1. From a business standpoint this shareholder says by all means go after new markets.

    From a consumer standpoint, I have little interest in AR or VR,but would like to see an updated Macintosh line that is better suited to people who use their Macs for more than Facebook and eMail.

  2. When done with excellence augmented reality is better than virtual reality. With VR you could be in a computer generated classroom with 20 other people, but with AR you could be in your livingroom surrounded by 20 other people. I guarantee your living room has better graphics than a computer generated room. Besides, extreme AR would basically be VR, but not vice versa. To do A.R. right you need excellent cameras distance and room mappers, and a way to change your own face, so that you’re not detected with the screen on your face, but as you are without goggles. Therefore you’d also need the computer to be aware of emotions and be able to depict emotional states. You can see that Apple is putting each of these parts into place.

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