Apple retail locations removing security tethers from iPhone display units

“Apple revamped its retail stores last year by removing iPad smart signage and demoting iPod display models to side shelves, and now the company has another move up its sleeves in a push towards simplicity,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Over the past few months, Apple has removed security tethers from iPhone display models at some of its retail stores, including its Yorkdale location in Toronto, Canada and redesigned Regent Street store in London, England,” Rossignol reports. “MacRumors has learned of at least two other stores in the United Kingdom where the security tethers, which activate audible alarms when disconnected, have been removed, and it appears likely the change will be phased in at other locations.”

Rossignol reports, “The customers who do attempt to steal iPhone display models, if not caught by security or CCTV cameras where installed, will walk away with unusable devices, as Apple will place them into Lost Mode remotely using Find My iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Courage.


  1. A better idea is if the stolen phone would explode.

    Otherwise, brilliant PR move. No doubt the stolen phones will be recovered.

    This demonstrates Apple’s trust in their own technology.

  2. Wouldn’t you think they’d rather use their own security, such as Find My iPhone and the device locking/tracking capabilities that come with it? The world converts physical things to digital ones as we progress. Physical security was already obsolete on these devices.

  3. Yep, have seen this in California stores also. Very handy for when you’re test-driving a 7 Plus and want to know if it will fit comfortably in your pocket.

  4. Fit in your pocket and walk about the mall – try before you buy.

    I don’t know. Just because it will be “useless” doesn’t mean that’s true. I have read stories of phones being hacked to bypass FMI security. I think this will be a hard lesson to learn, even though a pleasant shopping experience. Another thought, phones under glass and cleaned before each customer gets to play with it while an Apple rep is being attentive. Much like a jewelry shop.

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