Investors bet Trump-fueled tech rally is far from over

“Technology companies have been a driving force behind the U.S. stock market’s recent record rally, and despite mounting evidence of stretched valuations the sector remains a top pick for investors expecting a wave of capital expenditures by U.S. corporations,” Noel Randewich reports for Reuters.

“Corporate tax cuts and reduced regulations planned by President Donald Trump will give companies reason to spend more on cloud computing, factory automation and smart connectivity that will directly benefit Silicon Valley, many on Wall Street believe,” Randewich reports. “‘The tax cuts are going to promote business investment across all industries, and the business investment is largely going to be in technology,’ said Doug Cote, chief market strategist at Voya Investment Management in New York.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's tech roundtable in December
Apple CEO Tim Cook at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s tech roundtable in December
“Strong performances from big names including Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. have helped make technology the strongest S&P 500 sector so far this year, surging 10 percent compared to the broader index’s 6 percent rise,” Randewich reports. “‘We may be due for a little bit of a pullback, but we’re still buyers on weakness because we like the longer-term outlook over the next two to three years,’ said Terry Sandven, chief equity strategist at U.S. Bank Wealth Management.”

“Improved employment and consumer confidence have also been behind investors’ optimism about tech, helping offset concerns about lofty valuations,” Randewich reports. “‘I can’t remember a time when we’ve seen this much excitement,’ Wedbush trader Joel Kulina said. ‘Semiconductors aren’t as cyclical as they used to be, where quarters were driven by PC demand. Now it’s automotive, it’s data center, industrial automation.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is merely one Bank of America away from a $1 trillion market cap!

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      1. You left-Wing radicals are a joke. You have let your manufactured hatred of Obama fester to such levels that you elected a liar-in-chief. You are in so deep that you cannot even admit it. You may not even be able to separate falsehood from reality anymore.

        We moderate, reasonable, logical people have put up with way too much of this incredibly damaging radical right/left gridlock for the past couple of decades. Trump is eventually destroy himself and the GOP with his habitual lying and his inability to govern effectively. The Democrats are still regrouping from their recent loss. It is time for the silent, moderate majority to reclaim management of this country.

        1. The first sentence should have been “right-wing” radicals.

          But the problem, in general, is unreasonable, unthinking, radical adherence to a completely twisted worldview

        2. I am neither left nor right, and I certainly have no hatred towards the nation that chump leads, pity and sadness would be more appropriate.

          I agree that there is this left right gridlock but frankly I can’t tell a repubikkkhan from a demoncrat, they all look like terrorists and spoiled brats to me or as I put it, attention whores. Be it the whine about obummer’s place of birth, to chump’s whine about how the media treats him, the constant whining reflects an incredible national insecurity that lies beneath the bully facade and puffed up egotistical arrogance. That nation is in need of such a healing and a serious repair of its moral compass and a realignment of simple basic humane ethics. Until then, the moral high road is lost, it’s so incredibly obvious.

          I’m from the free and civilized world, one where the respect for sovereign nations is understood, where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not only something to talk about but to act upon, especially when it comes to items like not torturing people and providing justice. Not just words but actions to live by, actions that Apple’s home country blatantly ignores and circumvents.

          The solution often comes down to love, unconditionally. It’s subtle but enduring.

          Thank you for your sentiments.

      2. Groundless accusations? Here’s what we’ve got *(courtesy of Mark Levin)*:

        June 2016: FISA request. The Obama admin files a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. The request is denied.

        July: Russian joke. Wikileaks releases emails from the DNC that show an effort to prevent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) from winning the presidential nomination. In a press conference, Donald Trump refers to Hillary Clinton’s own missing emails, joking: “Russia, if you’re listening. I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” That remark becomes the basis for accusations by Clinton and the media that Trump invited further hacking.

        October: Podesta emails. In October, Wikileaks releases the emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, rolling out batches every day until the election, creating new mini-scandals. The Clinton campaign blames Trump and the Russians.

        October: 2nd FISA request. The Obama administration submits a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now
        focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks. No evidence is found – but the wiretaps continue, ostensibly for national security reasons, Andrew McCarthy at National Review later notes. The Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.

