on social causes.

      Deal with it, conservative snowflakes.

      1. “Deal with it, conservative snowflakes.”

        They might be able to avoid getting their panties in a bunch if they’d just go to the playlists that *do* cater to them. Apple has a whole genre listed under Christian and Gospel. Additionally, the few conservative rockers there are, like Ted Nugent has several playlists for his music (live and studio) as well as “inspired by Ted Nugent”.

    2. ninetimesoutoften is correct. Music has been a medium for political activists for eons. Lynch might as well complain about patriotic and pro-military songs, too, as they are political as well.

    1. I agree with the writer that politics permeates everything these days. I stopped reading Gruber’s site for that reason.
      But yeah, it’s just a genre of music, don’t click on it if you don’t want it.

        1. awwwww… did bottwipe read something that expanded his mind. Let a little light into that dark, dank cellar….. draining tRumps anal swamp getting you down? Losing it quickly, aren’t we?

        2. It was some good stuff. I’m glad you recognize my leadership skills, etc. I knew you did when you recognized I was a megalomaniac.

          The delusional part… just accept the fact that a Black Man did a good job as President. Black people are normal as you and 2014bc and many of us, actually accomplish things.

        3. Actually, I used to laugh at pimps. Pimpin ho’s.

          You got conned by a con man/boy. Someday you will make peace with selling out your values and ideals and leave the dark side.

          Step into the light bottwipe.

        4. If that’s an homage to vandalism, then you have some low standar…… oh yeah, you worship a lying, racist, misogynistic, sexual predator who would just as soon feed you the pus he drains from the swamp as crap on you.

      1. It’s like cable networks. Why should I pay for Fox News and all the political bullshit they preach?
        Whatever, I just ignore that imbecile’s wall-of-shamish channel and go on with my life.

        ‘Bob forgets politics are everywhere. Bob’s dumb. Don’t be like Bob.’ – Kim Jong-Donald, somewhere in the internet.

      2. It seems like both sides want you to read, listen, watch and think just like they do. Whatever happened to “Think Different?

        There does not seem to be much tolerance for those who think differently nowadays.

        1. Ignorance, prejudice, fascism are not new ideas or thinking differently.

          Many far right conservatives and Trumpists don’t think differently; they think like people decades and centuries ago, like people from the dark ages.

        2. I tend to give a stranger the benefit of the doubt. Often he has a good story, or an idea worth trying out, or a new recipe. I don’t rifle his wallet first to see if he’s a card-carrying liberal. It’s too much trouble.

        3. And, strangely enough, modern-day liberals think like people decades and centuries ago, the implementation of whose ideas actually CAUSED the “Dark Ages,” a politically-incorrect fact well-known by anyone who has actually studied history.

          Which, btw, excludes most liberals.

          The conservatives mentioned by Wade think like the people who were trying to RECOVER from the Dark Ages, having had first-hand experience with these toxic liberal ideas. Liberalism, like evil, has no imagination.

        4. It does seem different, possibly due to network effects. It’s potentially as transformational as the printing press, newspaper, telephone or radio. None of those innovations in social communication mitigated our warlike nature, and this one is shaping up to be pretty much the same—just another way to get back at our enemies. No one cares to understand them, or why we regard them as enemies in the first place, except for snivelling snowflakes and a handful of professional diplomats and scientists that stand between us and several varieties of doom.

        5. Scientists are at work trying to reverse aging, eliminate genetic defects, increase intelligence and physical beauty, and supercharge the immune system.

          That’s all great and wonderful, but I wonder if such future bio-engineered eternally healthy, brilliant and handsome citizens will continue to think and behave like louts. Would they continue to harbour the same tired biases, and exhibit the same rudeness and lack of empathy we’re used to? On balance, I’d hesitate to call such an upgrade of humanity a success if it preserved jackassery and assholedom. Hand me a torch and pitchfork, and point me to the castle.

    2. All genres of music contain examples of songs with political and social themes. Feminism is not necessarily “political” and Jim Lynch just comes across as a whiny crybaby. You have millions of songs available in Apple Music and you decide not to join because of a playlist offering that you did not want and did not use? What a joke!

