Apple wins the battle for enterprise hearts and minds

“When IDC and Gartner tell us PC sales are slumping while Apple’s remain steady you know something’s changed,” Jonny Evans reports for COmputerworld. “They’ve changed dramatically, according to the latest data from JAMF Software’s latest survey, which shows that 75 percent of employees will choose a Mac if they get the opportunity to choose.”

“Apple is now the platform of choice across the enterprise,” Evans reports. “A few highlights from the report: 75 percent choose Mac over PC, with ‘ease of use’ cited as the top reason for this choice (43 percent); 79 percent choose iOS as their mobile device operating system of choice, with ‘ease of use’ cited as the top reason (41 percent).”

“A PwC report confirms millennials, ‘expect the technologies that empower their personal lives to also drive communication and innovation in the workplace,'” Evans reports. “They are digital natives who already know which technologies are the best available, and they expect the tech they use at work to match the expectation of tech used at home. They want Apple kit. ‘Employees between the ages of 18 and 54 overwhelmingly choose Mac,’ JAMF Software reports – a broad reflection of the PwC conclusions.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Behold, Steve Jobs’ ultimate goal.

As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft. — MacDailyNews, January 10, 2005

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    1. Maybe because they’re actually computers people can do business on, whereas the only people that can actually get work done on an iPad are tech bloggers.

      As a Mac owner I can sympathize with people wanting to use macs, especially when comparing them to the cheaply spec’d Windows laptops they’re given in the enterprise. From my experience when you’re given a Windows laptop in the price range of a Mac the playing field is evened out.

      When I was using my Mac for work, I always had to run Windows in a vm in order to get all the functionality I needed. As it stands right now, I prefer Windows 10 to OS X. Apple needs to lift their game in terms of OS X, it’s starting to feel quite long in the tooth.

      1. Tech bloggers, and other writers are the ones who can’t do work on the iPad, and that’s it’s main problem (IMHO). The iPad is for bringing the tech revolution to jobs that laptops are not good for. Real mobile jobs, writing in a coffee shop is not mobile work, need a real mobile OS and the ability to connect to cell service and GPS. Of course these are the same people that they need removable batteries on their phones when the price of a second battery, that only works on one model, is over $100.00. It also makes the phone a lot easier to steal. They also con people into thinking removable storage is great. It slows down the phone because the phone can’t directly use that storage. Again it makes it easier for theft. They never mentioned that Apple has the best system for finding, disabling, and bricking a lost or stolen phone. Keep lying or believing other people’s BS. Keep hurting people and telling them to make bad choices.

        1. As far as I’m concerned one of the view tasks you could probably do decently on the iPad is writing…

          What jobs could one do well on an iPad? I have an external keyboard for my iPad and having to multitask on it it is an exercise in frustration. Needing to navigate via the touchscreen and when using a keyboard is anything but efficient.

          There are instances where I can see the ability to walk around with a device (maybe docors) to be a boon but a surface pro is likely the better solution. At least with microsofts vision you aren’t crippled by an OS designed specifically for mobile when you need the full desktop experience.

  1. Here in NL (in EU) new regulations will have my school create separate mains groups for the PC boxes and the PC monitors. So I asked: “What will you do when there are iMacs instead of PC’s everywhere? They only have one connector.” The answer was: “That will never ever happen!!!”
    An iCal moment ;-).

  2. Apple has an uphill struggle as long as the IT doofus parade controls the enterprise computers.

    As an example, I’m talking to our resident IT doofus this week and I mentioned that Apple machines have better usability, require less IT support, and are more appropriate for business.

    You would have thought I called his mother a slut, his sister a whore, and his dog a cat. He went after me like a pit bull after a chihuahua. There was no reasoning with this fool. Windows was the only solution in his mind.

    Therefore, until these yo-yos retire or lose their jobs and become baristas, us Apple fans will be forced to continue using inferior technology in our jobs. Guerrilla warfare is the only solution.

        1. My experience with IT staff is that they are increasingly open to multi-platform offices. Problem is, costs do go up. Until Apple offers competitive value, then the beancounters will keeps Macs relegated to minority status.

          It’s about time for MDN to stop badmouthing its straw man stereotypical IT bogeyman. Apple has no one to blame but itself for not offering the preferred solutions for enterprise computing.

      1. We’d need a survey of people who matter in IT to answer that question. This survey asks what regular employees would choose, irrespective of whether people who matter in IT would allow it. but since IBM now allows it, and justifies it based on their own cost studies, I consider them the canary in the coal mine, not a stooge of Apple.

  3. There was a time when the Mac was unquestionably the long-term value choice. Superior performance and quality more than made up for the the premium price Apple charged. Under Cook, those days are gone.

    It cannot be denied that Apple’s current focus is far removed from enterprise support. Apple doesn’t offer the configurations, the performance, the support, nor the pricing that many businesses and organizations require. Apple is relying on partners like IBM to leverage new APIs with new software, but few professionals live their computing lives in IBM software. In most industries, PC software dominates by any measure.

    Across the board, bang for the buck on current Mac models just isn’t there. Companies don’t issue employees exotic convertible sportscars that cost 30+ % more than the modest high-volume commodity domestic car that gets the job done just as well — and definitely not when the workhorse domestic pickup truck is truly needed.

    Not only is Apple far behind in hardware performance, Apple has let all the Mac OS X lose competitive edge. Fashion has trumped value. Flat interfaces don’t pay dividends — Apple needs instead to get its APIs up to date. You pay more for a thin, non-upgradeable case and an OS that uses an antiquated file system. But ultrathin laptops and flat white-on-gray icons don’t make a person more productive.

    That’s Apple’s issue, and not the fault of the hardworking IT staff who has to deliver computing solutions with limited budgets. For every narrow-minded IT dork who refuses to look at the Mac, there are thousands of IT professionals who regularly evaluate implementation of the Mac into their environment and run into road blocks every time. Only when companies offer BYOD options to employees do you see Macs in the enterprise, and in most of those cases, the user is still running a Windows shell the majority of the time, and seeing zero performance advantage.

    Apple has to be more competitive on value, and it has to fit in seamlessly to existing environments. Many workflows would be complicated/slowed/made more expensive by Apple’s constraints, not improved.

    iOS ain’t the answer, either. If Apple wants to make inroads in business markets, it needs to offer competitive solutions. Whatever happened to Apple’s eMac?

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