        January 2017: Buzzfeed/CNN dossier. Buzzfeed releases, and CNN reports, a supposed intelligence “dossier” compiled by a foreign former spy. It purports to show continuous contact between Russia and the Trump campaign, and says that the Russians have compromising information about Trump. None of the allegations can be verified and some are proven false. Several media outlets claim that they had been aware of the dossier for months and that it had been circulating in Washington.

        January: Obama expands NSA sharing. As Michael Walsh later notes, and as the New York Times reports, the outgoing Obama administration “expanded the power of the NSA to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.” The new powers, and reduced protections, could make it easier for intelligence on private citizens to be circulated improperly or leaked.

        January: Times report. The New York Times reports, on the eve of Inauguration Day, that several agencies – the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Treasury Department are monitoring several associates of the Trump campaign suspected of Russian ties. Other news outlets also report the existence of “a multiagency working group to coordinate investigation across the government” though it is unclear how they found out, since the investigations would have been secret and involved classified information.

        February: Mike Flynn scandal. Reports emerge that the FBI intercepted a conversation in 2016 between future National Security Adviser Michael Flynn – then a private citizen – and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The intercept supposedly was part of routine spying on the ambassador, not monitoring of the Trump campaign. The FBI transcripts reportedly show the two discussing Obama’s newly-imposed sanctions on Russia, though Flynn earlier denied discussing them. Sally Yates, whom Trump would later fire as acting AG for insubordination, is involved in the investigation. In the end, Flynn resigns over having misled VP Mike Pence (perhaps inadvertently) about the content of the conversation.

        February: Times claims extensive Russian contacts. The New York Times cites “four current and former American officials” in reporting that the Trump campaign had “repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials. The Trump campaign denies the claims – and the Times admits that there is “no evidence” of coordination between the campaign and the Russians. The White House and some congressional Republicans begin to raise questions abut illegal intelligence leaks.

        March: the Washington Post targets Jeff Sessions. The Washington Post reports that AG Jeff Sessions had contact twice with the Russian ambassador during the campaign – once at a meeting in Session’s Senate office. The Post suggests that the two meetings contradict Sessions’s testimony at his confirmation hearings that he had no contacts with the Russians, though in context (not presented by the Post) it was clear he meant in his capacity as a campaign surrogate, and that he was responding to claims in the “dossier” of ongoing contacts. The New York Times, in covering the story, adds that the Obama White House “rushed to preserve” intelligence related to alleged Russian links with the Trump campaign. By “preserve” it really means “disseminate”: officials spread evidence throughout other government agencies “to leave a clear trail of intelligence for government investigators” and perhaps the media as well.

        Summary: The Obama administration sought, and eventually obtained, authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign; continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found; then relaxed the NSA rules to allow evidence to be shared widely within the government, virtually ensuring that the information, including the conversations of private citizens, would be leaked to the media.

        1. I took the time to trace this story back through the sources you cite. The overwhelming bulk of them constitute speculation about rumors. Nobody actually quotes any sources (even anonymous sources) with personal knowledge of any wiretaps on anybody in Trump Tower. Even the tweets this morning by Mr. Trump seem to rely on a Breitbart story digesting rumors discussed in other media.

          However, let us assume for the sake of argument that the rumors are true and that the FISA court did indeed issue a warrant in October concerning communications between a server in Trump Tower and two Russian banks. The judges on the court are not political appointees. They are named to a seven-year term by the Chief Justice of the United States from among the sitting federal judges who have been confirmed to lifetime judicial service by the U.S. Senate.

          In order to issue a warrant against a U.S. person, the FISA judge would have to be presented with a sworn affidavit setting out probable cause that the person was acting as a foreign agent, and the judge would have to find that probable cause existed. The affiant is typically an supervisor within the FBI counterintelligence office.

          The application for a FISA warrant must be signed by an attorney in the main Department of Justice who holds a senior position that required Senate confirmation. There are some fairly elaborate “wall” provisions in place to isolate the FISA process both from the rest of the Executive Branch and from the prosecutors within the Justice Department (and investigators within the FBI) who deal with anything other than national security matters.

          So, if there was indeed a FISA warrant issued, there must have been enough evidence to convince Comey’s FBI and a neutral judge with no political stake in the matter that the server was being used in a way that threatened national security. That doesn’t look good for your guy.

          1. Eavesdropping on a political candidate is indeed a HUGE deal. Something that should be done with extreme caution and with checks and balances.