      What type of music were you seeking, Jim Lynch? Born in the USA by the Boss? Political. Pink Floyd The Wall? Political. Beatles? Got politics in there, too.

      I suppose that Apple Music should only offer playlists officially approved and certified by Jim Lynch.

      1. Feminism is cancer. It has nothing to do with improving womens lives, it does the opposite and destroys the prospects of women who could have become mothers and wives, turning them into bitter spinsters. I won’t hold my breath for the “patriotism playlist” or God forbid, the “Alt-Right anthems”.

        1. You are the cancer. You just want someone dumb or emotionally enslaved you call wife to have your dinner ready so you can f*ck her in the kitchen before eating even if you can’t even turn her on. Your dream is to grab her by the pussy by the morning while reading your newspaper, have her tell you ‘I hope your enjoy your breakfast, sorry for the burnt potatoes of yesterday’ and leave for a Saturday with friends watching baseball.

        2. Feminism isn’t a cancer, Third Wave Feminism is. The first wave was about equal rights, (yes, good thing), second wave was about equal pay for same work (yes, good thing), third wave is about superiority, hate mongering, shaming (they LOVE their shaming), and basically is utterly sexist and full of hypocrisy (can be summed up in “Vote for me because I’m a woman” while slamming D. Trump as sexist). It’s full of crusader extremists.

    3. Does Lynch also feel disgusted that iTunes and every other major movie distributor had the gall to promote the film Hidden Figures, which highlights the little known but true story of black women who shattered the glass ceiling at NASA with their intellect?

      What Lynch’s post proves is that many self proclaimed conservatives have extremely thin skin and narrow minded views. Anyone or anything who openly celebrates their unique situation is viewed as a threat to the antiquated sensibilities of people who resist change.

      I am no fan of a business pandering to the most demanding whiny splinter groups. But women are not a small group. The fact that the author believes that a small collection of tunes that is written from the perspective of females, that is somewhere between 48 to 52% of the human population depending on where you live, is somehow a slap inthe face to him personally —— well that is laughable. The music Apple promotes here is more positive than the disgusting rap music that promotes negative social behavior—– that is something worth criticizing Apple for.

      He takes for granted that the vast majority of historical norms he has seen, read, heard, or been taught was offered from the male point of view. That includes with few exceptions ALL MEDIA cooked into his western traditional culture. the bible, the quaran, all major books up to the 18the century, all newspaper editors up until the 20th century, all male dominated not because of rationality but because of ingrained discrimination flowed from the time before rule of law, when might was right. The strongest made the rules.

      Well, sorry, but tribalism is dying, the age of laws is here for most enlightened countries. Women and minorities can finally learn and work and live without fear of personal harm. These long repressed factions have different points of view and plenty of built up angst against the millenia of injustice. Deal with it, butter old white men. Now that women have freedom to express their thoughts on equal footing as a man, watch as the sticks in the mud complain about it. The reason the divorce rate has climbed so steadily in the past century is because women now are strong enough to leave the narrow minded condescending fools who used to take advantage of them in all ways possible.

      Apple isn’t playing politics here. It is selling stuff to a growing economic class of society. Women are no longer given a stipend of household budget from their domineering husbands. They buy the music they want, and it ain’t honky tonk good ole boy drinking tunes.

      Every business has the freedom to do just about anything short of open genocide these days, you know, the libertarians claim all regulations are bad. Checks and balances are inefficient. So now that the most financially successful bloated corporation on the planet puts out a product Lynch doesn’t personally like, he takes out a huge broad brush and paints the whole company as being political???? Wow. Maybe he should put his money where his mouth is and start publishing playlists for the narrow demographics he thinks are important. I strongly doubt women would take offense, it just would look and sound like every other unsophisticated boring shallow simpleton playlist that you hear.

      Or Lynch is free to go elsewhere to find his Gregorian chants.

      Rock on, sisters.

