Where is Apple’s ‘October Surprise?’

“They say politics makes for strange bedfellows, and in 2016 it seems we’re going for figurative and literal bedfellows with one so-called October Surprise after another,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360.

“Well, here we are, October is moving quickly into the holiday shopping season and where are the Mac surprises? ” Gomez writes. “Apple must be working on something new to the Mac, right? After all, the Mac Pro has never seen an upgrade, the Mac mini remains mini everything, including power, and the MacBook Pro has become something of a public embarrassment because even Windows PC makers have premium models with better specifications.”

“What’s going on? At this point, anything new would be a surprise so why has it taken Apple so long to ready a new line of Macs?” Gomez writes. “Time is running out on Apple’s October Surprise.”

Different ideas about what’s going on in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Tick tock. Last minute, unforeseen production issues or will some new mac simply unceremoniously appear next week via press release?

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    1. Yet allyou fanboys keep supportig Cook. And MDN continuously contradicts itself by both supporting Tim Cook and at other times, calling him incompetent.

      There is no excuse for how Apple is so slow to launch new Mac stuff and even with how long they took for Apple Watch 2. Tim Cook needs to go. He’s nothing but a schill who has ridden the coattails of Steve Jobs this entire time. He’s an imposter.

      1. You can’t say he’s got to go without naming who you think should replace him.

        BTY – Rushing out products before they were ready is exactly what got Samsung in the trouble they are in.

      2. I remember when mdn was obsessed with Yahoo!s Marissa and how perfect she was. They always defended her on all of the attacks she came under.

        …and now it appears she was actually incompetent after all…

        Maybe we should start a iCal for how many time mdn is wrong and believe me, they have been wrong many times….a large screen iPhone 6 Plus comes to mind when they constantly ridiculed android large display phones and now mdn loves them the large display on the iPhone b

    1. I refuse to take the blame for Apple’s mismanagement of the Mac business.

      Several of us noted 6 years ago how Apple was missing the boat on opportunities to make the Mac the #1 personal computer for individuals, pros, and businesses. All Apple has done since is push iOS feature bloat into OS X / macOS that could and should be done at the application level with more user control. Performance and hardware configurations continues to lag behind the competition.

      Apple: if you’re not in it to win it, WTF are you doing?

  1. I’m not buying the hype that new Macs have to come out in October. The back-to-school season has passed. If they release them in a month it’ll still be plenty of time in advance of the (trigger warning) CHRISTMAS shopping season.

    1. Odd that Apple has missed the school season for the last several years. Even if Apple couldn’t be bothered to offer any new hardware, it’s not that hard to come up with a promotion or ad or a new color or some accessories improvements to remind people that Macs still exist and Apple still cares about us.

      Time is running short on xmas shopping season. Remember the supply chain genius couldn’t deliver the trashcan Mac Pros in time for xmas for that product introduction. What makes anyone think Apple would have a prayer of meeting pent-up demand for a real Mac if Apple chooses to introduce one this month? Unless Ive fucks up the design to make it thinner and less usable than the 2015 Macbook, there will be legions of people with worn-out Macs waiting in line for new hardware. That means lots of good boys and girls who might not be pleased on xmas morning when their package hasn’t arrived.

  2. This is no fault of Apple’s. Yes, you heard that right, and I’m not being sarcastic.

    Apple is ONE company. One company cannot do it all, but if you buy into a one company ecosystem, this is exactly what to expect.

    1. You’re kidding, right? Apple has more resources than God and Cook squirrels it away underneath an Irish mattress. One would think that Apple could do two things at once, but instead Apple just does iPhones and iCloud now.

  3. It’s a bit mystifying. This is a very well-funded company with thousands of workers and engineers . . . . hard to understand what the excuse could be. We didn’t get major overhauls every year with Jobs at the helm. There were some exciting ones every couple of years with revamped designs, but what I’m missing on here is the incremental updates. There should be bumps to specs every six months as the industry advances. If I need a new computer, I’d settle for last year’s design but would certainly always like to get this year’s performance. I’m struggling to find an excuse for that omission of options.

    1. It is not mystifying at all. Apple could very easily have kept pace with up to date specs on processors and graphics, but they have chosen to be greedy and just milk the stupid customers as their component costs drop quarter after quarter. Based on the results for Mac shipments, it appears that the customers have finally caught on.

    1. And yet rather irrelevant.

      Other people’s 2013 MBAs might not be working great anymore, and want a replacement. Last thing an informed and intelligent customer wants to do, is pay full price for last year’s hardware.

      (Or worse, pay full price for the Mac Pro’s 3-year old hardware.)

    2. maybe that’s the point, isn’t it?

      nobody much complains about the build quality of apple computers, the rub is that performance capability has not changed much since back then,

      hence your 2013 model “works great”, but competitors 2014, 15 and 16’s work better. (operating systems aside)

      no excuse for that.

    1. You mean the kind of surprise you yourself would have no inside knowledge of one way or another in any case, so are hardly anything remotely resembling a reliable source of information? Just more Internet noise signifying nothing?

      If there is a surprise I think you should be taken off the list of those eligible to buy. That would the surprise for you I would find most satisfying.

  4. Yep, we are waiting and waiting.

    By the way, if I order a new iPhone and have it delivered will they leave it on my front porch if I am not home? Or does it have to be signed for?

    1. I always get my iPhone shipped to me and yes it requires a signature…However, if you bought it from Apple you pre sign a document and tape to your door and they will leave it on the porch….

    2. Called Apple to ask about that last night. UPS delivery, signature required, and they won’t give you the option to sign the notice slip for them to redeliver. Your only other choice is to try to stop it at the distribution center and pick it up there, if its close enough.

  5. When the phrase ‘post PC world’ was uttered, Apple management moved focus to the mobile platforms. Mobility is king. If Apple can continue to drive that focus successfully, the industry shift will move along with them. Unfortunately, I believe they underestimated how long it would take. Those, like myself, who rely much more on the Mac environment than a mobile environment are suffering without updated and current products.

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