            What do the likes of Kelly McNeil and Mark Levin suggest, that if there were reasons to suspect a Russian conspiracy, Obama should just “let it go”?

            1. Of course, that is the scariest aspect of this whole thing: the current occupant of the Oval Office and his supporters are under the impression that the President can just order a wiretap and it will be done. If they think the previous President could do that, they must think the current President has the same power. Doesn’t anybody remember how Nixon left office?

              I suspect the whole story. There are plenty of other tenants in Trump Tower that might have been the target of an investigation into Russian banking. However, if true, it further raises the issue of why the FBI Director was issuing so many public statements about one candidate when he must have known that both were under investigation. That, like the Russian hacking and leaked emails, may not have altered the outcome of the election, but we’ll never know.

          2. ***UPDATE***
            For the sake of completeness, even though this now seems to be a dead thread:

            As of late Monday afternoon, the ultimate source of all this seems to be a right-leaning libertarian blog called HeatStreet. The blogger is a former member of the UK Parliament named Louise Mensch (who has since left the blog and works for Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp).

            She claims that she was approached by two reliable sources within the counterintelligence community who informed her that the FISA Court had issued warrants to investigate people connected with the Trump Campaign for their ties to Russia.

            Ms. Mensch ran a short article to that effect in October that was largely ignored at the time, but later picked up by Mark Levin, et al., from whence the chain of rumors leading to the President. HeatStreet seems to be the sole source; all of the other sources cited by the White House ultimately lead back there.

            Louise Mensch did not claim at the time—and denies now—that she ever told anybody that Mr. Trump was personally the target of any investigation, that Trump Tower was wiretapped, or that the White House was involved in any fashion.

            She says her sources merely told her that there was sufficient evidence against somebody in the extended Trump circle for the FBI to convince a judge to issue a national security warrant. The FBI, like the rest of the intelligence community, denies that even that much was true.

            Mainstream media outlets have been trying to confirm this story for four months now, but have been unable to find any independent confirmation. The story only gained prominence when Levin and Breitbart used it as the basis for their otherwise unsupported story that Obama had personally ordered Trump wiretapped.

        2. I’m glad you put this out there, Kelly.

          Minutes ago Mark was on Sunday Morning Fox News in an exclusive and laid out his case as a former justice official.

          The interesting part was he used quotes from several left wing news sources (NY Times, Guardian, etc.) and the official legal record to make the case.

          Serious stuff here, stay tuned …

        3. That’s what you’ve got? Good for you.

          It’s from Mark Levin a radio show how, it’s not from president chump. Plus as TxUser pointed out it’s all speculation, back speculation at that. Now what I was referring to was courtesy of the chump. The chump had accused bareback of ordering the wire-tap, but offering no evidence. Got that? The chump, no evidence. Groundless defamatory slander. Oh it might come out that bareback did indeed conduct wire-taps that would not surprise me but come on, a so-called president making that sort of statement out of the blue, is a totally unprofessional whine. It has the same “Whaaaaaaah bareback spied on me” whine quality as “Whaaaaaah Iraq has a weapons of mass destruction program”.

          It’s got all the flavor of a lose lose situation so by all means press on, the more you fight and bicker amongst yourself the safer you make the free and civilized world and the more you demonstrate how much that nation is a nation of attention whores.

          1. Ohhhh … the American hating Aussie Libtard is agitated again. So why should today be any different. Noticeable shift away from you hating America to now hating Trump. Sleep well lately?

            1. What fun to see how that “aim for Saddam hit Bin Laden” guidance system works, or in this case fails to work.

              I’m not an Aussie, I’m not a libtard and I’m pro free and civilized world. I don’t hate, I just point out where the hate comes from.

              I sleep very well thank you.

          2. While I am most concerned about the notion that our President thinks he has the power to order wiretaps on anybody he pleases, I am almost equally concerned that he would accuse his predecessor of committing high crimes and misdemeanors while in office based (as far as anyone can tell) on
            • A Fox News summary of
            • A Breitbart summary of
            • A radio talk show summary of
            • A bunch of apparently unrelated media reports
            • Most of them based on still-earlier media reports
            • Not one of which cites any source who has personal knowledge of the facts asserted.