    4. The author sounds like a real douchebag.
      I’m pretty sure when he talks about “social situations,” he’s referring to the time when he didn’t have to hear from “the poors” or perhaps other people.
      Seriously, “avoiding politics” means “the way things are is good for me, so I’m going to tell everyone else to shut up.”

  1. I feel that the writer is uncomfortable that a group other than those he is accustomed to is getting attention. It’s not that Apple is becoming political, it’s that modern America is trending toward equal recognition for more self identified groups. Lynch may not like seeing a feminism playlist, but I guess the feminists do. It would be a peaceful world for Lynch if all of the groups he was uncomfortable with had to be quiet and live in the shadows.

    1. Apple Music “For You” is supposed to be tailored toward YOU, not tailored to push Apple’s bullshit, culture-destroying, PC “progressive” agenda on you.

      If you’re okay with this:

      You’re fsckng nuts, too.

      1. Lol, tailored toward you. That’s one of the best capitalist bullshit ever invented.
        It’s more like ‘Your pocket tailored toward us’.

        Sorry kiddo, you listen to whatever they want, whoever they are. That’s what money does to so-called tailors. And you love to call that freedom. Sad, just sad.

        Now go toss that highly cultural shite your wife’s throat with a little spanking. She’ll be happy with your tailored-towards-her love. You can always say it’s ‘For You’.

  2. Apple was very forward regarding granting partner benefits long before it was common even on the Left Coast, the same with same sex partner benefits. Not long after the 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court appointed George W Bush President, Steve Jobs invited Vice-President Al Gore to the company board. Lisa Jackson left as the Obama Administration EPA Director and joined Apple. Apple has and is investing heavily in renewable energy to operate their business.

    Do you notice a trend?

    Aside from all the Red Pill vs Blue Pill bullshit, Apple has always been to the left of the political center – especially as it is viewed in these United States. American Republicans of this time are really way out on the extreme right compared to conservatives in most other countries . People like Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Everett Dirksen, Gerald Ford, Howard Baker, Earl Warren, Warren Burger and even Barry Goldwater would not be welcome in today’s G.O.P. Modern Conservatives are never satisfied and always bitching about someone not being a “true” conservative- whatever that is.

    The kind of people who bend the arc of history with innovation are rarely politically conservative. Today’s NeoCons would not be happy if Jesus Christ himself was President and would be lamenting his policies despite so many claiming to be followers of Christ.

    If the blogger wants to use an Android like Drumpf, he is free to do so. Do not let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Sparky.

        1. Re botvinnik
          Trump’s device of choice is a Samsung Galaxy. An unsecured Samsung Galaxy.

          Here is a recent article :
          “Trump uses an Android phone as his personal device, suggesting that he was behind the angrier tweets; the iPhone tweets probably came from staff.

          To help The Atlantic’s journalists guess whether any given tweet comes from an aide or straight from Trump’s own two thumbs, my colleague Andrew McGill created a new channel called #trumptweets in Slack, the chat platform our newsroom uses to communicate. Every time the president of the United States sends a 140-character missive to the world, it lands in our Slack channel, with an extra piece of information: whether the tweet was sent from an iPhone or an Android device. (Tweets always include hidden metadata that indicate what device or software they were sent from.)

          The trend Robinson discovered held up for many months. Angry tweets like these would arrive in the wee hours from the presidential Samsung Galaxy.”

        2. Who? Are you referring to this “Drumpf” of whom you speak because you’re too infantile to admit your addled lib side got their asses handed to them, again?

        3. Drumpf was the family’s surname before they changed it to Trump, They were probably thinking of a card that belongs to the group of cards that has been chosen to have the highest value in a particular game and not that it is slang for Fart.

        4. Wrong again, CNN:
          “The Trump surname may be derived Middle High German word “trumpe” meaning drum. Or it may come from the place name, Trampe in Uckermark, a district in present-day Brandenburg, but which was claimed by Pomerania in medieval times.”

          …jackasses who dub themselves “veritas” and “truth” never are.

