“If you own a Galaxy Note 7, then it’s probably in your best interests to take advantage of Samsung’s exchange or refund policy related to the device, regardless of how much you may love the hardware,” Paul Morris reports for Redmond Pie. “What originally started out as one or two incidents has now developed into a worldwide recall with yet another Note 7 spontaneously exploding into flames whilst on charge, and even the FAA considering an airline ban of the device.”

“The latest Galaxy Note 7 incident to hit the headlines has occurred in Horry County, South Carolina, where it’s thought that a plugged in Galaxy Note 7 has exploded in Wesley Hartzog’s garage,” Morris reports. “After putting the device on charge, the home owner left the property to pick up his daughters, returning home to find his house engulfed in flames and emergency services and firefights already on the scene trying to tackle the blaze. This isn’t a case of a device exploding in a small area, but rather a fire allegedly caused by a defective Note 7 that has left a family home condemned.”

“In another completely separate case, owner Nathan Dornacher had his Jeep Grand Cherokee totaled after a Galaxy Note 7, which was connected in the vehicle and on charge, exploded, causing the Jeep to ignite into flames,” Morris reports. “Australia airlines Qantas, Jeststar and Virgin Australia have now banned the devices from flying in their planes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Karma is one sweeeeeeeet, yet absolutely brutal beotch! You really took your time on this one – no, no, we’re not complaining! – but you’re doing your usual excellent job now. This schadenfreude bath you’ve drawn is lux-effin-urious!

So, it seems that a South Korean dishwasher maker who cuts corners in order to rush pretend iPhones to market so they can capture as many unblinking pigeons as possible before the real iPhones ship lacks a sound business plan.

Hopefully no cheapskate fragmandroid settlers die from Samsung’s ineptitude.

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