            If the President can lose his cool and make public statements based on information with that degree of reliability, what sort of push would it take for him to go to war over a third-hand report from folks like the Iraqi opposition leaders who fed us the disinformation about weapons of mass destruction? It appears that he will believe what he chooses to believe without a scintilla of evidence, and will then act on those beliefs.

            Sadly, President Obama has better things to do with his time than sue for libel, but he apparently would have a pretty good case of proving that this was a false statement made with reckless disregard as to its falsity.

            1. Thanks for your many posts TxUser, we may not always agree but you seem to have your wits about you.

              I think you know a bit about Snowden’s revelations about the scale of your country’s spying and other assorted activities. Yet for all this, it still seems to be all about the show, and not the substance.

              By all appearances so far, you have quite the tabloid president.

              It’s really sad to see how your country is just floundering under waves of hatred and self sabotage. I sure hope your country can find a working moral compass but if not, well that’s another trip as well.

              Have a great weekend.

            2. @TxUser – I think you’re hyperventilating …take a breath.
              Step off the ledge have another bong-hit. How you turned yourself into a raving-lunatic-fringe tizzy about President Trump pushing for war with ANYONE in the way you’ve put forth is mind boggling, and complete nonsense.
              Oh…wait, I get it – you’re one of those who screamed, then blubbered for weeks after President Trump was elected – telling everyone “I’m soooo afraid {sniff}”.

              Give this time to play-out – I for one believe President Trump just played the media and the Leftist/Feminist-Cult like a champ, by using their Russia-Squirrel against them. Now they must walk it all back, since their Savior Barry-O may be implicated. <—This is why you should be afraid, and crying.

            3. Why is it nonsense? We have just seen the man fly off the handle and make a bunch of angry on-the-record accusations against a former President without any evidence aside from a seventh-hand rumor. Why is it nonsense to believe that he might do exactly the same thing to a foreign leader who (unlike President Obama) has the ability to hit back?

              This is not a Leftist/Feminist-Cult thing. True conservatives and true Republicans tend to respect free markets, the U.S. Constitution, and the rule of law. President Trump has shown no sign of respecting any of those values.

              Requiring the Executive Branch to have credible evidence and provide some semblance of due process before accusing citizens of serious crimes is one of those values. If you read the comments here, there are at least three or four of us who are appalled with the President precisely because we hold conservative values dear.

            4. TXuser is appropriate.

              I recall when he stated I’m a straight married conservative? Yeah, about as straight as a con man. Maybe he is PreDrag in disguise — same tedious lengthy MO, but no matter.

              One thing is for certain, not a conservative. RINO is kind, but possibly a bit of a stretch, detective.

              I’ll bet liberal in disguise judging by the comments and the glowing responses and votes from the left wingnuts … er, sorry, the enlightened progressive ones among us … 😉

    1. I should know better at this point to even respond to your posts, and I am not an Obama fan, but this is obviously complete nonsense. His Russia connections are a real problem, and the other shoe is about to drop. And every time Mr Trump is in a corner he distracts with something completely crazy and I’ve the top, it’s called the “big lie”, and is something that is standard issue for con men like him. If Trump tower was bugged, it was most likely done by the NSA or FBI or CIA in conjunction with their investigations into Mr Trumps links to the Russians, and they most likely have found something incredibly damaging, which would be the only reason Mr Trump would try to preemptively distract from the issue by concocting this type of story, which he asserts, without evidence of any kind. Just like his ridiculous claims regarding voter fraud, the crowd sizes at his inaugural, Ted Cruz’s father somehow killing JFK, or when he pretended to be “John Miller” or “John Barron” on the phone with reporters in the 80’s and 90’s to promote himself during his divorce proceedings.

      In his address the other night, which I liked, and was definitely the best speech I’ve ever heard him give, he either misstated or lied 51 times according to every fact checking organization. He simply no credibility whatsoever, nor does any of his spokespeople and nearly nothing out of his mouth should be taken at face value. Since he thinks Alex Jones is a valid news source, I wouldn’t be surprised if this nonsense came form his conspiracy show and he’s running with it. The oldest rule in politics is accuse your opponent of the exact thing you’re guilty of so they become on the defensive and you can muddy the waters. Except he takes it one step further by simply inventing false things. If the Republican Party investigates this insanity, without any evidence, and ignore the tangible proof of his Russian involvement? Then we have lost the plot as a party and I for one can no longer abide it, and hopefully John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and the other level headed people in the party tamp this crap down. We need to govern, and this does not help us do that.

