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    2. By the same logic if that were true, Apple would never be spending the considerable amounts of money it is In research during his tenure, into the technology (as demonstrated by the patents). Because one thing you know about Cook is that he loves to make as much money out of as little expenditure as he can, it’s in his DNA. He’s never lost those production guy priorities that SJ loved so much and got him the top gig in the first place. One thing he ain’t is frivolous with the company’s cash.

      1. All that money and Cook has no idea what to do with it.

        Cook extends product cycles well past historic schedules and then is completely unable to deliver them in stores as promised.

        Meanwhile, Cook funnels hundreds of millions of dollars into compensation for himself and his underperforming executives. He seems to be blowing a lot of cash and not getting product improvements done.

        If Apple was still an innovation monster, it would have new product ready to impress customers instead of telling them to wait and take a number.

  1. VR sounds already like a passing fad. Personally I’m waiting for a BRAINSTORM lite headset that plays back other people’s experiences as firsthand sensory experiences AKA the end of civilization as we know it. But if Apple does this old style version VR (chances are it’ll just make many people motion sick so more BR – barf & retching) it will probably blow everything else out of the water.

  2. VR could be great, but it will require very cool glasses and sound system. The glasses must be wireless, and the traditional high price tag, we have all come to know and lie to ourselves as to why such a high price is the right price, will do nothing to move them into every home. hm? Where was I? oh yeah!

    VR could be great.

  3. Sheesh, another one of these Fluent polls regarding technology that doesn’t exist. How is a person supposed to answer this question when they have nothing to go on except rumor mongering and some Apple patents? 😛

    2017 will shake out the crud VR sets from the quality. I suspect Apple may try a toe in the water at that point. But the big fat problem with VR is what to do with it. Game demos I’ve seen have been CRAP. But then there’s the problem of why bothering to write a killer game for VR when the tech remains just a tiny niche for bleeding edgers?

  4. Tim Cook will wait years to intro this. Just like social media app. Tim Cook and the fat, happy lazy and arrogant executives (eddy cue) are letting the world pass by this great company. Apple has suddenly become a reactive follower that always takes a year or to correct mistakes, short comings or competition. Apple will be judge very less relevant after the IPhone 7 the Apple Watch 2 and the Mac Pro update. Who waits 4 years to update laptops? And keeping a Phone (3/4 of profit) the same for 3 years. Apples clearly taking advantage of its loyal base. Keep old tech in laptops must boost margins and no R&D on the phone must look good on the spread sheet for 90 days but is killing the reputation. Google will pass Apple on mkt cap. Then. Amazon. Then Facebook. No video steaming option is insane and telling. Apple was the first company to rent a steaming movie. Apple was the first company with AI on the phone. SIRI. Now Google 2 years later Amazon have better offerings. Sad year for Apple. Arrogant rich and lazy managers

    1. WiFi in its current state ain’t going to cut it. To do VR right with seamless performance, you’ll need wires.

      Apple’s VR could be based on Thunderbolt 3. Of course, if past history is any guide, Apple will throw a proprietary connector on so you have to shell out another $50 for a crappy adapter. Also part of Apple’s not-so-environmentally friendly plan: with a few exceptions, Apple is designing its hardware so no one can upgrade it anymore. So if you want a new feature like VR, Apple will force you to buy a new Mac. Poor treatment of loyal Mac users if you ask me. Hackintosh here we come.

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