How Apple’s iPad Pro’s 120Hz ProMotion technology works – and why it’s awesome!

“The iPad Pro is easily the best tablet on the market right now,” Richard Goodwin writes for Know Your Mobile. “Using a Pro model just gives you best in class performance, the ability to use a keyboard and a stylus, and more room to play with on the display.”

“The latest iPad Pro 10.5 features a rather impressive 120Hz refresh rate. Now, I know this might sound a little dull and boring and also a little bit technical, but the net effect of this addition makes a big difference when using the new iPad Pro,” Goodwin writes. “The technology that makes this refresh rate possible is called ProMotion.”

“ProMotion manages the refresh rate, depending on what you’re doing on the iPad,” Goodwin writes. “For instance: if you’re reading this article on the new iPad Pro, the refresh rate would drop down to around 24Hz, as you don’t need full beans for a simple ol’ web page. But, if you’re watching some fast-paced YouTube videos or content downloaded from iTunes, ProMotion will whack up the refresh rate to 120Hz, meaning the frames refresh 120 per seconds even if the content you’re watching only moves at 60 FPS… For me, though, the big draw of ProMotion is its effect on the Apple Pencil.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t seen one in person, do so ASAP. The new iPad Pros’ ProMotion displays are stunning!

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  1. Real world battery life tests will be interesting with this new feature. Email, web browsing or other low screen refresh apps might give you an hour or more of battery life?

    Anyone out there that has one please do some time tests.

  2. Great sounds like they are jumping on the “artificial fluid motion” bandwagon like TV’s have had for several years. Can’t stand that “fake” motion its offsetting, at least for video (TV & movies).

  3. I believe this article is incorrect. When watching video on my new 12.9″ iPad Pro, the refresh rate matches the rate the video was filmed at (24fps, 29.97fps, etc). It looks fantastic. I hate all the soap opera fluid motion effects on tvs too. This looks nothing like that, thankfully. M

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