      1. Are you one of those guys who thinks the Russians hacked into the voting systems and got Trump elected? Ever heard of the electoral college? The American public doesn’t actually elect president. The public vote is worthless.

        1. You don’t seem to understand how the electoral college works. The Americans people vote in individual precincts, and the popular vote determines the winner of each state, the electors of the electoral college then cast the vote for president according to the popular vote of the state. In 27 states the electors are legally bound to vote for the winner of the states popular vote, although violating that law and changing their mind would be illegal, it is generally a $1,000.00 fine. In other states there are other statutes governing what electors can do with their votes. There are states in which the electors can vote for whoever they want, and some states where the electoral votes are split according to congressional district, popular vote split, and other factors. So, yes, if there was any manipulation it would effect the popular voting which in turn would effect the electoral college vote. But currently there is no evidence that voting machines were tampered with. Regardless of that, a candidate for president, or sitting pressident cannot have financial ties to foreign governments or they are in violation of the emoluments clause. This is why presidents usually put their assets into a blind trust, and wall themselves off from any decisions regarding their financial positions.

            1. Margin of victory in the 2016 election:
              Clinton: +2,890,000 votes
              Trump: 61,000 votes spread across 4 states.

              Electoral victory:
              Trump 306- Clinton 232
              This makes it the 46th largest out of 58 total. I wouldn’t say in any respect that this is “astounding”. It was narrow, and close. That doesn’t make it any less valid, but calling it astounding is a bit of a stretch. Below average from a numbers perspective, and a large loss in the popular vote.

            2. Normal Republican? Ha! Maybe you should have chosen Democrat Deceit. Well, it really doesn’t matter, does it?

              ‘Astounding’ victory does not focus SOLELY on historical election numbers you provided. Goes far, far beyond the numbers in so many historic ways.

              If you have not been paying attention and don’t know by now @Normal Republican, sorry, unable to explain it to you …

            3. Spoken like so many in this party who cannot articulate their position because it isn’t based on any type of factual information, and rather emotional constructs or “feelings”. I do not recognize this party anymore, we used to just disagree on policy with the democrats but were essentially operating from the same basis, i.e. Facts. I feel like an alien anymore after this no-nothing movement has gained more steam. Even people who used to be perfectly reasonable, and normal, like Bob Dole and John McCain have succumbed to this garbage. I would kill to have Eisenhower, or Gorge HW Bush. I simply don’t understand why living in this alternative facts universe is appealing to anyone, I’m not a democrat ideologically, and my own party has gone so far over to the right it’s unrecognizable, there really doesn’t seem to be a place for normal centerist-right people anymore. What the hell happened?

            4. Look, sweetheart. Could be wrong but I suspect many contradictions in your possible pretend name, but certainly in your post. I articulate just fine, simply not taking the bait. What you don’t recognize in the party anymore — the people recognize … 🇺🇸

            5. You are not articulating anything, simply making assertions without factual data and saying “you just don’t get it” and you know what? I don’t. So, please, help me understand what you’re asserting since people in my general position feel the same way and is why a lot of have become independents.

            6. I don’t understand how answering my question and providing some clarity is tasking any kind of bait. I’m asking a genuine question about something I don’t understand and am seeking something to help my understanding of the question asked

      2. Here’s one mistake – “…His Russia connections are a real problem, and the other shoe is about to drop…” after that, your entire diatribe is useless conjecture, and only shows your complete inability to process even the most mundane of things – let alone separating facts from opinion and pundit ramblings.

        But I must ask …Exactly WHERE (do you believe) there have been ANY evidence of ANY “Russian connection”…? There have been NONE, no where, absolutely nothing.

        I guess your biggest mistake is believing what CNN tells you.

        Dunning-Kruger Effect: “If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent.… The skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is.”

        When-O-When will the Leftist/Feminist-Cult learn …when?

          1. @applecynic – Oh there’s a place called Russia, but you’re focusing on the “geography” and not the real evil of it all …and it’s very, very real. It’s called Communism …not Russia, that’s just a place in the world, insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
            In case you’ve missed it, Marxism/Communism has been in-bed with the Clinton War Machine and your Leftist/Feminist-Cult the entire time – but you’re still stuck on that Russia-Squirrel the media and your beloved Cult keeps showing you. Time to blow the head off of the squirrel already – rip its head off – it’s a little shocking at first, but Mommy says you’ll be just fine.

