Corning shares boosted by Apple’s $200 million investment

“Apple announced Corning will receive $200 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to support the glass maker’s research and development, capital equipment and processing capabilities at its Harrodsburg, Ky., facility,” Wells Fargo Securities writes for Barron’s.

“We think the investment is a net positive for Corning as it not only implies the potential to see incremental future business with an important customer, but also should lead to capital-expenditure and operating-expenditure efficiencies due to the success of the company’s co-investment model, where customers like Apple help fund innovation and capacity expansion,” Wells Fargo analysts Jess Lubert and Michael Kerlan write. “Following the announcement, we slightly bump our Corning price target from $27.50 to $29.00.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold the impact of Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund.

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  1. I had Corning in my portfolio for a number of years and it never seemed to go anywhere, so I sold it a few years back. I had always thought fiber optics was going to be a huge thing for Corning and never really thought much about Gorilla Glass.

    I’m satisfied I dumped the stock. I had bought it around $14 a share and it just kept going up and down but it was heading back down in 2015 so I sold it and used the money for more Realty Income shares which I’d held since 2007. Oh, well. Now I’ve missed a good chance of making huge gains. No matter. Realty Income has rewarded me with share gains and with plenty of dividends since then. No regrets. There’s no way I could have envisioned Apple putting a large investment into Corning and now the stock is just flying.

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