Beleaguered Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 burns down garage; destroys Jeep in another case; airlines now banning potentially deadly device

“If you own a Galaxy Note 7, then it’s probably in your best interests to take advantage of Samsung’s exchange or refund policy related to the device, regardless of how much you may love the hardware,” Paul Morris reports for Redmond Pie. “What originally started out as one or two incidents has now developed into a worldwide recall with yet another Note 7 spontaneously exploding into flames whilst on charge, and even the FAA considering an airline ban of the device.”

“The latest Galaxy Note 7 incident to hit the headlines has occurred in Horry County, South Carolina, where it’s thought that a plugged in Galaxy Note 7 has exploded in Wesley Hartzog’s garage,” Morris reports. “After putting the device on charge, the home owner left the property to pick up his daughters, returning home to find his house engulfed in flames and emergency services and firefights already on the scene trying to tackle the blaze. This isn’t a case of a device exploding in a small area, but rather a fire allegedly caused by a defective Note 7 that has left a family home condemned.”

“In another completely separate case, owner Nathan Dornacher had his Jeep Grand Cherokee totaled after a Galaxy Note 7, which was connected in the vehicle and on charge, exploded, causing the Jeep to ignite into flames,” Morris reports. “Australia airlines Qantas, Jeststar and Virgin Australia have now banned the devices from flying in their planes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Karma is one sweeeeeeeet, yet absolutely brutal beotch! You really took your time on this one – no, no, we’re not complaining! – but you’re doing your usual excellent job now. This schadenfreude bath you’ve drawn is lux-effin-urious!

So, it seems that a South Korean dishwasher maker who cuts corners in order to rush pretend iPhones to market so they can capture as many unblinking pigeons as possible before the real iPhones ship lacks a sound business plan.

Hopefully no cheapskate fragmandroid settlers die from Samsung’s ineptitude.

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  1. I feel horrible for those people. I do. I hope their insurance covers it.


    Please let the FAA ban them. Please. This is great karma, keep it going! And still, amazingly, not much of a peep from the online community. Oh please karma, let the faa ban these things.

    1. Hopefully not too many of these have to be covered by insurance since that comes out of our pockets too when the rates go up.

      Maybe there should be the standard insurance quote questions: 1. Do you have a teenager/child of driving age in your household? 2. Do you have a Samsung phone?

  2. All together now – a cruel chuckle for a worthy victim in Shamscam!


    Couldn’t happen to a more loathsome & thieving corporation, nor to a more clueless class of customer. Caveat Emptor – BOOM!

  3. Explodegate. Start using it whenever and wherever you can (unless someone has a better name?). It’s scandalous this isn’t receiving more press, as big a player as they are.

    1. We all know that the gate-suffixing of any Apple mistake (antennagate, bendgate, etc.) arouses a feral instinct that dilates one’s pupils, causes one to pant and salivate, perk up one’s ears, and contract one’s facial muscles to form a leer of gratification; after which one clicks away, pursuing the story like a hunting dog crazed by the spoor of wounded prey. All this generates massive page hits. Gate-suffixing of anyone else, meh.

    1. YES. The issue becomes how they could possibly enforce the ban.

      Let everyone know at the time of the ticket purchase that these phones are banned from the plane?
      What about international travelers. How do you notify them?
      What about persons who buy tickets through third parties?
      What about persons who bought their tickets three months ago?

      If a person shows up at the gate with one of these phones, what then?
      Will the gate agents ask each and every person if they have one of these phones?
      Do they search everyone (like right after 9/11) to make sure they’re not trying to sneak one of these phones onto the plane?

      If a person admits to having one of these phones at the gate…
      Do they have a trashcan into which to throw it?
      Do they have FedEx/UPS/DHL/USPO envelopes for sale to mail them home?
      Do they send them back to security?

      Yes, I do think any one of these phones — when being charged — is a potential bomb on a plane, but do we go back to the few months post 9/11 in order to keep them off the planes?

      There certainly *WILL* be idiots who will believe, “I can take my phone onto the plane and plug my phone into the power outlet in the seat because MY phone won’t explode! Not MY phone!” I will admit I don’t want to be on a plane with one of those idiots.

      1. Simple: ban ALL Samsung phones on all flights. There should be a message sent via mainstream news reporting that ALL Samsung phones will not be allowed on any commercial flights effective as of a certain date (the sooner the better for passenger and crew safety). If a passenger is caught with a Samsung phone at security then the phone should either be confiscated, or the passenger should be allowed to make other arrangements like calling a friend to pickup the Samsung phone. As of a date like around February 1, 2017 any passenger caught trying to bring an exploding Samsung phone onto a plane should be treated like a terrorist. This heinous act should result in the appropriate penalties like ten years in jail.

        1. I agree. Simple institute a blanket ban on all Samsung note 7 devices to begin with. As far as we know, as long as they’re not charging or in use, they shouldn’t explode. So maybe turning them off would be sufficient. But it would be easy to simply have a sign at every airport and a news bulletin alerting people.

        2. All planes should have emergency jettison tubes to bid any contraband onboard Scamsham ‘Plodegate phones an immediate goodbye. (Well as long as it doesn’t detonate in some other country and start an international incident.) Consumers who bring them on board should be prosecuted as terrorists.

            1. All passenger plane toilet waste is stored in holding tanks and unloaded at the next airport.

              So by flushing a dangerous phone down the plane loo, you’re almost guaranteeing there’s no way to fight any resulting fire.

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