    1. You have some insights to share DavGreg, but as far as understanding political movements on the right you’re pig ignorant (or just using tired rhetoric that has lost all meaning). If you think current Republicans are anywhere on the “extreme right” you have one hell of a surprise coming in the next decade or two. Trump is a center-right moderate. What names will you use once the deportations start in earnest? Extreme-extreme right? Nazi-Hitler-Fascist right? The left would benefit to actually appeal to the needs of white, middle class Americans. They’ll go the opposite direction though, doubling down on their multi-culti coalition and reap the consequences.

      1. “needs of white, middle class Americans’ Whats the matter? The snowflakes need a helping hand? Its gonna get worse, when automation obsoletes more jobs out of existence? Basic income will be looked upon as a way to keep the displace afloat.

        Plus, states like Cali have continue to move forward in innovation and prosperity despite the dysfunction in DC, while rustbelt, Appalachia and southern states continue to do stupid shit to keep their states from succeeding brilliantly.

        1. You DO know that California is losing a heap shit-load of people and business to Texas, a Southern state that you believe does stupid shit.

          If so, what does that say about California???
          (good luck with that one….)

        2. So texas is paying companies to move there? Let them go, California does not need them.

          By the way. All the commercial vehicles from other states can go back now. We don’t need them also.

        3. These new providers going to get business loans from Space Cadet No Class Moonbeam and his bankrupt state government, XCon?

          stick to drug abuse, it’s something you have actually mastered in your worthless existence.

        4. desparate bottwipes. Stay tuned for more….

          See bottwipe. anything you say is meaningless. I’m obviously not an addict or abuser. It’s proved that I have accomplished more than you. The only reason for your attitude, only, is racism

        5. Texas spends too much time and money trying to jail people, take away rights, and covering up corruption to really do anything else. (Yes, I live in Texas.)

        6. I used to live in San Antonio years ago and it is a unique place to say the least. Texas has a double helping of nice people, a triple helping of hot women and a quintuple helping of “unique” people.

          Any state that can produce both Ann Richards and Molly Ivins has got to be a great place. For the uninitiated, Ann Richards was a great State Treasurer and pretty good Governor, while Molly Ivins was a smart assed, hell raising, take no prisoners and suffer no fools Journalist. Sadly both are gone.

        7. Yes, they need to stop being bludgeoned by immigration policies importing millions of third-worlders at precisely the moment automation is taking off. California is a basket case. It doesn’t sound like you’ve ever lived there, so your blowing smoke out of you ass.

      2. You think Trump is center-right?!! Really??? I’d say Trump is center-left and borrows heavily from traditional Democratic political polcies such as opposition to free trade, support for entitlements, and his professed willingness to increase of the minimum wage. And Despite Trump’s talk of smaller Government he want to institute more, not less, state control over who and where I buy from. So I’m not sure what kind of Republican he is. Open secret: He’s not a Republican at all.

        No one with a clue about economics could sign off on such buffoonery. He says he’s for the working people but his economic policies will end up hurting those very same people the most. Walking out of TPP was a travesty for the American worker because it would have finally required Asian manufacturers to abide by the same standards of doing business as western countries. (Not that gutless Hillary was any better. Shame on her for backing away from it even though she knew better. It was cold confirmation that she also belonged to the ‘do anything say anything to get elected’ crowd. She deserved to lose.)

        1. No, the shit came when racism caused racist to drop every alleged value they professed to hold to support and vote for a lying, racist, misogynistic, lying, failed businessman saved by socialism, bully, incompetent idiot and sexual predator solely because those self same racist felt so unclean having been saved by a Black President.

        2. 4 bankruptcies equals a failed businessman rescued by corporate welfare in the guise of the bankruptcy laws.

          Here is a free clue since you seem to want to ignore facts and reality. He was born filthy rich. He would have to try to not make money. Oh wait, he bankrupted 4 businesses. One of them a casino.

          What is 3.5 billion is business assets. Explain that to me.

      3. My first Campaign was the 1980 Reagan Campaign, so I guess I know nothing about Republicans, huh? Trump is hardly a Center-Right Moderate and exploited populist themes to get elected that he has since largely abandoned.

