Exploding phones are not beleaguered Samsung’s only defective and unsafe product

“Samsung killed the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones this week after the devices continued to burst into flames,” Brian X. Chen And Choe Sang-Hun report for The New York Times. “But the tech behemoth has not extinguished scrutiny over its safety record.”

“The South Korean manufacturer, which makes an array of consumer electronics, including kitchen appliances and television sets, is in the middle of juggling other safety problem,” Chen and Sang-Hun report. “Those include a recall in Australia for more than 144,000 Samsung washing machines that were prone to causing fires, and a potential recall of defective laundry units in the United States.”

“Over the years, Samsung has faced other safety situations that have resulted in regulators taking action. The larger incidents include a 2003 recall of 184,000 microwave ovens in the United States, and 210,000 refrigerators in South Korea in 2009,” Chen and Sang-Hun report. “There have been other smaller recalls, including one in 2009 of about 43,000 microwave ovens in the United States because of a shock hazard and 20,000 washing machines in 2007 because of a fire risk.”

“People who have faced safety hazards with Samsung kitchen and home appliances said they frequently had to jump through hoops to get replacement products or refunds. To them, Samsung’s bungled handling of the Galaxy Note recall this week was not surprising,” Chen and Sang-Hun report. “The panoply of other Samsung product recalls shows that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco was not an isolated case, though it was the company’s largest by far, with more than 2.5 million devices. Combined with Samsung’s often bureaucratic process for rectifying these consumer issues, it raises questions about whether the company prioritized profit over customer safety.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung had no clue what caused their products to explode, yet shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers the products were safe.

If some people hadn’t noticed it by the way they slavishly ripped off Apple’s patented IP and designs, maybe this’ll finally wake them up to the fact that Samsung is a crooked company unworthy of patronage.

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  1. Due to the vast amount of advertising by Samsung, the majority of Americans think they are a reputable and quality manufacturer, and are oblivious to the facts. When you try to explain the facts about the company they think you are some kind of kook.

  2. American consumers also thought that Packard Bell was a great computer company. Remember them? Widely advertised at the time. Couldn’t get throug to tech support. Brand new(?) computers had used/refurbished parts in them with shorter warranty times than the new parts in the computer. Company got sued by many state AGs; is no longer in business. 🖖😀⌚️

    1. Oh, as a sales counselor at circuit city at the time… I can never forget. Hard not to sell them tho, cause they had the best spiffs. Sell a Packard Bell with a Sony monitor, cannon printer, accessories kit, and cheese… make $120. I could roll them all Saturday long.

      1. Nice to hear how you sold crap to customers for your $120. It’s sad really….
        We need to hope for the return of better basic qualities of honor, dignity, and caring or our country is destined to continue its progressive/marxist driving downward spiral to tyranny and all-powerful controlling statist-run government.

  3. I had this monitor / tv from Samsung, a 28 inches full hd, less than a year started to show some weird lines, curiously those lines were dividid exsctly at the center and were up and down at different rate after a few minutes of use.
    I called Samsung and they denied that was their monitor even that the model showed in their korean website. After seeing Samsung washers, cells and tvs broke down after a few months of use and their crappy customer service, I decided never use a Samsung products besides those that came inside other brands products.
    Looks like Samsung is very good at making parts but not at making full consumer products.

    1. Seems the only thing they are really good at is memory and SSD drives (similar technologies), theirs are top notch but all their other products seem to really stink. They are still percieved as making good TVs (great picture and features, not necessarily built to last though. they did have kick ass plasmas for a few years but I think I’ll avoid them from now on.

    1. Samsung has a long record of publishing false energy ratings, and has been heavily fined several times. The sales benefits clearly outweigh the penalties. LG has also played this game.

  4. Samsung have a history of peddling very unreliable home products over the years. Washing machines, dishwashers – you name it. As far as I’m concerned I’ll never buy any Samsung product, including its new range of exploding phones. Looks like these intellectual property thieves have got what they deserve!

    1. Nah, they are still making a proffit on smartphones when others are loosing their shirt. And they will make even more in the future.
      Yes, karma stuck it to them for now, but they are still laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. Korea and safety in general don’t generally belong in the same sentence. Its Speed above all else cut corners where ever possible and what you can get away with. The Sewol ferry sinking is an example, another would be the collapse of department store years back. Not to mention a myriad of accidents that don’t get international attention.

  6. I wish Apple would stop charging its iPhone 6 customers for its design defects. Over 11% of iPhone 6 owners have had to repair or replace their phones due to the loosening chip that causes the touch screen to become unoperable. Staff at the Apple Store have been told to not acknowledge the defect. Seems like Apple doesn’t like to service its design flaws until the class action lawsuits get going. Reminds me of the flaking screen issues with the MBP’s last year.

  7. The cause is very simple.
    Large battery capacity needed for Android OS to run.
    for example,
    4000mAh Android can standby for 200 hours
    1900mAh iOS can standby for 200 hours.
    Looks like samsung pushed a bit too far for the battery
    Most of android fans laugh at the battery capacity of iPhone. But i guess they cant laugh now when they are on fire couldnt they?

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