Samsung Galaxy S7 phone explodes in teacher’s hands in the middle of busy cafe

“A Samsung Galaxy S7 owner fears she could have been killed as it overheated in her hand and exploded,” Nick Pisa and Daniel Jones report for The Sun. “Supply teacher Sarah Crockett, 30, told how the phone blew up in a busy cafe even though it was not being charged.”

“Similar incidents have been reported previously when the phones are on charge, although a case like Sarah’s has also emerged in the US,” Pisa and Jones report. “And experts say it could spark a fresh crisis for Samsung. The South Korean giant has already had to issue a full recall of its latest handset, the £750 Note 7, after devices burst into flames when charging.”

“Mum-of-two Sarah, 30, was with husband Matt, 29, when her three-month-old mobile started to balloon in size before melting in clouds of white smoke in Witham, Essex,” Pisa and Jones report. “She said: ‘It suddenly just expanded in my hand and got really, really hot… I lost all my photos, including my four-year-old son Ollie’s first day at school. But what if it had been in his hands? What if I had been driving?'”

MacDailyNews Take: Why’d you lose your irreplaceable photos? Oh, right, because instead of buying a real iPhone, you wasted your money on an exploding knockoff. Even if your iPhone evaporated, you’d still have your photos because iPhone is much, much more than the device itself. It has a complete ecosystem surrounding it. When we take a photograph with an iPhone, it’s instantly on our Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, and other family members’ iPhones. When a fragmandroid settler snaps a photo, it burns up in their hand.

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MacDailyNews Take: You should have bought a real iPhone instead of a knockoff wannabe cobbled together by a South Korean dishwasher maker.

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charing an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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  1. Ok, let’s see. Does anyone here know this lady?
    Please let her know that her misfortune was a result of being cheapskate and buying from a criminal knockoff Korean washing machine maker instead of Apple.
    Then tell her Karma is a b*tch.
    I’m certain her family will agree and chide her for her stupidity.

    1. I don’t think after reading the various Karma references in the other articles that people are talking about Karma to the USER but applying the term to samsung. Samsung had got their success by underhanded means (stealing IP from Apple) using Android (which was also stolen by Schmidt) and rushing the Note 7 out to beat the iPhone without adequate testing and Now they are suffering the recall , lost sales etc. Perhaps it’s a wrong use of a ‘religious’ term but they are using the word Karma in that context.

      (I note some ultra fundamentalist Hindus also object to most Yoga classes taught in the USA, and some schools have removed the term from their classes … )

      to laypersons the use of Karma or Yoga etc has come to be accepted differently than the strict religious definitions in the USA.

      1. Apple has got where they are using very similar methods.
        How many time have they paid out cash in lawsuits, having stolen from other companies??
        Jobs disowned his own daughter. I did not hear anyone crying ‘karma!’ when he got sick.

        By your logic ‘karma’ should apply to Apple every bit as much as samsung. Apple’s enemies would agree.

        The term ‘karma’ is used by people who have no idea what it even means. Its just a way to laugh at the misfortune of those you disapprove of.

        1. Actually, Apple did NOT get where they were by stealing some other company’s IP, notwithstanding nuisance settlements with patent trolls. When Apple used existing tech, they licensed it legally (as with the original work from Xerox PARC that led to the mouse and the familiar desktop interface).

          And you gotta get past the colloquial use of the word “karma”. My preferred dictionary (Webster’s New World College) defines it BOTH as a religious term, and as “fate; destiny.”

          It’s like talking about someone’s “saintly grandmother”. Nobody would think I’d be implying she performed miracles (as Catholics use the word). Just that she was “a person who is exceptionally meek, charitable, patient, etc.”

        2. steve jobs doubted the paternity of his daughter but when it was proven brought her in to stay with him and his new wife.
          The Sorkin movie was fake, in reality all the years where the movie said Jobs was estranged from his daughter SHE WAS ACTUALLY LIVING WITH HIM.

          “That last scene hinges on an imagined reconciliation with Lisa, and depends on an astounding fiction of omission: The entire scene takes place as if Jobs is unmarried, has no kids, and hasn’t changed at all as a result. In fact, Jobs married Laurene Powell in 1991. They had three children, Reed (1991), Erin (1995), and Eve (1998). And Lisa lived with Steve and Laurene from 1992 to 1996.”

          as for lawsuits Apple has WON a whole bunch of lawsuits against patent trolls …
          but we’re not talking about THOSE cases, the issue HERE (which your are so desperately trying to DEFLECT with Jobs etc ) is Apple and SAMSUNG. and samsung stole IP and Android was stolen.

          Are you one of the samsung paid astro turfing trolls (you know the ones that got Samsung CONVICTED and FINED in court in Asia?)

          the VERGE:
          :After being caught paying for false praise and negative comments about competitors, Samsung has been fined just over $340,000. The issue first arose internationally in April, when Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) announced it was opening an investigation into the allegations.”

        3. first I thought you were religious objecting to the use of Karma, now I realize you are just an IDIOT TROLL.
          go away…

          your note 7 needs attention, you don’t know when it will blow up and burn your house down…

          and Karma or not … like who really cares its just a term, even if I don’t use the word Karma … FACT IS Samsung stole, used a Android OS stolen from Apple ), and did not bother to do adequate testing before releasing the Note 7 — damn with the consumers — to make money.

        4. Why do you spread such lies? You sounded like some christian literalist at first. Now I have my doubts. You couldn’t be since you lie so easily.