          1. You do realize that aapl is a global elite firm employing highly educated elitists. You want to get rid of progress? Why do you and your ilk continue to purchase global elitists products?

            1. Global trade has been going on since the Spice, Silk and Incense Routes of the 7th century, as you may have noticed, progress and highly educated people have flourished since then. Global trade is not the globalist agenda of the feudalism nouveau of The New World Order, as CIA George Bush dubbed it.

              Nice try.

            2. “progress and highly educated people have flourished since then except for the Islamic world.”
              All places other than the Islamic world have flourished? You just make up nonsense as you go along. There are many places in this world that have not flourished – abject poverty and logic void tribalism exist in more places than it doesn’t. You should punctuate all your nonsense with “CORRECTION”.
              PS, is spewing nonsense all you do through the day? Who the fuck lies in wait for for “MacDailyNews” everyday to publish its clickbait political shit and pounces to be first?? AND if you’re not first, your tuck non sequiturs in replies to first posts. You need help.

    2. Two terms aren’t enough for Dictator Barry.

      He has obstructed the government ever since Trump’s inauguration. He thinks he is going to run some kind of a shadow government to protect his legacy of economic stagnancy, open borders and the laughable and collapsing Obamacare.

        1. This is an Isaac Asimov quote which explains most of this:

          “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge” -Isaac Asimov

            1. Sadly you’re both right on the facts, which means Asimov was right. Packer fan’s position is correct, while GeoB is destructive.

              Sorry GeoB, you don’t get to build the bridge, perform the surgery, or send up the rocket. If you don’t pay the price of knowledge, the only right you have left is to be WRONG!

    3. There is no proof that Russia spied or influence the election any more than it and the US has done in the past. More likely that the DNC itself did it in order to itself infuence the election by accusing Trump.

        1. Oh, they know. Fireworks, trumpets, flowers and media accolades if they won. Now that the Dems are decimated and offer nothing constructive to move the country forward, except in their alternative thinking of obstructionism … crickets. 🤔

          1. Without a loyal opposition, how can conservative causes prevail? Eliminating one’s enemies doesn’t eliminate existential threats, but assures that they arise from within. Better to preserve the opposition, albeit on a long leash.

            1. Totally agree loyal opposition is always necessary for checks and balances.

              That said, the decimated dems after a stunning defeat and near record low numbers of serving elected reps took the ‘loyal’ out of ‘opposition’ the day after the presidential election.

              All week plain to see on living TV unprecedented obstructionism. Stalled cabinet picks like never before, Russia bogeyman, calls for impeachment, calls for resignations, calls for investigations during the SAME week Trump knocked it out of the park before Congress. Who are the dems trying to fool?

              The scared Smuck from NY has not announced any constructive legislation to work with the new President and fix the nations problems. Reminds me of a crying child that lost his favorite toy.

              Actually, I secretly hope they keep it up until the mid-terms (60-vote Senate margin). The voters see through the do nothing, or do it all wrong, political psycho babble for decades now and will vote accordingly. Trump knows that better than anyone … 🇺🇸

            2. You better think this one through, Loretta Lynch Mob, like Admiral Yamamoto noted, “there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

              If you want to throw down the gauntlet to civil war, be prepared to fight 130,000,000 armed American citizens. This ain’t Sweden, princess.

            3. Really? Your level of stupidity is only exceeded by your level of ignorance. stupid tRumpanzee.

              Oh yeah. When are you going to start your sniveling about the cost of the weekend golf trips to florida, every weekend? Oh that’s right. It wasn’t about the cost but about a Black President daring to lead this country.

            4. CX, seriously?

              90%+ of your posts are insults and calling people stupid. 100% of those you try to insult, are not far leftists. Do you think we care? Do you think it will change anything? The answer is NO. But it makes you feel better, right … sick. If that’s all you got — why bother!?!

              Your faithful and loyal Grand Trumpanzee … 👑🐒😆

            5. “How do you like your orange nut job now? The lying, sexual predator is one taco short of a fiesta and getting worse daily.

              Lock him up, lock him up.”

              Love it. But I guess we see it differently.