        1. Six months into his presidency, attacked at every turn and thwarted by his own party no less at every occassion, and he has “largely abandoned” what got him elected. Right…

        2. Correct.

          But what is so glaring about DG posts saying over and over he first worked for the Reagan campaign over 35 years ago. I guess that is supposed to mean something. Worked as a Democrat plant from the inside, possibly? Or other forms of oppo research? Never says.

          You simply don’t go from a Conservative or Republican staff insider many decades later to a left wing socialist radical voting for Bernie. 99.9% of the time it works the other way.

          Doesn’t pass the smell test … 👃👎🏻

        3. You got that right.

          Reminds me a famous quote from a female conservative author. Something along the lines of liberals never get mad when you lie about them, they only get mad when you tell the truth about them …

    2. Can’t say I agree with everything you wrote but, I have to agree that Barry Goldwater would be viewed with suspicion and maybe even hostility by many of newly branded so-called Republicans, which is a shocking turn of events. The Grand Old Party is slipping away.

      Quote from Senator John McCain who succeeded Goldwater in 1987: “He transformed the Republican Party from an Eastern elitist organization to the breeding ground for the election of Ronald Reagan.” Clearly, that party is no more.

      1. uh, Mr. Idiot, this party that you posit is “no more” and is “slipping away” owns the presidency, the senate, the house, the supreme court, the governorships and state houses.

        1. Since you are such a Master of the Obvious, why don’t you tell me what has been won?

          Is it really a victory if the party won but much of what it once stood for got thrown out in the process? Who exactly won? And what was won? The Italians have a word for this. “Fiasco” represents a flask of spirits that is unfortunately empty. Empty victory. That’s what we’ve got.

          Are you really gullible enough to believe that Trump’s band of all white male New York real estate and stock market billionaires give a shit about you or anyone in the heartland? Even supposing they did, they have no clue what it’s like to work so hard each day your back nearly breaks with rewards that barely keep your family fed and housed. They don’t mingle with the lower socioeconomic classes. Who won? They did. They got elected and have POWER. But not you.

          Although you and I both identify as Republicans our values and what we care about are worlds apart. In my view you are not a traditional Republican but simply someone who was eager to lap up Trump’s message of anger and resentment because you, like many, became disaffected with both Democratic and Republican parties.

          Republicans were supposed to be the happy party and Democrats were chock full of whiners. Times change I guess. Yes there are many like you in the party now. But there are still more of us who are super pissed off that the party they once identified with so strongly has been hijacked by a narcissistic incompetent buffoon, with perhaps a dose of age related dementia thrown in, whose main messages have been anger, hate and distrust. Maybe it’s the New York way but it sure ain’t the American way.

        2. Your screed aside, our president’s just-concluded speech in Warsaw was just inspiring…especially when he recognized Lech Walesa sitting in the front row. Two of my heroes at the same venue. 🙂


      2. Barry Goldwater was highly critical of Republicans later in life. After a family member came out he openly embraced GLBT rights in the military long before it was even widely accepted among Democrats.

        Gerald Ford was interviewed at length by Bob Woodward and the contents were embargoed until after his death. In it he was highly critical of the George W Bush Administration and the politics of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld- both of whom served as White House Chiefs of Staff during his Presidency. Representative Ford in his book A Time To Heal describes how Republicans were critical to the passage of Medicaid during the Johnson era.

        Theodore Roosevelt was a Progressive (it started in the Republican Party) and advocated for US Forests, National Parks, Federal Regulators like the FDA and many other things now anathema to NeoCons.

        Eisenhower along with Democratic Senator Albert Gore, Sr (Al Gore’s dad) the Interstate Highway System- the biggest Public Works project in US History. The 1956 Republican Platform brags about the increasing numbers of Union Members in America during his first term as President.

        The Equal Rights Amendment was introduced with broad Republican support and was officially endorsed by the Party until the Reagan supporters largely took control after the 1976 election loss by Ford.

