Google Glass has disappeared almost overnight

“Whatever happened to all those people wearing Google Glass all over town? Many were all-in on the greatness of the product, wearing Google Glass to video podcasts, TV shows, and events. Wearers were gung ho and constantly extolled the virtues of Google Glass,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “[Then], in April 2014, articles began to appear about how all the early adopters stopped wearing the glasses because they were useless and led to personal ridicule.”

“Personally I’ll be surprised if Google does not pull the plug on the product within the next 12 months,” Dvorak writes. “The social pressure came directly from the public. People found these devices insulting and rude. In some ways they reflect the naiveté of Google itself. The company has exhibited a very cavalier attitude towards individual privacy.”

a glasshole
A Glasshole
“The users who didn’t realize that it was rude to wear these info-glasses must have found out soon enough when they’d hear complaints from people on the street, or worse, the ultra-expense Glass was grabbed off their face,” Dvorak writes. “It is time to just kiss this little product goodbye, for good.”

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