              So you have no problem with Bill Clinton as a sexual predator that settled out of court? And LIED ON CAMERA TO THE WORLD?!?

              And you provide NOTHING that Trump is a sexual predator beyond raw guy talk on a video which amounts to ZERO. Let me repeat in your reckless and unfounded accusation — you have NOTHING!

              If you know anything about physics — the blond hair of Trump looks orange under certain warm bulb lightning conditions. I won’t bore you with the physics details to halt your unbridled HATE for the honorable, President Donald J. Trump … 🇺🇸

      1. Is the best you can do to refer to a former President of the United States of America as a “jigaboo”?

        The racism is starting to ooze from the sewer.

        1. The noose tightens…

          “A wide-ranging investigation has been launched into allegations that a well-known Pueblo resident has molested many boys over the years, including most recently when he was the manager for Sen. John McCain’s presidential-campaign office in Pueblo.

          Under investigation is Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, 52, who was arrested Jan. 29 and then re-arrested Wednesday after a campaign worker in the McCain office told police she believed Bartleson molested one of her sons.”

          Your turn is coming, Podesta.

      1. GOP senator cites ‘civilization-warping crisis of public trust,’ demands Trump explain Obama wiretapping claims

        There’s propaganda bullshit created to make someone look the fool.

        Then there are paranoid rants that inadvertently make the creator look the fool.

        So far, all indications are that we have the latter. Trump has jumped the rails. He’s making himself a pariah within his own political party. If he was making actual positive change, then great! Kick your self-destructive party in the nuts! Instead, we keep watching him spiral down a hole of myopic narcissism and paranoid psychosis.

        1. “He’s making himself a pariah within his own political party…”

          uh, you’re vacillating again, Weasel. You have stated countless time on this forum that there was no difference between the two parties, yet here is a guy who comes along with no obligation to any donors or sponsors or party bosses or unions…his only obligation and loyalty is to the American people…a guy who is implementing the very economic and immigration policies that you have long advocated with such grandiosity …and you STILL trash his good name.

          you suck. you really do.

          1. “You have stated countless time on this forum that there was no difference between the two parties …”

            Correct, DC been saying that for years. Wonder what changed? 🤔

            ” … yet here is a guy who comes along with no obligation to any donors or sponsors or party bosses or unions…his only obligation and loyalty is to the American people… ”

            Well said and I continue to be amazed the dems and media give him no credit?

            Trump is TRULY and SINCERELY — the People President … 🇺🇸

    4. Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump’s Wiretapping Claim

      WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject President Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama ordered the tapping of Mr. Trump’s phones, senior American officials said on Sunday. Mr. Comey has argued that the highly charged claim is false and must be corrected, they said, but the department has not released any such statement.

      ♩They’re coming to take me away ♬
      ♪♪ HeeHee HaHa HoHo… ♪♪

        1. Your point is? We knew from the beginning that the FBI records all the calls in or out of the Russian Embassy. If they didn’t, the contacts between Russian officials and the Trump campaign and transition teams would never have come to light. Those recordings were shared with others in the intelligence community, including the national security advisers who work in the White House. That does not suggest that there were any wiretaps at the other end of those conversations. This is old news. Nothing to see here. Move along.

          1. Since you are the king of long comments, take the time to read this one…

            ‘The problem the dems have created is they are in a trick bag. I am disappointed in Clapper for being a total sell out. Its panic time.
            As a retired detective this issue is really simple to me. The error in the judgment was assuming that the “leaks” would guarantee a HRC win, then they will be able to cover up the lie or lies.
            This whole thing is turning into what I witnessed for years when I interrogated suspects trying to sell a bulllshit story. Then they always get caught up in the lies.
            Here is the crux of the lie. They sell a story that Trump people colluded with the Russians. The Trump people, namely Flynn say no I did not. Obama’s people say we have the tape. Curious people say what tape?

            Suddenly, the Obama people realize they can’t have the tape legally, so they sell a second lie-that they have been investigating Trump people because of the case of them working with the Russians.

            Well to do that they throw out through anonymous sources there is a legal warrant through FISA. But when pressed say there was no evidence of collusion.
            Now Clapper is out there saying there was no wiretap from his agency in hopes that helps the new narrative that Obama would not wiretap a presidential candidate. You’ll note he says HIS agency, not the other dozen or so that has title 3 capabilities. That’s Clapper saying don’t throw me in jail!
            The lies start twisting on themselves.