    1. His point is that he goes to apple music for music, not politics. Yes, a lot of music has political themes, but it’s not out there in our faces, it’s either “Rock” or “Classical” or “Country” and his point is that now there’s “Essential Feminist”, which is pure politics. Just imagine if it were something you didn’t want to hear about when you’re looking for music, something that usually isn’t there. Just put yourselves in his shoes before you criticize. I don’t know exactly what you wouldn’t want to see there, but just imagine the situation was turned around and you went there and saw whatever you were trying to take time off from, that shouldn’t be there, and yup. There it is.

      Like I should talk. All I do is buy CD’s at thrift stores and rip to my computer (all classical). I don’t have to deal with any of it.

      1. Sorry you missed the 60s and 70s, when “Rock” and “Country” were precisely political labels. What do you think David Crosby and Merle Haggard had in common other than a guitar? The answer is that they both had a distinct political stance that they expressed through their music.

        That has always been the case. Compare and contrast George M. Cohan’s favorite songs in the 1930s with Paul Robeson’s. There have always been musical genres that express the identity of a particular group. “Feminist” lyrics are (on average) much less political than the songs that are popular among some African-American and Latino subcultures.

        I am always amazed at how many people think you can get away from politics. The word itself comes from “polis,” Ancient Greek for any ordered society, including but not limited to city-states. “Politics” is the art of ordering an orderly society. The antonym is “Anarchy,” Greek for a chaotic society.

        To the extent we live in society, we all have a political stance. If those around us happen to share our stance, we can be completely unaware of it. It is only when we are confronted by people with a different stance (“Feminists,” “Libtards,” “Trump Supporters,” or whatever) that we become aware that our own political values are not universally held.

        Discovering “The Other” can be disorienting, but it can also provide valuable perspective for self-evaluation.

  3. If the author thinks that Apple Music is bad, tell him to stay far away from the iOS News app then for sure. I finally had to entirely disable it on my iPhone when I couldn’t stop fake news stories from CNN & NY Times from showing up in my notifications feed no matter what I tried.

      1. And just because YOU like it doesn’t make it real.
        This is the actual reason for their FAKE Russian coverage (and I LOVE to watch Chris Cuomo every morning try to make something out of nothing, which is what CNN does all day on a larger scale)

        Seriously, it is NOT the reality that is driving this story, just the ratings to grab that Golden “Nuthin’Burger” on that Merry Go Spin Cycle Around of news!!

        Sorry reality caught up with y’all after 8 years of Obama promising and Democrats getting turned out of office.

        1. I’ll have 3 of whatever you’re having. And Chris Cuomo asks uncomfortable questions. Too bad.

          We’ll see ho you like that nutin’ burger when it’s fully grilled. You better be hungry.

          Also good to know you’re watching CNN and not Fox.

    1. Umm… just as an FYI you can tailor Apple News to what you want to read and what you do not want to read. Same goes for Apple Music if you give it time to recognize your musical tastes.

      Come on people. Do a little homework before whining.

  4. Until the author gives up all their other Apple devices, they can just STFU. You can’t be all indignant about Apple Music and still give the SAME company the resources to continue to push their slanted point of view.

    1. Rap is a genre of music (though debatable), feminism is a political ideology, see the difference? They should just cut to the chase and make a “music to kill white, straight, Christian men to” playlist.

      1. 1. Curious — what songs were in the playlist labelled “essential feminism songs” ? Joni Mitchell? Carly Simon? Shania Twain? Taylor Swift? Beyoncé?

        2. Do you have a better label for it? Maybe something like “Independent chick music”?

      1. Yes, I’m having trouble processing that. Because self-identified “conservatives” are so damn tough-minded, and they can dish it out, yet can’t take it!? Some people’s idea of conservatism has become distorted into a clown reflexion of the “libtard” ideology they love to mock.

        1. Then stop protesting every little thing. Just let it go. That’s what my father did. He’d wave his hand and say “leave it go.” He was military and disliked wasting time, money, and emotion. “Save it for when you need it, not when you’re riding high,” he counseled me and my siblings.

