Apple delays the launch of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ spinoff

“Apple has delayed the launch of its first ever original video series “Carpool Karaoke” with comedian James Corden, the company said on Tuesday, marking a setback as it looks to boost its content efforts,” Arjun Kharpal reports for CNBC.

“In February this year, Apple’s head of internet and software services Eddy Cue, said at the Code Media conference that “Carpool Karaoke” would debut on Apple Music in April,” Kharpal reports. “But it doesn’t seem like this is now the case.”

Kharpal reports, “‘Carpool Karaoke’ for Apple Music will premiere later this year,’ an Apple spokesperson told CNBC by email, without giving an explanation.”

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“A premiere party for “Carpool Karaoke” scheduled for March in Los Angeles was postponed without explanation days before it was to take place. This week, the company again postponed its launch party, which had been rescheduled for Monday,” Piya Sinha-Roy reports for Reuters. “Apple, a company known for its precisely coordinated product launches, declined to explain the delays.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple, a company known for its precisely coordinated product launches, which often lack sufficient quantities of actual product. TFTFY.

Hey, wanna buy an 8-core Mac Pro? Of course, not many would since it’s over 3 fscking years old, but if you hit your head really hard and did try to buy one today:

unavailable badge

How about something a bit more current (what isn’t)? Let’s go order Apple’s hot new AirPods. Ooh, we’re so excited:

Apple shipping: 6 weeks

Oof. Hey, where’d our AirPods excitement go? Oh, alright, we’ll just go get Bragi or VerveOne+ or something other wireless earbuds instead.

No, this isn’t a sign of a huge demand outstripping supply. This is a recurring problem known commonly in business circles as “MISMANAGEMENT” – and from a guy tagged by some as an “Operations Genius,” no less. Hey, can someone come dig us out of this chest-deep irony?

Shouldn’t a company with an “Operations Genius” at the helm have, you know, sufficient product supplies at launch? Or, at least, some supply of a product that’s about to turn three-and-a-half? Just askin’.

Sinha-Roy reports, “Apple Music has also announced plans for a reality show, ‘Planet of the Apps,’ which Cue said was due this spring.”

MacDailyNews Take: If he gets around to it and it doesn’t interfere with any Golden State games, of course.

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MacDailyNews Take: Delay. Late. Not ready. Not enough.

Tim Cook’s Apple. Par for the course.

Not that a delay of fscking Carpool Karaoke, however indefinite, is going to mean jack shit in the grand scheme of things, but it’s indicative of the overall problem:

Apple seems to have buried their sense of urgency along with Steve Jobs.

Hey, where’s the Tim Cook who stared down Sabih Khan and witheringly asked him “Why are you still here?” which caused him to immediately fly off to China to fix the fsckup at hand? We’d like to see that Tim again. A lot.

Also, Crazy, er… Lazy Eddy, could you delay Planet of the Apps infinitely? Thanks.

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  1. “Not that a delay of fscking Carpool Karaoke, however indefinite, is going to mean jack shit in the grand scheme of things…”

    Boy, you definitely nailed that one, MDN. Why Apple needs to waste resources on that insipid idea is beyond me. JMO.

    1. I disagree with MDN on this one. The delay of Carpool Karaoke demonstrates that Apple is not positioned to produce content — Apple Music currently constitutes a network with exactly 2 shows on its schedule, and (at least) one of them is late.

      As a potential content/production partner, this sends a clear message to me : they’re not ready. I’ll take my work elsewhere, and maybe come back in a year to see if they’ve figured it out yet.

      At this point, though, the ship has sailed — Netflix, Amazon, HBO are all providing robust working platforms for production and distribution. If Apple wanted in on this, they needed to be at the front. Now if they continue pursuing it, they’ll be left with the also-rans in terms of creators.

      As with all their recent successes, they need to skate to where the puck will be, not where it already is.

  2. That’s it Pipeline Timmy: you go ahead and jump that shark 🤡🕴🦈

    Today’s Apple: hopelessly late to every party, even those no one gives a crap about.

  3. Obviously there is a wider issue, but honestly I could not care less that this has been delayed. Fine, it’s a popular little segment of a show, but how much life does it really have as a full series? I suppose the only advantage could be that it isn’t being hosted by Corden.

    1. Well it is a concept that originated back in Jan 2009 by Robert Llewellyn thereafter taken on by Corbyn who took it to a new level over some years to the point it is now (stuck in a no through road with Apple mind) so difficult to say that the concept itself doesn’t have legs.

  4. Certainly is worrying when something totally unrelated to their core business with completely different aspects and processes to production and launch suffers from precisely the same corporate problems. Makes you wonder if and when the car is launched it will only come with reverse gears.

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