            At this point, if I were doing the interview, I would look at my notes and say; Let me get this straight. In your first story you say they were colluding. I ask how you know this and you whisper transcripts. I ask how you got the transcripts and suddenly it’s from a long investigation and a FISA warrant. I ask you if you have that warrant and you suddenly say there is no warrant, after claiming there was one for two weeks? Now to justify why there was no warrant, you are now saying there is no evidence of any Russian collusion…

            So we are now in a place where it is one of two things. 1. You did get a warrant and spied on an American citizen without probable cause, then illegally leaked that in an effort to undermine a presidential candidate of the United States. 2. There was never any warrant and all of this was an elaborate ruse, ginned up by Obama loyalists and administrative State people to simply destroy a campaign in an illegal fashion. If you’ll note in both scenarios I point out they are illegal. Here’s your problem, Trump won. So his people get to see everything. You dont have to talk to me, you’re cooked. They only chip you have to play is if you tell me who put you up to this and didnt leave his or her fingerprints on it. That’s the one I want to talk to. ”
            Button down bureaucrats are püssies and do not like the idea of jail. Most are wine swilling lawyers who like throwing their weight around. Trump HAS TO not fold here in the tradition of” I wont spill your secrets if you don’t spill mine” that infects DC. They will puke it up when the first perp walk is shown live on TV.
            Now Comey is ducking. As did Clapper. If there is no warrant or wiretap, Trump needs to put someone in the docks and prosecute.’

            …probably as lucid an analysis of the current state of this scandal I’ve read…from a retired detective. I am looking forward to Monday.

            1. Since I was a prosecutor for thirty years, I know a lot of retired detectives. This guy sounds like one that was retired on disability because he couldn’t distinguish between reality and his own paranoid fantasies. If you think that “analysis” was lucid, you are a very sick man.

  1. If there’s a good cash repatriation deal offered, Apple and other companies will bring back a buttload of cash and that, in turn, will push the market even higher. Not to mention a decent corporate tax reform package. There’s some financial potential down the road, IMO.

    1. Please, no ‘deal’ or ‘holiday’…

      Just get the tax rate for foreign made profits down to something low enough to get the money into the USA where it can be put to work. Keeping the $$$ outside the USA does US no good. I like the sound of 15% or maybe lower.

      1. Breeze does not recognize blond hair. Nor does he understand the physics of indoor lighting that mostly cast a warm glow. He is right about one thing. Agent, but of positive change …

    1. This is your fantasy world:

      Fortunately, this is the real world:

      House – huge margin.
      Senate – soon to be huge margin.
      Governorships – 34.
      Statehouse seats – complete domination, via 1166 gained while Obama was in office.
      State control – the Dems have 6! Wow!
      Supreme Court – headed for domination.
      Lower Courts – headed for domination.

  2. lol Investors are investing based on future revenue, by borrowing on the hope that the economy will improve so, if – it’s all perception – Trump falls short, the economy is done and we’ll see a Wall St. depression. I will not feel it as I do not play on Wall St.

  3. Yesterday SnapChat, a company that has made no money, had a $24 Billion IPO. Wall St optimism yet once again abounds. Perhaps traders in their feeding frenzy forgot they are drinking the same Kool-Aid made in 1997-99 and 2005-2008.

  4. Actually, if you ignore bank stocks the stock market is on the same growth trajectory it has been for years. People feel the banks will make more money now that they will have a license to steal.

  5. The grey-matter inside my skull has just off-ed a few-million cells in desperation to save itself, since after reading the Leftist-Cult’s ramblings in this comment section – they had shriveled, and were unceremoniously clinging-on to still productive cells.
    I can only imagine the horror waging inside the offending skulls here, after every post/comment.
    …Let the genocidal cells continue to plague the Leftist/Feminist-Cult – in the end, the world will thank you for your sacrifice.

    1. You do realize it is the global leftist elitists who are driving the 21 century economy/technological innovations..

      The liberal leftist elites created the iPhone and other technological marvels

  6. “Arnold Swarzenegger isn’t volutarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not be me. Sad end to great show” (Mar.4)

    So this President Man-Baby is who you want to trust in these matters? Sad. Very sad.

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