        2. That’s the second time you have used an absolute statement regarding my postings. If I protested every little thing I’d have greater numbers than Botty and CX combined. I won’t tell you to stop …

        1. Getting all weepy about a word AND quitting a service for it AND THEN whining on your blog about it is a COMPLETE special snowflake “safe zone” move.

          If you don’t think so, then to save your precious feelings, I’ll stop talking about it. Don’t want you getting triggered.

      1. Yeah, damn women wanting to have the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, have access to contraception, to earn fair wages or equal pay, to own property, to receive education, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage. Geez, next thing you know this political movement will start wanting to prevent rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. So one-sided! So unfair! This has no place in civil society…(roll eyes).

        1. Really? You mean in the countries of our closest allies such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. women have had these rights for decades? Women in the US are no longer sexually harassed at work? Rape hasn’t happened for decades. Your employer should decide whether your health plan won’t cover contraception or abortion but will cover Viagra?

        2. The allies you mention are in a different culture dating back a thousand years. If the American feminist movement does nothing, what do you expect? Regarding rape, harassment, et al. sad it happens everyday, but it works both ways. You talk like women are the only victims — the issues are much broader and complicated …

        3. My grandmother had an agenda. She was a suffragette, and owing to the political activism of people like her, today I can do things unthinkable in more backwards times in this wayward country, and in certain benighted countries today: like cast a vote, own property and leave home without an escort (—except for Mssrs. Smith and Wesson, thanks to the Founding Fathers, the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. I do credit my male benefactors. I hope they reciprocate, and stay out of my way, now that I have such powers.)

        4. -Yea right to vote with none of the responsibilities. No selective service requirement like men.
          -Have access to contraception while denying men access or prevent development of new ones for men.
          -Women have more rights in marriage than men and courts are also in their favor.
          -Domestic violence is just violence. why have a special category? FYI violence committed amongst couples, spouses and what not is about even.
          -Sexual harassment is high subjective and is dependent on the woman feelings. yes the mere accusation destroys mens lives.

        5. Yes, as you pointed out women have more advantages men do not have. In “Disclosure” Mike Douglas when accused of sexual harassment lamented men do not have a crisis hotline …

  5. Apple under Cook is all political. Apple has inserted politics into everything they do.

    Cook should worry about politics less and actually get product out the door. Tried to buy an ipad pro and apple told me they expect them at the end of April beginning of Aug. 2 months after release.

    1. I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Just went to the Apple site, and spec’d out a few variations on the iPad pro (different sizes, different memory, different colors). Delivery ranged from two days (basically shipping immediately) to two weeks.

      Perhaps when you placed your order, they were giving long lead times, but Apple has a tradition of under-promising and over-delivering.

      And there’s nothing political about the new iMac I just ordered. It’s not like there were pop-ups on the home screen for the ACLU or Planned Parenthood. And neither the Drudge Report or Breitbart were pre-loaded into my Safari bookmarks. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuss is. Tim Cook may be overtly political, but Apple is not!

  6. What is “Shoving Politics” is a subjective concept that is dependent upon one’s perspective. I’m a trained scientist who, among other things, studies and revels in the evolution of life on miracle planet Earth, our only home. That’s the study of facts from my perspective. From another perspective that’s ‘creationism’ denial.

    Further examples are multitudinous.

    Result: If you’re alive, you’re going to constantly be confronted with opinions and facts that don’t match your inner world thinking. Deal with it. Unless real provable harm results, it’s free speech and you’re going to survive. Welcome to humanity, where diversity rules and contention is constant.

    1. Coming over to MDN comments is where I experience the tidal wash of political detritus and social flotsam. I stand here, as if on a beach, glancing at the horizon, wondering if an unannounced tsunami is approaching. I think of Isaac Newton, survivor of war, plague, and political intrigue, dwelling in a sublime isolation, a mind beyond minds. He said, “I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

      1. Coinincidentally, today I am finishing a steampunkish book in which Sir Isaac plays a leading role: “Newton’s Cannon”. Who needs physics when you’ve got alchemy?

