Macworld reviews iPhone SE: ‘It’s a pocket-size powerhouse’

“The SE is the little iPhone that could,” Susie Ochs writes for Macworld. “With a 4-inch screen and the body of an iPhone 5s, it fits in my pockets better than my iPhone 6s, and it’s easier to use one-handed. But it doesn’t compromise much over its bigger, more expensive siblings.”

“If you were waiting for Apple to put out another 4-inch phone before you’d upgrade, you’re probably dancing in the streets right now — and you should be, because this phone is such a huge step up from the iPhone 5s,” Ochs writes. “If you are on the fence between the iPhone SE and the flagship iPhone 6s, the SE’s lower price for nearly as much performance might sway you to the smaller screen.”

“If you are still rocking the iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, or earlier, your upgrade is here, and I think you’ll find it was worth the wait,” Ochs writes. “If you have an iPhone 6 or later and you’ve always hated its size, this might feel a lot better—its performance isn’t a downgrade, just its physical dimensions. The iPhone SE is powerful, speedy, and a worthy addition to the low end of the lineup.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We just wish it had 3D Touch. Not a deal-breaker, but 3D Touch would have iced the deal for many more users.

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  1. People keep talking about this phone and calling it “tiny.” Two years ago, this was the “big” iPhone.

    I’m still using my 5S (and why not — it’s a great phone) and I’ve never felt deprived because of size. (Well, at least not my phone size). Was getting ready to upgrade to the 6s, but now I’m rethinking my options…

    1. Yah, silly talk, eh? I’m still rocking an iPhone 4, and the only time when the screen is too small is when app developers don’t optimize for that size and their on-screen keyboard UI takes over the whole screen. Some chat apps are guilty of that big-time.

  2. It’s only a “downgrade” in size, for customers who currently have an overly-large iPhone (or “other” phone). But most iPhone SE customers are upgrading from a same-size (or even smaller) iPhone or Android phone, or they are first-time smartphone customers. For most iPhone SE customers, THIS is the “normal” size. 🙂

    1. Exactly. What does this phone offer that my iPhone 5S doesn’t do? Feature: meh, feature: meh, feature: meh, feature: meh, storage: same. What I want is 128mb of storage. What I don’t want is a larger phone.

  3. I’m getting the SE, moving from the 5 I’ve kept totally because I think even the 6 is too big. I’ve never used 3D Touch, so I might not miss it, but, what, precisely, would I be missing if I did miss it?

  4. Bought the 64GB Space Gray SE while traveling on business in the Allentown (of Billy Joel fame) Apple store in the Lehigh Valley Mall.

    Retiring my beloved 4S (also bought on Day 1), my eyes will have to adjust to the flat, rainbow colorful, outline linear, gradient, hints of Skeuomorphic and unattractive but mostly UNEVEN OS design.

    Sorry, could not resist.

    Love the power and size of this phone.

    Thanks, Apple … 🙂

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