          Jobs was a human being. In life shit happens. He had every right to question the motives of the mother. He was not a thief like Scamdung.

          Name me ONE thing Apple has stolen….. One clue though, XEROX is not it….only trolls list that, that’s for sure. And don’t take the “great artists steal” quote out of context like a troll neither.

      1. but of course Eric Schmidt’s uses an iPHONE as he has often been photographed with.

        “But Schmidt has admitted that he uses an iPhone 6s — made by rival Apple.”

        only later when press went out did the Mole lamely add he also had a samsung.

        (Eric probably really wanted to say to the press “are you CRAZY with all the malware.. you know programs that can remotely take photos of you in your underwear or steal your bank data … , bugs, sloppy UI you want me to use a f..king Android phone? IPhone all the way if you’re smart … ” )

    1. To be fair, the Samsung Note 7 exploding story has been on the CNN app for several days, and was reported on ABC World News last night. The Florida highway explosion and this teacher’s S7 explosion are new incidents. I just scanned the CNN app and don’t see these new stories being reported.

      If this exploding phone issue is expanding to the regular Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge then Samsung is in deep, deep trouble because many more people bought those phones.

  2. MacDailyNews Take: You should have bought a real iPhone instead of a knockoff wannabe cobbled together by a South Korean dishwasher maker.

    That should say… a South Korean microwave oven maker

  3. Was this a Note or a regular S7? No national news cause it’s not Apple – Funny how the software update issue made the front page of the news but no mention of Exploding Phones – So Frustrating..

  4. The cases of Samsung phones exploding may be “overblown”, but this is still the worst possible thing to happen to any company.
    Jack in the Box was caught selling kangaroo meat hamburgers but it hoped back.
    I think Chipotle might be a better example of a company who’s product was explosive, butt their back at it.

    Still not a good thing

    1. This about isn’t selling bunk meet. This is about seriously injuring, or potentially killing innocent people. A person can go to a restaurant and get sick, but that individual isn’t threatening the life of others. Samsung is turning Galaxy S7 customers into terrorists. Most people should know by now that sometimes the Sansung Galaxy Note 7 is like a bomb, and yet certain owners of these devices refuse to power them down. Refusing to do so should be considered a terrorist act if the Samsung customer takes their Samsung terror device into the public arena.

      1. For the person that gave the one star rating, besides my atrocious grammar and spelling, what is the difference between a terrorist who worships their Samsung bomb phone and a terrorist who worships an interpretation of the prophet Mohammed? It seems to me they both are driven my their ideology to potentially harm others. One refuses to turn off their exploding bomb phone when told to do so by the manufacturer, and as a consequence of them refusing to do this, innocent people are put in harms way. The other decides to harm people because of their interpretation of writings. Both have a complete disregard for other human beings, and their decisions are terrorizing others. Why do you disagree?

        1. I can’t believe somebody has to answer that question.

          Terrorists want to do others harm in the name of some political or religious dogma.

          People who own Samsung are like you and me, albeit a bit kisguid d. They just wanted a smartphone. They aren’t using it as a bomb to indiscriminately kill others. And those who refuse to get rid of it fall into two broad groups: some are just fandroids who believe this is just Apple’s conspiracy against Samsung. The other is lazy and simply believes that 30 put of several million gives them strong odds against their own device actually ever exploding. Neither of the two are terrorists.

    2. Exactly the people on here are getting pretty ridiculous. I like apple but they are far from perfect everyone needs to get the Samsung battery exploding thing a break. You’re all enjoying your Sam song bashing at the expense of people who could be getting hurt and are getting hurt

      1. If this happened to even one iPhone, it would be unavoidable in the media. I hear hardly anything about these Samsung incidents in mainstream media, so I appreciate MDN’s updates.

  5. Im living in South Korea and I haven’t heard of any explosions here yet. I am so waiting for that to happen. I think if people in Korea start getting hurt and property starts getting damaged then Samsung will pick up the pace.

  6. Karma is not simply a principle of Hindu religious practice. It is a general principle of all human activity, which includes business, and appears under different names in different belief systems, and has for a long long time, all over the world. In its mystical forms it implies the existence of supernatural beings who decide our destinies. In materialist terms, it means one must acknowledge that his behaviour can influence business outcomes. That’s well understood in boardrooms all over the world, and keeps naked greed in check even in the absence of government regulation. Except in certain South Korean chibols, apparently.

            1. Lately, people have been very mean; bitching that karma doesn’t exist, that all of us are trapped in a meaningless, hollowed out universe. John Lennon did not believe that, and wrote Instant Karma, which impressed me as a girl. It wasn’t a pop song, but philosophy. Ever since then I have been faithful to his idea, and continue to post here in an attempt to make a difference, however small.

              Better get yourself together, and join the human race. We all shine on, Mikhail.

  7. Note that this case is about the *Galaxy 7*, released last spring, NOT the recently recalled Galaxy Note 7. The fact that their other main premium phone may spontaneously explode is alarming, as they must have sold many 10s of millions of sets by now. Expect Samsung to keep very quiet about this problem.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out.

      This is not a story about the Galaxy Note 7, this is a story about the Galaxy S7 phone, there are two other incidents of S7 Edge’s exploding (the one with pics of the guys leg are Scary horror movie looking pics)

      As a note, as part of the Note 7 recall they were offering S& and S7 Edge as replacements.

      Samsung is screwed over this SNAFU.

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