        As for MDN: When it comes to politics, it’s too often like trying to inform amoeba what it’s like to walk.

  7. Awww…so now it’s the conservatives who are snowflakes.

    Geesh…get over it. The music industry, and that’s what we are talking about here with Apple Music, has always been liberal. There is a long tradition of social protest songs, etc.

    As for Steve Jobs, he was a known supporter and contributor to many Liberal and Democratic Party causes, and had Apple openly support environmental causes like Earth Day.

    Overall, though, politics is a part of life and it will always be interwoven with companies as well. What about Hobby Lobby and their repressive social agenda? How about the Koch Brother industries? I remember when Southern Baptists wanted to boycott Disney for its support of Gay Days at its theme parks.

    So dear conservatives, don’t be a weak snowflake, stop playing the victim.

  8. What the hell is this guy even talking about? It’s a playlist… who gives a shit? Don’t play those songs and that playlist won’t come back. For example, in my “for you” section under yesterday’s playlists I had 1979 disco. Why you ask? Because I was born in 1979… I don’t like disco, but I have listened to some donna summer occaisonally, none the less I didn’t listen to the playlist and now today’s playlists don’t have it in there. What a ridiculous overreaction, this is a silly person.

    (And I’d bet dollars to donuts he made this up and still has his subscription, no one could possibly be that reactionary and thinned skinned enough to take a goddamned playlist reccomendation that seriously)

  9. Wow. The EXISTENCE of a playlist of feminist songs offends Jim Lynch, who sees it (apparently) as Apple endorsing every lyric of every song on it. What a fragile and intolerant human being.

  10. I’m with Steve Jobs on this one, probably since my values are very different from the Silicon Valley area. I am conservative in my politics, but will not throw insults at people who think differently than me.

  11. Folks, it’s not that complicated at all.
    It’s just because of Tim Cook’s personal insecurity coming from his gender issue, from which I believe he suffered much in the past. I personally support “most” of his political statement, but what’s really wrong is that he uses Apple as his platform from which he manifest these stirring political issues. Apple is owned by shareholders, i.e., ultimately us, who pays to buy Apple products, which consists of left and right, Dems and Republicans. As a corporation, I support issues of work place and pay equality, or green/recycling issue etc. And Apple is not the only company that has been conscious about these issues, but they do not normally broadcast outloud. IBM, Oracle, Google, GE, you name it. They have been doing these quietly, but quite effectively to actually achieve results.
    If Cook wants to keep manifesting his political agenda, he should actually execute and accomplish something rather than popping up once in a while and bark. Apple is not privately owned by Cook, but by all of us through shareholders. Mr. Cook, for now, please concentrate your effort to get out of the phone company impasse.

  12. Apple user since the 1980’s. Cook is slowly turning Apple into a propaganda tool for victimhood and elitist agenda politics. Very soon Cook will make Apple jump the shark. I wish I could figure out exactly when so I could sell my Apple stocks before that. Apple is still making good products, but the rot is appearing here and there. Apple is behaving like the elitists who think they know what is good for us deplorables.

  13. I’m less concerned about any particular playlist, than I am about the rampant political frothing on this site. I’ve been coming here less and less frequently because it seems that every other comment is some right-wing nitwit trolling and agitating.

    1. Whether you come here less or more is not anybody’s business nor concern. The theme under this particular topic is about seemingly more push of political agenda by Apple, which never happened under Jobs. MDN wisely quoted Jobs’ stance on this matter, i.e., stay out of political agenda. He was indeed wise, and accomplished many things Apple. I do not see why this site is particularly right leaning (or vice versa) but when Tim Cook, who is apparently so wildly left leaning, and kept firing liberal agenda (I am very liberal. I am from Canada) unnecessarily frequently, it inevitably attracts and induces opposing views. To me, that’ all, and it never bothered me. If you are too sensitive and serious, having to utter things like “right-wing nitwit trolling”, perhaps you should indeed come here less? There are so many excellent sites around that should suit your inclination.

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